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The Best Cot Mobiles in 2023 (Reviews)

We found that finding a decent cot mobile was super hard and luckily one came with our cot.

I had this problem when I was trying to decide on a cot mobile for my sisters first child, my nephew, whos cot didn’t include a mobile. I wanted to get something special and that the baby would enjoy.  There are so many different cot mobile options available on the market, which makes it difficult to know which one is the best.

A great example of the best cot mobile is the Fisher-Price butterfly dreams projection mobile.

I remember spending hours trying to look through the hundreds of different options trying to decide which one would be best therefore I thought I would save you the time and share my research.

In my own experience…

It is important to ensure that you are choosing a cot mobile that is going to be great for the baby and give them hours of enjoyment. You will probably also want one that fits with the décor and colour scheme of the nursery.

The good news is that we have put together a review of the best options when it comes to cot mobiles therefore you do not need to spend hours searching through the many different options.

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Our choice

Fisher's Price Butterfly Cot

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams Projection Mobile

Premium Pick

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile

Fisher's Price Butterfly Cot

Our Choice

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams Projection Mobile

The Fisher Price Butterfly Dream cot mobile is an ideal addition to any nursery.

This device is motorised and it is suitable for using with newborn babies up to the age of five months.

This baby mobile features a starry night display on the walls and ceilings along with the three settings for music which can play up to thirty minutes of lullabies, soothing nature sounds or white noise.

This crib mobile has three soft and removable toys in the form of butterflies and they can be clipped to the canopy of a stroller.

This crib mobile can be controlled remotely using the remote control. This device can be easily converted to a tabletop soother once the baby is too big for the crib which makes it usable for toddlers and older babies.

The starry light show and floating bears are ideal for the developing sight of a baby. This device works using 4 AA batteries.



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Tiny Love Mobile Cot

Premium Pick

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile

The Tiny Love magical night mobile is suitable for babies from newborns upwards.

This device is part of the Polar Wonders collection, and the designs take you amongst the snowy hills and into an arctic wonderland.

This device has nine non-repetitive melodies which can create a sensory music environment. This night mobile offers three categories of music with nine different tunes. This projecting crib mobile can be converted into a standalone music box which is ideal as the baby grows.

The night light and starry projection show will help to comfort the baby and help them to sleep. The charming melodies on this device will help to soothe the baby and encourage them to sleep.

This night mobile is the ideal way to create a pleasant atmosphere in which your child can settle and sleep.

This device is battery operated and requires a C battery. The projection feature of this device will stimulate the senses of babies from newborns upwards using sight and sound.



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Todou Mobile Cot

Mini Tudou Musical Mobile

The Mini Tudou baby musical mobile crib is a great addition to any nursery with its music and light features.

This crib mobile can project three different colours of cartoons and stars and offers a range of build-in music including six nursery rhymes, five nature sounds, ten musical organs and one hundred and fifty lullabies.

The projector and bed light feature can create a space environment for the little one. This mobile crib has four detachable rattles that can be used separately. The automatic timer on this device can be set to 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 60 minutes, therefore creating the perfect environment for baby’s to drift off to sleep.

This device is suitable for babies from newborn up to twelve months. From the age of six months, the rattles on this crib can also be used as teethers.

This device can rotate 360 degrees and provides rattles in the form of pony, angel, chicks and honeybee. When the device is rotating it will attract the babies attention.

This crib mobile can be controlled remotely therefore there is no risk of wakening the baby to adjust settings or turn it off, as all the options can be controlled remotely. This device works using 3 AA batteries.



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Nuby Mobile Cot

Nuby Musical Cot Mobile with Projection

The Nuby musical cot mobile with colour changing wall and ceiling starlight projector.

Since the 1970’s the Nuby brand has been popular with parenthood products across the world. This device can play calming sounds that will help to calm the baby and promote sleep, as it can play classical music and lullabies for eighteen minutes.

The volume can be adjusted on this device so that it is just right for the child. The projector feature can project a starry image onto the wall or ceiling and the soft light will soothe the baby.

The gentle spinning aircrafts and clouds on this device will calm the baby and help them to fall asleep. The bright colours, sounds and shapes on this device will assist with the development of the child.

This device works using 4 AA batteries.



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Fisher's Price Tiny Love Mobile Cot

Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile

The Tiny Love take along mobile is ideal for children from birth up to six months and is part of the Meadow Days collection.

This device features five non-repetitive melodies that can create a sensory spectacle of music.

The connector arm on this device is adjustable which means that it can fit to range of different strollers, travel cots and playpens. The spinning toys on this device are great for visually stimulating the baby.

This crib device will take you amongst the grass through colourful meadows. This device can play continuous music for thirty minutes and the adorable characters will soothe the baby from birth the baby can enjoy using this device and it could be used even whilst travelling.

This device requires 3 AA batteries to operate. This crib mobile can be used to create a pleasant environment in the room encouraging babies to fall asleep. The soothing melodies and steady movement of the mobile display will visually stimulate and soothe the baby.



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Lullaby Mobile Cot

VTech Lullaby Lambs Mobile

The lullaby lambs mobile baby night light projector is produced by VTech and it is the ideal addition to any little ones bedroom.

