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Baby Heartbeat Monitor with App: The Ultimate Tool for New Parents

Understanding Baby Heartbeat Monitor with App

Expectant parents always want to stay connected with their baby’s growth and development. A baby heartbeat monitor with an app is a device that can help them do just that. This device allows parents to listen to their baby’s heartbeat at home, making it a convenient and accessible way to monitor their pregnancy experience.

A baby heartbeat monitor is a non-invasive device that uses ultrasound technology to pick up the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. The device is placed on the mother’s abdomen, and the sound is transmitted to the app on the parent’s phone. This technology is safe and easy to use, providing a bonding experience for the parents and the unborn baby.

Using a baby heartbeat monitor can help parents feel more connected to their baby and reassure them that everything is progressing well. It can also provide peace of mind for those who have experienced complications in previous pregnancies.

There are many different types of baby heartbeat monitors available on the market, with various features and price points. Some monitors come with additional features such as fetal movement tracking, contraction timers, and kick counters, which can further enhance the pregnancy experience for expectant parents.

In conclusion, a baby heartbeat monitor with an app is an excellent tool for expectant parents to monitor their pregnancy and bond with their unborn baby. It provides a convenient and accessible way to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, giving parents peace of mind and a sense of connection.

Best baby heartbeat monitor with app

A baby heartbeat monitor with an app is a device that allows parents to monitor their baby’s heart rate and other vital signs using a smartphone app. These devices are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to keep a close eye on their baby’s health and well-being.

Stork Vitals Baby Monitor

Stork Vitals Baby Monitor


  • Comprehensive health data monitoring
  • Comfortable, soft silicone boot
  • Caregiver and family access control


  • No option for low O2 or low heartrate alerts

Using the Stork Vitals Baby Monitor, we were able to keep a close eye on our baby’s health data, including pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and skin temperature. The accompanying Stork App allowed us to conveniently access this valuable information from our smartphones, while the Hub enabled us to listen to our baby from anywhere. We appreciated the soft, flexible silicone boot, which was designed to provide comfort and security for our baby while housing the Stork Sensor.

The baby monitor permitted us to grant access to caregivers and family members while controlling the level of data and details they could view. This was a valuable feature for maintaining both privacy and security. With AES-256 bit encryption, we were assured that our baby’s information was well-protected.

In conclusion, the Stork Vitals Baby Monitor provides comprehensive health data monitoring in a comfortable, easy-to-use package. However, the product has some limitations, such a lack of low heartrate or oxygen alerts. For tech-savvy parents seeking a baby monitor with in-depth health monitoring, the Stork Vitals Baby Monitor could still be a solid choice.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

We believe the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount is a valuable investment for parents seeking peace of mind and insights on their baby’s sleep.


  • Exceptional 1080p HD video quality and split screen feature
  • Sensor-free breathing motion tracking with custom-designed pattern
  • Secure data encryption and easy sharing with multiple users


  • Price may be steep for some budgets

After recently trying out the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount, we were impressed by its performance. The 1080p HD video quality allowed us to have a clear view of our baby, and we especially appreciated the split screen feature, which let us monitor multiple cameras on one screen.

One standout feature we loved was the sensor-free breathing motion tracking. The custom-designed pattern on the Breathing Wear worked seamlessly with the Pro Camera, allowing us to see our baby’s breathing motion without any bulky sensors. Plus, the monitor easily tracked our baby’s breaths per minute and sent real-time sound and motion alerts to our smartphone.

Setting up the Nanit Pro was a breeze, thanks to the included wall mount. It’s ASTM-certified for safe cord cover and comes with a built-in level, which made installation quick and easy. We felt confident in the monitor’s security, as it uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect our data, allowing us to share access with family members securely.

Overall, we think the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount is a fantastic choice for parents seeking a high-quality, feature-rich baby monitor that offers both peace of mind and valuable insights into their baby’s sleep patterns and well-being.

Owlet Dream Sock – Smart Baby Monitor

Owlet Dream Sock

This portable baby heartbeat monitor provides peace of mind and valuable insights into your baby’s sleep patterns.


  • Tracks heartbeat and oxygen levels
  • Personalized sleep program
  • Connects to devices on 2.4 GHz


  • App not available in some regions

Using the Owlet Dream Sock baby monitor has been a valuable experience. The device easily connects to smartphones using a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, and the setup process is straightforward. During nap times and at night, this device continuously monitors our baby’s heartbeat and oxygen levels, providing a sense of security and peace of mind.

We were especially impressed by the personalized sleep program feature for babies aged 4-12 months. This adaptable sleep schedule, based on your baby’s unique needs, can improve sleep in as few as 7 days. We have seen a noticeable difference in our baby’s sleep quality, and the expert sleep tips provided by Owlet have been helpful as well.

