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Best Potty Training Chart: Ultimate Guide for Parents in 2023

Potty training is an important milestone for both parents and children, as it signifies a significant step towards independence. One of the challenges parents often face during this phase is keeping their child motivated and engaged in the process. Potty training charts can play a crucial role in making the journey smoother and more enjoyable for both parties involved. 

What is a Potty Training Chart?

A potty training chart essentially comprises spaces or squares representing each successful toilet trip, which can be filled in with stickers or marks to celebrate the child’s accomplishments. This simple yet effective reward system encourages them to use the toilet regularly and helps reinforce positive behaviours associated with toileting. Moreover, it allows parents to discuss the potty training process and expectations with their child, fostering better communication and understanding.

How to Choose the Best Potty Training Chart?

When looking for the best potty training chart, parents should pay close attention to factors such as ease of use, customizability and durability. 

A good chart should be simple and straightforward, allowing both the parent and the child to understand and update their progress without hassle. A customisable chart offers the flexibility to adapt it to the child’s specific needs, interests and preferences, resulting in a more engaging and personalised experience. 

Lastly, the chart should be made of durable materials that can withstand regular use and handling by children.

To help parents find the perfect potty training chart for their little ones, we have researched and tested several available options. We hope to provide a selection that caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring a positive and successful potty training experience for all!

Let’s dive into the details and explore the best potty training charts that stand out in their functionality, design and overall performance.

Best Potty Training Charts

 Browse our top picks below to find the perfect chart that suits your needs and preferences.

Paper Projects CoComelon Potty Training Reward Chart


This colourful and engaging potty training chart featuring CoComelon characters is an excellent tool for parents to encourage their little ones during this important milestone.


  • Official licensed CoComelon design with favourite characters
  • Sparkly, colourful stickers to reward progress
  • Wipe-clean chart for easy updating


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old

The Paper Projects CoComelon Potty Training Reward Chart is designed to assist parents in encouraging and supporting their children during the potty training process. Using a reward system with colourful, sparkly stickers featuring the popular CoComelon characters, the chart engages children. It helps them feel positive about their progress.

This particular chart features all of the favourite CoComelon characters, such as JJ, TomTom, and Cody, making it especially appealing to fans of the musical series. The glossy chart creates a pleasant visual and can be easily wiped clean whenever necessary. The included stickers come in various designs, meaning your child will always be excited to earn a new one.

kids2learn Potty Training Reward Chart & Toilet Training

image 1

We recommend this tractor-themed reward chart pack for potty and toilet training, making the process fun and engaging for young children.


  • Includes both Potty and Toilet Training Reward Charts
  • 270 colourful star stickers for rewards
  • Easy to personalise with child’s name


  • Stars are not removable and a little flimsy
  • A bit expensive for a laminated picture

The kids2learn Potty Training Reward Chart pack comes with two A4-sized, laminated charts—one for potty training and another for toilet training. These charts are designed to be easy for young children to understand, featuring four simple steps and engaging pictures. With space at the top for your child’s name, personalisation becomes effortless.

The 270 bright and colourful star stickers included in the pack serve as rewards for successful potty or toilet use. Enough stickers are provided to fill each chart three times! However, keep in mind that the stars are not removable and may be a bit flimsy. Some parents may opt to use character stickers instead.

Paper Projects Paw Patrol Potty and Toilet Training Reward Chart

image 2

This Paw Patrol-themed chart is an engaging tool for parents to encourage potty training with their young children.


  • Official licensed Paw Patrol characters
  • Reusable sparkly stickers
  • Wipeable and durable chart


  • Limited space for multiple stickers per activity
  • Designed for a one-week period

The Paper Projects Paw Patrol Potty and Toilet Training Reward Chart features the lovable characters from the popular kids’ show. The chart is designed to help parents encourage their children during the potty and toilet training process, using fun and colourful stickers as rewards for little successes.

This reward chart is glossy and can be wiped clean if needed, while the detailed foil stickers are reusable. However, it’s worth noting that the stickers do lose their adhesive properties after a couple of uses, so parents should be prepared to replace them if needed. Another factor to consider is that the chart is designed for a one-week period, which might not cover the entire potty training process for some families.

Outus 12 Piece Potty Training Reward Chart Set

image 3

The Outus Potty Training Reward Chart Set is recommended for parents who want an engaging way to encourage their toddlers during potty training, featuring dinosaur charts, colourful stickers, and badges.


  • Sufficient quantity for 1 to 4 toddlers and prolonged usage
  • Cute dinosaur reward charts with space for names
  • Inspirational stickers and badges to motivate children


  • Sticker sheets might be difficult to peel off
  • Badges have sharp parts, requiring adult supervision

The Outus 12 Piece Potty Training Reward Chart Set is designed to make potty training a fun experience for both children and parents. The set includes 4 dinosaur-themed reward charts, 6 sheets with 210 potty training stickers, and 2 potty superstar badges, providing ample supply for up to 4 weeks of usage.

These dinosaur reward charts are both cute and practical, as each has a space to write the child’s name on top. Combined with the colourful and motivational stickers and badges, this set will keep children engaged and excited as they progress through potty training.

However, some users have reported difficulty peeling off the stickers from their sheets, and the reward charts may bend since they are made of card material. Additionally, the badges have sharp parts on their back, making adult supervision necessary during use.

Despite these drawbacks, the Outus Potty Training Reward Chart Set is an effective training tool for young children, motivating them to reduce diaper usage and making potty training a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Amonev Magnetic Unicorn Potty Training Reward Chart

image 4

With its engaging design and inclusions, this Amonev Chart is a delightful solution for potty training toddlers and young children.


