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anglecare nappy bin

Angelcare Nappy Disposal Bin

Why you should buy this product?


The Angelcare nappy bin is defiantly in the top three on nappy disposal bin brands. we loved this bin for a number of reasons that we have outlined in our review.

The Angelcare bin is also on the cheaper end of the scale compared to its competitors.

The refills use a wonderful 7-layer film which not only protects from germs but also those stinky odours that are given off from dirty nappies.

Each cassette refill can hold up to 180 size 1 nappies which makes it great for new parents.

The bin on its own weighs just a little over 1kg so moving it around whilst its empty is an easy job.

We think this bin is one of the best nappy bins and is perfect for anyone that is looking for a nappy bucket to accompany their changing area.

The best deal

The best deal that we could find was actually a package deal found on Amazon. The deal includes the bin itself as well as 6 refills.

The 6 refills mean a huge 1080 nappies can be stored before you will need to reload on the refills.

It’s always worth buying a bulk deal like this as, although it’s a higher upfront cost, it saves you money in the long run.

Instructions on how to use

How to use the Angelcare nappy disposal bin:

  1. Open lid and place the dirty nappy inside.
  2. Close lid.
  3. Once full, open the unit buy holding the button on the front and pulling the top half backward.
  4. Use the built-in bin liner cutter to cut the bin liner with enough on the top end to tie a knot
  5. Throw the full back away.
  6. Tie a knot in the end still in the bin and it’s ready for new dirty nappies to go in.


  • Can hold up to 38 nappies: each bin can hold 38 nappies and each cassette can hold around 180 nappies. Each cassette will last roughly 1 month. 
  • 7 Layer Film: The 7-layer bin liner film not only protects from germs but also locks away odour.
  • Fits almost anywhere: Due to its stylish design and sleek look this bin will fit anywhere in your house, especially in a baby’s room next to a cot or changing unit.


  • Build quality isn’t as strong as previous versions of the same bin
  • Some people have reported trouble with initially putting the bin together.

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