Overall, the Owlet Dream Sock baby monitor is well-suited for parents seeking insights into their baby’s sleep patterns and a reliable way to track heartbeat and oxygen levels. Though it comes with a few minor drawbacks, the device offers key features for improving sleep quality and providing peace of mind for parents.

Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor

Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor

This Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor is a valuable purchase for any parent, offering peace of mind with its reliable tracking features.


  • Monitors baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and movement
  • Comfortable sock design with two size options
  • Syncs data with the ViHealth app for easy monitoring and record sharing


  • May be challenging to put on baby’s foot initially

We recently tested the Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor with our little one, and we can say that it truly adds an extra layer of assurance in monitoring their sleep. The sock design is soft, non-irritating, and comes with two size options (S/L), making it suitable for babies weighing 0-30 lbs.

The monitor connects to the ViHealth app (available on iOS and Android) where we could easily view our baby’s heart rate, average oxygen levels, and movements. We particularly appreciated the ability to review and share records in PDF/CSV format, perfect for keeping track of our baby’s health over time.

We found the Babytone Baby Oxygen Monitor to be a valuable addition to our baby’s sleep routine. The comfort, safety features, and easy-to-use app make this a welcome tool for parents looking to keep a watchful eye on their little one’s well-being.

Cheego X3 Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Cheego X3 Pro

The Cheego X3 Pro is a reliable and feature-rich choice for parents seeking a portable baby heartbeat monitor.


  • Contactless breathing and sleep tracking
  • High-quality 2K video with wide field of view
  • Advanced safety features with real-time alerts


  • Heavier than some competing monitors

We recently tried the Cheego X3 Pro Smart Baby Monitor and were impressed with its contactless breathing and sleep tracking capabilities. The monitor uses AI technology that doesn’t require any additional wearable sensors, making it a hassle-free and unobtrusive solution for monitoring your baby.

The 2K UHD video resolution, 4X digital zoom, and 130-degree field of view allow for clear, detailed visuals, making it easy to check on your baby at any time. The monitor can be accessed from anywhere using a smartphone, and you can even invite family members to view the live stream as well.

What sets the Cheego X3 Pro apart from other baby monitors is its array of real-time AI safety features, including virtual fences, danger zones, and face-cover detection. These features help ensure your baby’s safety by alerting you when your child enters a restricted area or if their face gets covered.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a portable baby heartbeat monitor that offers contactless tracking, high-quality video, and advanced safety features, the Cheego X3 Pro Smart Baby Monitor is an excellent choice. While the price and weight may be a consideration, the benefits of this monitor make it a solid option for keeping your baby safe and secure.

Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor

Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor

This Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor is a must-have for parents seeking peace of mind and a good night’s sleep for their little ones.


  • Tracks baby’s heart rate and movement
  • Comfortable sock with two sizes
  • Built-in memory and easy to use app for data tracking


  • Connection range for real-time readings is limited
  • May be slightly confusing for non-tech savvy users

We recently tried the Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor, and it gave us the peace of mind every parent desires when it comes to their baby’s well-being during sleep. The comfortable sock it comes with is available in two sizes and can be easily worn on the baby’s foot. It’s soft and non-irritating, ensuring a cozy fit for your little one.

Another feature we loved about this monitor is its built-in memory and user-friendly app. The ViHealth app allows us to easily review, export, and share our baby’s data. With up to four sessions of data stored, we appreciated not worrying about losing any crucial information if our phone wasn’t connected to the device.

However, it’s essential to note that the Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor is not a medical device, and it shouldn’t be used to replace one. The limited connection range for real-time readings (less than 10 meters/30 ft) may be a drawback for some, and if you’re not tech-savvy, the initial setup could be a bit confusing.

Overall, the Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor offers peace of mind to parents by monitoring their baby’s heart rate, movement, and sleep patterns. With its comfortable sock, detailed app, and built-in memory, it’s a fantastic investment for your baby’s safety.

AKOi Heart Real Time Baby Care Alarm System

AKOi Heart Baby Monitor

The AKOi Heart Baby Monitor is a reliable and convenient way to keep an eye on your baby’s breathing, rollover, and diaper changes.


  • Monitors baby’s breathing, rollover, and diaper change alerts
  • Made of safe materials, ensuring baby’s safety
  • Impressive battery life (7 days on a single 2-hour charge)


  • Cannot use all three functions simultaneously
  • Requires a separate purchase for clothing clip

The AKOi Heart Baby Care Alarm System has been a game-changer in monitoring our baby’s safety. We were impressed by its ability to monitor our baby’s breathing, rollover movement and keep us updated on diaper changes. It gave us peace of mind, knowing that we could check in on our little one without constantly hovering over them.

However, one limitation of the AKOi Heart monitor is that you cannot use all three functions at once. You must choose between the breath/rollover monitoring or diaper monitoring function. This can be a bit of a disadvantage for parents wanting to monitor all three aspects simultaneously.

