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The Best White Noise Machines for Babies (Reviews) in 2023

Are you struggling to find the best white noise machines for babies?

I had the same problem when I was trying to find a white noise machine for my youngest child. There are a wide range of white noise machines that are available, and this can make it difficult to know which one to opt for.

A great example of a white noise machine for babies is the Roffie sleep sound machine.

I remember spending hours looking at the many different products that are available trying to work out which is the best one. I thought I would save you time and energy by sharing my research with you.

In my experience…

It is hard to ensure that the product that you are buying is going to be able to do everything that is required.  Whatever device you opt for you will want to ensure that it is able to relax the baby so that they can sleep.

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Comparison Table





Premium Pick

Marpac Rom White Noise Machine

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine

Best Value

easysleep white noise

EasySleep White Noise Machine

Marpac Rohm White Noise Machine

Premium Pick

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine



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easysleep white noise

Best Value

EasySleep White Noise Machine



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Dreamegg White Noise Machine

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

The Dreamegg white noise machine is a portable device which features both a sound machine and a night light.

These devices are great for newborns right through to adults and they are ideal for people who need some white noise to create a soothing environment in which to fall asleep.

This white noise device features eleven sounds that are soothing. This device has a built-in battery that can be recharged using a USB cable. The device is small, but it can certainly block out noise whilst also offering a night light option.

The night light feature can be customised to provide just the correct amount of light for falling asleep.

Due to this device being lightweight it is portable which makes it great for using whilst travelling.

The D11 device is perfect for parents when it comes to training their children to adopt a sleep routine, therefore making life less stressful at bedtime



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Portable White Noise Machine

i-Star Portable Sleep Machine

This white noise machine is a portable device that features six natural sounds which are ideal for soothing a baby and promoting sleep.

This device is also good for adults who struggle to sleep due to noise and tinnitus.

This device can work using both batteries and electrical mains power. The six sounds on this device include ocean, dryer, summer night, thunder and rainfall, fan noise and white noise, therefore there is something to suit everyone.

This device features an adjustable timer with three options that are fifteen minutes, thirty minutes and an hour. It is also possible to select a continuous loop noise on this device which means that it can be left on all night.

This noise machine is small and portable which makes it ideal for travelling. This noise machine can be operated using a USB cable or from three AA batteries.

It is possible to fit headphones to this device which makes it ideal to use whilst travelling long journeys.



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MyHummy Matt White Noise Machine

myHummy Matt Noise Toy

The myHummy Matt white noise machine is ideal for younger children as it is a soft pink and white toy with the built-in white noise features. This sound device also comes with a cot attachment ring and a teether.

This device can play white noise for sixty minutes which helps to create a relaxing environment for the little one to fall asleep.

The volume can be easily controlled on the device which makes it easy to use and get the correct level of sound for the child.

This white noise machine can be controlled manually or using the myHummy Bluetooth app, which makes it easier to operate without risking disturbing the little one.

This plush toy is machine washable therefore making it easy to keep it clean and safe for the youngest of children.

The sleep sensor can be set up for twelve hours standby and twelve hours non-stop modes. This white noise device requires three batteries.



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Otium White Noise Machine

Otium White Noise Machine

The Otium white noise machine is suitable for children of all ages and adults, and it features memory and timer functions.

This sound machine features twenty-six different sounds that are soothing. The sound options on this device includes eight city noises, ten natural sounds and eight white noise sounds.

The night light feature of this device is very useful for allowing a small amount of light in the room to stop it being scary for children but at the same time not being too bright.

This device features a sleep timer that can be set at thirty minutes, sixty minute or ninety minutes or it can be played on a continuous loop.

A useful feature of this device is that it will remember the last setting that you used and automatically use it unless it is changed.

This white noise machine works off a USB cable which is plugged into the mains electric and there is an earphone jack, therefore, headphones can be used.



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Homly White Noise Machine

Homly White Noise Machine

The Homly white noise machine is a great sleep aid for all ages from babies up to adults. 

This sound device features sixteen different sounds that are soothing. This sound machine features a colour night light that can be very useful when creating a good sleeping environment and there are seven different colour settings for the light.

The sounds on this machine include a range of natural sounds, lullaby, and white noise sounds. This device features timers for fifteen, thirty, sixty, ninety and one hundred and twenty minutes, therefore providing enough time to gently soothe and relax the little one allowing them to fall asleep.

