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Best Century Car Seat: Safety and Comfort

Top Century Car Seats

When it comes to traveling with little ones, safety is our paramount concern. We’ve meticulously examined a wide array of car seats to ensure that our roundup includes only the best Century car seats available. Our selection criteria prioritize safety ratings, durability, ease of installation, and user feedback to offer you peace of mind while on the road. Trust in our expertise as you choose a car seat that combines security and comfort for your child.

Century Drive On: The Fantastic Fit

Century Drive On 3-in-1 Car Seat

We highly recommend the Century Drive On car seat for its outstanding adaptability from infancy to childhood and its eco-friendly design.


  • Grows with your child from 5 to 100 lb
  • Eco-conscious materials contribute to a healthier planet
  • Space-friendly design makes it ideal for smaller cars


  • Lacks a quick-release for easy transfer between vehicles
  • Can be tricky to install correctly the first time around
  • Cup holders are not as sturdy as the rest of the seat

When we first laid eyes on the Century Drive On car seat, its elegant yet simple design immediately caught our attention. Having recently had the chance to try it out, we can attest to its comfort and durability. The seat’s material, part of the brand’s Happy Planet Collection, is soft to the touch and, notably, made from recycled fabrics.

Installing the car seat posed a bit of a challenge initially. But once we figured it out, it provided a secure and snug fit for the little passenger. The car seat’s 6-position recline and no-rethread harness system were definitely highlights, as they allowed for quick adjustments without any hassle.

The space-saving design of the Century Drive On is a significant advantage for our car’s limited space. The streamlined shape means we didn’t have to compromise legroom for other passengers. And from what we’ve seen, it stands true to the nickname “The Fantastic Fit.” Our little one seems to agree, settling into the car seat for even the longest rides without a fuss.

The Weightless Wonder

Century Carry On 35

After our hands-on time with the Century Carry On 35 Infant Car Seat, we believe it’s a top pick for parents valuing safety and convenience.


  • Remarkably lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry
  • Eco-friendly materials align with our green-conscious values
  • The KeepSafe™ feature offers reassurance on protection


  • The canopy is fixed, which can be limiting for cleaning
  • It may not fit as well in smaller cars
  • The fabric, while durable, isn’t the most luxurious on the market

We recently had the chance to use the Century Carry On 35 Car Seat and were immediately struck by how light it was. Transitioning from the car to the stroller and then carrying it into stores was significantly easier compared to other models we’ve tried. The fact that it’s part of the Happy Planet Collection, featuring recycled materials, really made us feel good about our choice.

Functionality wasn’t compromised for the sake of weight. The seat is snug and secure, reassuring us that safety is a priority for Century. Installation is straightforward, with clear instructions that left us confident that our baby was well-protected on every trip.

While we admired the sleek design, we did notice the non-detachable canopy was a bit of a misstep. It isn’t a deal-breaker, but when life’s little messes occur, it could pose a cleaning hiccup. Also, for those with compact vehicles, the fit might be tighter, though not impossible.

Overall, this seat strikes the right balance. Its excellent safety features and featherlike weight stand out in the sea of car seats. For us green-minded, on-the-go parents, the Century Carry On 35 ticks almost all the boxes.

Century Boost On Booster

Century Boost On Booster

We think families will appreciate this booster for its growth adaptability with their child and its commitment to sustainability.


  • Grows with the child, offering longevity of use
  • Environmentally conscious design with recycled materials
  • Convenient features like dual cup holders and adjustable headrest


  • May not attach as securely as other models
  • Limited to belt installation, no latch system
  • Headrest adjustments, while handy, may require more frequent tweaking

Our recent experience with the Century Boost On 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat was quite favorable. We found the transition from highback to backless booster both intuitive and smooth, making it an asset for a growing child. It gave us peace of mind to see our little one comfortable and secure, with the adjustable headrest ensuring a proper fit through different stages.

The booster’s slim profile was a welcome feature. We effortlessly moved it between cars with no strain thanks to its lightweight design. This portability, coupled with the ease of cleaning provided by the WashMe™ seat pad, came in handy many times during unplanned snack spills.

Our commitment to sustainable products was further solidified by this seat’s Happy Planet Collection credentials. Knowing that we’re using a product made from recycled materials without sacrificing quality or safety aligns with our values. It felt good making an eco-conscious choice.

While secure once buckled, the absence of a latch system did mean the booster wasn’t as stationary as some we’ve used before, which could be a concern for some parents. Adjusting the headrest was simple, though we had to do it a tad more often than expected. In spite of these minor issues, we firmly believe the Century Boost On 2-in-1 Booster manages to strike a balance between functionality and sustainability.