Another point to note is that the clip for attaching the monitor to your baby’s clothes is sold separately. While it works fine attached to the top of the diaper, having the option to attach it to clothing would add versatility.

When it came to the connection between the monitor and our smartphone, we did experience a few hiccups. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection would disconnect throughout the night, requiring us to re-establish the connection to keep monitoring our baby. While this wasn’t a dealbreaker, it’s something to be aware of when considering this baby monitor.

The AKOi Heart Real Time Baby Care Alarm System does an incredible job of monitoring your baby’s safety. Despite a few limitations, its features and functionality make it a worthy investment for new parents seeking some extra peace of mind.

Overall, a baby heartbeat monitor with an app can provide parents with peace of mind and help them keep a close eye on their baby’s health. However, it’s important to remember that these devices are not a substitute for proper medical care, and parents should always consult with a healthcare professional if they have concerns about their baby’s health.

Key Features of Baby Heartbeat Monitor

The Baby Heartbeat Monitor is a device that can help parents monitor their baby’s heartbeat and track their fetal development. Here are some of the key features of this device:

Recording and Sharing Capabilities

The Baby Heartbeat Monitor allows parents to record their baby’s heartbeat and share it with family and friends. This feature is especially useful for parents who are unable to attend prenatal appointments with their partner.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The device can monitor the baby’s heart rate and alert parents if there are any irregularities. This can help parents take immediate action if there are any concerns.

Compatibility and Usage

The Baby Heartbeat Monitor is compatible with iOS devices and can be easily used with an iPhone or iPad. It is also very simple to use and comes with clear instructions.

Additional Features

The device also includes additional features such as in-app purchases, Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to track the baby’s kicks and movements.

Safety Measures

The Baby Heartbeat Monitor is FDA approved and has been tested for safety. It also includes safety measures such as auto shut-off and volume control.

Quality and Performance

The device has high-quality sound and is easy to use. It is also very accurate in detecting the baby’s heartbeat.

Application Privacy

The app has strong privacy practices and does not collect any personal information or identifiers.

Baby Heartbeat Monitoring Devices

The Baby Heartbeat Monitor comes with a gel and headphones for easy use. It is also small in size and can be easily positioned on the mother’s belly.

Price and Payment Options

The device is available for free with in-app purchases. Payment options include credit card and subscription.

Warranty, Refund and Money Back Guarantee

The device comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a warranty for any defects or issues.

Customer Support

The company provides email support and assistance for any issues or concerns.

User Reviews and Ratings

The device has received positive reviews and ratings from users who have found it to be very useful and accurate.

Instructions and Guidelines

The device comes with clear instructions and guidelines for use, including when to start monitoring (around 16 weeks) and how to calculate the due date.

Medical Professional’s Perspective

The device can be a useful tool for medical professionals to monitor the baby’s heart rate and fetal development.

Data and Diagnostics

The device can track the baby’s heart rate and movements, providing valuable data and diagnostics for parents and medical professionals.

Memories and Experiences

The device allows parents to create memories and experiences by recording and sharing their baby’s heartbeat with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a baby heartbeat monitor with an app work?

A baby heartbeat monitor with an app works by using ultrasound technology to detect the fetal heartbeat and then transmitting the sound to the app on your phone. The ultrasound technology uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of the fetus, and the app converts the sound into an audible heartbeat.

Can you recommend some affordable baby heartbeat monitors?

There are several affordable baby heartbeat monitors available on the market, including the Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler and the Wusic Portable Baby Heartbeat Monitor. Both of these options are highly rated and cost under $50.

What are the best apps to hear a baby’s heartbeat?

Some of the best apps to hear a baby’s heartbeat include the Baby Heartbeat Monitor app, the Fetal Doppler app, and the My Baby’s Beat app. These apps are easy to use and provide clear sound quality.

What is the difference between a hospital baby heart rate monitor and an app?

A hospital baby heart rate monitor is a medical device that is used by healthcare professionals to monitor the fetal heart rate during labor and delivery. An app-based baby heartbeat monitor is designed for at-home use and is not intended to replace medical care.

Are there any free baby Doppler options available through insurance?

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of a baby Doppler as part of prenatal care. However, it is important to check with your insurance provider to determine if this is a covered expense.

How can I record my baby’s heartbeat on my phone without a Doppler?

There are several apps available that allow you to record your baby’s heartbeat using your phone’s microphone. However, the sound quality may not be as clear as it would be with a Doppler.

Are fetal heartbeat apps safe to use during pregnancy?

Fetal heartbeat apps are generally safe to use during pregnancy, but it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and to use the device only as directed. It is also important to remember that an app-based baby heartbeat monitor is not a substitute for medical care and should not be relied upon for medical advice or treatment.

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