The memory feature on this device means that it can save the last settings that were used therefore creating the perfect atmosphere every time.

This white noise machine comes complete with a power adapter as it needs to be plugged in into the mains power as there is no built-in battery.



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White Noise Machine for Babies Buyers Guide and FAQ


Why use a baby sound machine?

White noise machines can be very useful for babies as it can help them to fall asleep quicker.

The white noise in the background will soothe the baby whilst also blocking out household noise.

There is a range of sounds that tend to be on white noise machines, and these are a combination of natural sounds, white noises sounds and lullaby tunes.

When using a device it’s important to ensure that the volume is not too loud as this can cause additional problems for the little one trying to sleep.

Although white noise machines can be very useful for babies not all babies do well with white noise and in some cases, it can make the baby less likely to fall asleep.

How do they work?

White noise machines are a useful device when it comes to creating a good atmosphere for sleeping.

These devices produce a steady background noise that is like white noise, although on some occasions these devices produce brown and pink noise.

These sound devices are designed to enable people to block out background noise so that they can sleep and although these devices are commonly used for babies they can be used for any age.

The features vary from one device to another but usually, there will be a timer setting so you can set it to switch off or have it on a continuous loop which means that it plays all night.

Is a white noise machine good for babies?

A white noise machine is good for babies as it can help to create a relaxing soothing atmosphere for the little one enabling them to fall asleep.

Some of the white noise devices also feature a night light which can also be useful for the little ones. The one thing to remember is that the decibels of the device should not be too loud as this can make it hard for the baby to get to sleep.

When the baby needs to sleep in a household that is noisy due to other siblings or pets these devices can help to cover over the noise allowing the little one to dose off.

What to look for from a White Noise Machine?


Does it have a Night Light?

White sound machines are a great addition to a babies bedroom and some of these devices also feature a night light. It can be very useful to have a night light in a babies room as it can enable you to see in the room during the night to check on the little one and the light can also make the room less scary for the child.

How many Noise modes?

White noise machines are devices that provide a range of unique sounds and a range of frequencies. The sound on these devices tends to include natural sounds (rainfall, ocean, thunder) and white noise sounds. When choosing a device, it’s a good idea to opt for one that offers a range of different sounds.

Batteries or Plug?

When it comes to white noise devices there is a couple of options when it comes to powering the devices, which are either working off the mains or batteries. There are advantages and disadvantages of both options for example using the mains will mean that there is not a risk of the batteries running out whilst getting used.

Does it have a timer?

Some of the white sound devices feature a timer function, which means that the device can be set up to play for a certain amount of time. Usually, the timer functions will include fifteen minutes, thirty minutes and an hour. Some of the devices also feature a continuous loop feature that means that it can be played all night.

Adjustable volume?

White noise machines will always feature volume settings, but these will vary slightly depending on the size and type of machine that you opt for. Some of the more compact and portable devices will be limited in terms of volume controls. Most white noise machines will be equipped with white noises, ambient and natural sounds.

Where should you place your white noise machine?

When using a white noise machine in your bedroom it is best to place the device about three feet away from your head. The best place to put the device however will vary depending on individual preference.

It is good to place the white noise device as close to the noise that keeps you awake. When the device is being used as you are struggling to sleep without white noise in the background, then place the device as close to your bed as you can.

Do not place it underneath the bed especially if it is fan based, as it is at risk of being covered with bedding which can be a fire hazard.

Should you play your white noise machine all night?

Whether to leave your white noise device on all night really depends on individual preference, however one advantage of leaving it on all night is that the atmosphere will remain the same all night.

Leaving the device on all night can make it easier for your baby to get back to sleep if they wake up and it can also prevent them getting woken up by household noises such as pets or other family members moving around.

When leaving the device on all night it is important to ensure that is not too near the bed as it may cause a fire hazard if it is covered with bedding.

Do you need a white noise machine for your baby?

During the early stages of a baby’s life, they will be light sleepers which means that noises will wake up the baby. White noise machines can help to cover other noises within the house whilst creating a relaxing atmosphere for the little one to settle and have a nap.

When you find that your baby is struggling to get to sleep then a white noise device may be the ideal way to encourage them to sleep. These devices can be useful for families with more than one child especially when younger ones need to be sleeping whilst older siblings are still being active as the device blocks out the background noise.

A white noise machine get be a great tool, alongside a baby monitor to help safely help your baby to sleep through the night

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