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Best Toddler Sleep Foods To Make Them Fall Asleep Earlier

Toddler food sleep

Havig challenges gettig your toddler to go to their cot bed and staying there? The toddler phase is fun and exciting, but there’s no denying that it can be very challenging especially when it comes to sleep. From refusing to go to bed, and frequent night waking to them still having high energy, toddler sleep […]

Toddler Sleep Problems And What To Do About Them

Toodler sleep problems

The toddler stage is often the most exciting phase of having a child, yet it also comes with challenges, and sleeping is one of them. It’s common that some toddlers will experience sleep problems; it could be refusing to sleep, a sleep tantrum, or even a sleep disorder such as sleep talking and sleepwalking.  The […]

How To Deal with Toddler Sleep Regression

Toddler sleep regression

Just when you start having your sleep time back after the long sleepless nights in the infancy stage, your toddler suddenly has problems with sleeping again – he refuses to go to bed and requires you to stay with him for hours until he eventually sleeps.  What your toddler experiences is possibly a ‘sleep regression’. […]

Toddler Sleep Training: The Ultimate Guide For Parents

Toddler sleep training

Just after you feel relieved that those sleepless nights during the infancy period finally ended, your toddler now suddenly starts having trouble going to sleep again. It’s either she’s throwing a tantrum, refusing to go to bed, or having separation anxiety where she just doesn’t want to sleep alone. While it’s a normal part of […]

Toddler Nightmare: What To Do and How To Prevent It

Toddler nightmare

Toddler nightmares can be a heartrending experience for parents, especially when you witness your toddler wake up crying after a series of bad dreams.  Rest assured, nightmares are actually common in children, especially if she’s just entering her second year of age. It’s also a part of their development, as they started to understand more […]

How To Dress a Toddler To Sleep in Winter

How to dress toddler to sleep in winter

We get it: dressing a toddler to sleep in winter can be tricky. While you have to ensure that they’re not underdressing and are warm enough, toddlers also shouldn’t be overheated because it can lead to other health concerns. So, what are your options to dress your child during the winter season? How can you […]

All You Need To Know About Toddler Sleep Talking

Toddler sleep talking

The toddler stage is an exciting phase for parents, especially when they’ve learned how to speak. But to your surprise, they also started talking in their sleep.  Is it something that you can be worried about? At what point should you worry and visit a doctor?  This article covers everything you need to know about […]

Best Peppa Pig Room Decor Ideas For A Fun Nursery

Peppa pig room decor

Peppa Pig is the most-watched cartoon series in the UK. And if your child is also a fan, why not change her room into a Peppa Pig theme? After all, having a bedroom that they like is also a recipe for establishing a healthy sleep pattern in your child. Without further ado, here are our […]