This projector is suitable for babies from newborn up to three years of age. These cot mobiles feature three soft sheep with cute smiling faces which can be detached and used separately.

This device features four lullabies and forty melodies that include white noise and nature sounds, which will help soothe and relax the little one encouraging them to fall asleep. The bed light on this device is able to project four patterns of colourful lights which will stimulate the babies visual awareness.

This crib mobile can be operated remotely using the remote control enabling you to change the volume, pause and start the music without disturbing the little one.

This device also features a timer that can be set at five, fifteen or thirty minutes. This device operates using 3 AA batteries.



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Elephants Mobile Cot

Jabadabado Musical Mobile Elephant

The Jabadabado musical mobile elephant is a cute crib mobile that is suitable for babies from newborn.

Jabadabado is a Swedish company that designs and produces wood furniture and toys for children.

The musical box feature of this device is ideal for creating a peaceful atmosphere in which the little one can relax and fall asleep.

The elephant figures on this device move around slowly whilst the music plays. This cot mobile is adjustable and can be used on a crib or changing table.

The music box on this device needs to be wound up and then it will play calming music. The different colours and the elephant shapes will stimulate the little one’s sense of sight and hearing.



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The best cot mobiles buying guide and FAQ

What is the best cot mobile?

One of the best cot mobiles is the Fisher Price butterfly dreams projection mobile which is suitable for newborns up to five years. This device can be controlled remotely using the remote control, therefore there is no need to risk disturbing the little one.

This device features soothing white noise, nature sounds, and lullabies which can soothe the little one and promote sleep.  This cot mobile is adjustable and can be used as a tabletop soother once the child is older.

The projector feature on this device can create a stary display with floating bears, which will help to promote sight in the little one.

Are they necessary?

Cot mobiles are very popular for newborn babies however although they are nice to look at and do offer benefits they are not essential. 

A cot mobile can be a very useful way to keep the child amused whilst they relax and fall asleep. The devices that feature built-in music can be a good way to soothe the baby when trying to promote sleep.

All babies are different, and some may not bother about their mobile however it can be useful for soothing and relaxing the little one and they can be good for developing sight and hearing.

Are cot mobiles good for babies?

A cot mobile is a good way to ensure that your baby is happy, calm and entertained whilst they are in their cot.

These devices can either be used to calm the baby so that they fall asleep or to stimulate and entertain them when you need somewhere to keep your baby safe for a few minutes. Cot mobiles are not only designed to add a fun touch to the nursery as they are also beneficial for the baby during their first few months. 

Cot mobiles tend to be colourful with contrasting colours which makes them ideal for visual development.

Do mobiles help babies sleep?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a cot mobile.  These devices can be a great way to keep the baby amused until they fall asleep and keep them amused when they wake.  There are some people who feel that crib mobiles can add a distraction to your babies’ bed when you want them to fall asleep.

A cot mobile may make it into an area to play however it can also make it feel like a safe area for the little one.  At the end of the day whether to use a cot mobile will vary greatly depending on individual preferences.

At what ages do babies need a cot mobile?

A cot mobile is more a device for younger children and once they are around four months old and start to push up on their hands and knees it’s time to get rid of the mobile. 

A child should not be able to physically reach the mobile as this can be dangerous due to the strings.  The device should always be securely fastened to the crib and kept out of reach and avoid letting strings or cords dangle into the cot.

What Types are there?

Clip on:

The crib-mounted cot mobiles are some of the most popular designs and they are the easiest to assemble.  These mobiles just clip onto the side of the crib and then they are ready to use. These devices tend to be able to support more weight therefore they often have a complex array of items hanging from them.


The cot mobiles that are designed to be used whilst travelling are very useful as they can simply clip onto whichever items it needs to be used on.  These cot mobiles tend to be usable on cots, prams, strollers, and on a car seat which can make travelling less stressful.  These devices tend to be little as they are designed to be used when moving around.


The ceiling-mounted cot mobiles need to be fixed to the ceiling therefore it means making a hole where the hook can be placed.  The fitting of these cot mobiles is not very handy if you decide to rearrange the nursery as you would need to create another hole in the ceiling.

What to consider before buying a cot mobile


There are two different options when it comes to musical cot mobiles, and these are either wind up or battery operated. The wind-up musical mobiles require a handle or key to be turned and once released it will unwind and play the music which is usually a calming melody.

The disadvantage of this type is that they do not play for long. The battery-operated devices play a melody at the touch of a button and the length of time that they play for will vary from one device to another. The disadvantage of the battery-operated devices is that they will not play music when the batteries run out.

Integrated night light?:

The integrated night light that is a feature of some cots mobile can be very useful when it comes to feeding during the night, as it will provide enough light to see what you are doing but without being too bright and overstimulating for the baby.

Colour Scheme:

There is a vast array of options available when it comes to cot mobiles therefore it is possible to get a colour and design that fits with your nursery décor or theme. Most of these devices feature contrasting colours which will be visually stimulating for the little one.


There is really no need to break the ban when it comes to getting a cot mobile, as it is possible to get a good quality device for about ten pounds, however, there are more expensive models and these can range up to a couple of hundred pounds. The cost for a cot mobile will really depend on which make and model you want to get and what you are looking for.

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