  • Magnetic and easily attachable to various surfaces
  • Enticing fantasy theme featuring a unicorn
  • Comes with 225 star stickers for rewarding achievements


  • Manual operation requires constant updating

Potty training can be a challenging experience for both parents and children, but the Amonev Magnetic Unicorn Potty Training Reward Chart aims to make the process smoother. This chart is designed to motivate and engage children effectively through its combination of colourful visuals and tangible rewards. Its magnetic feature easily attaches to various surfaces, making it versatile and easy to use around the home. 

The set also includes 225 star stickers, allowing parents to reward their child’s progress and helping kids see their achievements over time.

Smart Panda Magnetic Reward Chart

image 5

Parents should consider the Smart Panda Magnetic Reward Chart for a fun and educational way to encourage positive behaviour and solidify a daily routine for their toddlers.


  • Encourages positive behaviour and routines by rewarding completed tasks
  • Magnetic and versatile, with 80+ pre-printed chores to choose from
  • Ideal for children aged 3-9 years old, and can be used for multiple children simultaneously


  • Additional handwriting lines might be worth considering for the customisable tasks
  • Some of the words and phrases on the chores might be difficult for young children to read

The Smart Panda Magnetic Reward Chart is designed to help parents motivate their little ones to accomplish tasks and form good habits. With over 80 pre-printed chores, parents can establish a routine that works best for their family dynamic, customising it as the child grows and their needs change. This chart is especially helpful for potty training, with fun and engaging stickers that make the process more enjoyable for toddlers.

The chart is also a valuable tool for teaching discipline and independence, with vibrant star stickers that make children feel rewarded and accomplished. This can lead to a structured daily routine and better introspection for the little ones. 

Paper Projects Peppa Pig Potty Training Chart

Peppa pig potty training chart

This Peppa Pig Potty Training Chart is an excellent choice for parents looking to encourage their child’s potty training progress with a fun and engaging chart.


  • Official licensed Peppa Pig design
  • Glossy chart with reusable foil stickers
  • High-quality materials and vibrant design


  • Limited variety in stickers provided
  • Chart size may be a little small for some

The Paper Projects Peppa Pig Potty Training Chart is specially designed to help parents with potty and toilet training, utilising the well-known Peppa Pig characters to make the process more enjoyable for children. With a chart featuring George Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and Peppa, it is perfect for young fans of the popular cartoon.

One of the standout features of this chart is the glossy finish and the inclusion of detailed foil stickers, which are reusable, allowing the chart to be wiped clean if necessary. The vibrant design can attract a child’s attention and increase their excitement in obtaining a sticker as a reward for their progress. Saying well done to your little one with these sparkly stickers is an effective way to reinforce good behaviour during potty training.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best potty training chart, several factors must be considered. We want to ensure that the chart is effective, engaging, and easy for parents and children. In this buying guide, we will discuss some essential features to look for in a potty training chart.

First and foremost, we should consider the design and layout of the chart. Choosing a colourful and visually appealing chart that will capture your child’s attention is important. The chart should also have clearly labelled sections for each day of the week, with enough space for stickers or markers to indicate completed tasks. Moreover, the chart should include an area for setting goals or milestones, as well as a rewards section to keep your child motivated throughout the process.

Another aspect to consider is the chart’s ease of use and customizability. A good potty training chart should be simple to set up and update, allowing parents to track their child’s progress with minimal hassle. Features such as pre-printed sticker sheets or dry-erase surfaces can be beneficial. Additionally, look for a chart that can be personalised to your child’s individual needs and preferences, allowing for flexibility in potty training methods and goals.

Durability is also an important factor when selecting a potty training chart. Choosing a chart made from sturdy, high-quality materials that can withstand daily use is essential. Consider charts made from laminated paper, plastic, or magnetic materials, depending on your specific needs. This will ensure that the chart remains in good condition and can be wiped clean or reused multiple times.

Lastly, we should consider the price and value of the chart. While it may be tempting to opt for the most affordable option, finding a balance between cost and quality is crucial. Look for a potty training chart that offers the desired features and durability at a reasonable price point. By comparing various options, we can find the best chart that meets our requirements while staying within budget.

In summary, choosing the best potty training chart involves considering design, ease of use, durability, and price. By keeping these in mind, we can find a chart that will effectively engage and motivate our child throughout the potty training process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do reward charts help during potty training?

Yes, reward charts can be a helpful tool during potty training. They provide a visual reminder of the progress your child is making and encourage them to continue practising their new skill. By rewarding their successes, your child will become more motivated and confident in their abilities. Remember to celebrate their achievements and maintain a positive attitude throughout the process.

Where can I find themed potty training charts?

Themed potty training charts are available in a variety of places. You can find them in local stores that sell children’s items or online on websites like Etsy, Amazon, and Pinterest. Alternatively, you can create your own themed chart at home using craft supplies or graphic design software. This option lets you personalise the chart to suit your child’s interests and preferences.

Are there any free printable sticker charts available?

Yes, there are many free printable sticker charts available online. One popular option is to search for them on Pinterest, where you’ll find various designs to suit different ages and preferences. Websites such as and also offer free printable sticker charts that can be used for potty training. Always remember to check the terms and conditions of each website before printing their resources.

How can I use a potty training chart to establish a routine?

To use a potty training chart to establish a routine, start by setting specific goals for your child, such as using the potty at certain times of the day, washing hands after using it, or staying dry overnight. Place the chart in a visible location and give your child stickers or other small rewards to mark their progress.

Encourage your child to participate in updating the chart, as this will give them a sense of ownership and pride in their accomplishments. Be consistent with the routine, praise their efforts, and communicate openly about their progress. Over time, the chart can help reinforce the established routine and support your child’s successful potty training journey.

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