Century Travel System

Century Swap On Modular Travel System

We think the Century Travel System is worth considering if you’re seeking an eco-conscious, lightweight, and versatile transport solution for your infant.


  • Made with recycled materials, supporting environmental sustainability
  • Features a versatile modular design for customized use
  • Compact self-standing fold saves space and simplifies storage


  • Can be challenging to align the car seat with the stroller
  • Material may be more prone to visible wear and tear
  • The stroller bassinet is sold separately, requiring an additional purchase

Since unboxing our Century Travel System, we’ve been impressed by its streamlined operation. The modular design is as simple as it is ingenious—altering the stroller to face us or the bustling world around has never been easier.

The included Carry On 35 Infant Car Seat has proven its worth, from its easy attachment to the stroller’s frame to its comforting embrace for our little one during car rides. Despite its light build, it feels secure, providing peace of mind on every journey.

Nevertheless, a bit of practice might be required to get the hang of slotting the car seat onto the stroller without a hiccup. And while the sleek fabric catches the eye, after several uses, we must be mindful of objects that could scratch or mark the material.

Taking eco-friendliness into stride, knowing that the fabrics are sourced from recycled materials adds an intangible value. Whenever we fold the stroller and set it aside in the narrow hallway or trunk of our car, the space-saving design really shines through.

By committing to this travel system, parents should be aware they may need to expand their investment for the full flexibility of use, as the bassinet and other add-ons are separate purchases. But after our hands-on experience, we are compelled by the innovation and convenience that the Century Travel System brings to our family outings.

Buying Guide

When we look for the best car seat, there are several key features to consider to ensure we are making a safe and practical choice.

Safety Standards

First and foremost, we check that the car seat complies with current safety standards. This ensures that the seat has been tested and meets rigorous safety criteria.

Key Aspects:

  • Certification: Looking for certification labels is crucial.
  • Impact Protection: A seat with good side-impact protection is advisable.

Ease of Use

Next, we evaluate the car seat’s usability. A car seat that is user-friendly is more likely to be used correctly, which is essential for safety.


  • Installation: Simple installation process increases the likelihood it’s done correctly.
  • Adjustments: The ability to easily adjust straps and headrest should be a priority.

Comfort and Size

While safety is always the priority, we don’t forsake comfort and the appropriate fit for our child’s size and age.

Details to Note:

  • Padding: Adequate cushioning for comfort.
  • Growth Accommodation: The seat should adapt to our child’s growth.

Durability and Materials

We inspect the materials and build quality to assess durability. A well-constructed seat will not only last but also perform reliably.

What to Look For:

  • Fabric: Durable and easy to clean materials.
  • Frame: A sturdy frame contributes to the seat’s longevity and safety.

By keeping these features in mind, we position ourselves to select the most appropriate car seat for our needs, prioritizing safety, convenience, comfort, and durability without swaying towards any particular brand or model.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to address common queries regarding Century car seats, focusing on their safety features, installation, user experiences, lifespan, and safety ratings.

What features do Century car seats offer for safety and comfort?

Our Century car seats are designed with reinforced steel frames and multi-layer energy-absorbing foam for safety. Comfort is enhanced through adjustable headrests and padded seat covers, which are also machine washable for convenience.

How does the Century Drive On 3-in-1 car seat compare to other models in terms of installation?

The Century Drive On 3-in-1 car seat offers a straightforward installation process with its clear instruction manual and color-coded belt paths. It features the LATCH system for an added level of security, simplifying the installation as compared to some other models that may not have this system.

Can you provide an overview of user experiences with Century car seats?

Users consistently report satisfaction with Century car seats, often highlighting their durability and ease of cleaning. Parents appreciate the extended rear-facing option that accommodates children as they grow.

What is the lifespan of a Century car seat, and what factors contribute to it?

Century car seats typically have a lifespan ranging from 6 to 10 years from the date of manufacture. Factors affecting lifespan include the specific model, materials used, and exposure to extreme temperatures, as well as any involvement in vehicle accidents.

How does Century’s safety rating stand up against other leading car seat brands?

Century car seats meet all federal safety standards and often exceed them. Our team regularly conducts crash testing to ensure high safety ratings, comparable to or surpassing those of other leading car seat brands.

What are other recommended baby car seat brands?

There are several other reputable baby car seat brands available. Some popular options include GracoChiccoSafety 1stCosattoSilver CrossCybex, Cosco, Britax, Baby Trend, Peg Perego, Evenflo UPPAbaby and Maxi-Cosi. When choosing a car seat, consider factors such as safety features, ease of use, and compatibility with your vehicle. Always consult expert reviews and conduct thorough research to ensure you make an informed decision for your family’s safety.

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