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Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker (2023 Review)

The Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker is notable for its 360-degree entertainment and safety features, offering a variety of sounds and secure, smooth mobility for little explorers. While providing engaging activities and sturdy build, it ensures that babies can safely navigate and play, making it a reliable choice for parents prioritizing both amusement and security in a walker.
Chicco baby walker

Chicco Baby Walker Review

Why you should buy this product?


A great way to encourage confident mobility. Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker is a great push-type baby walker with an eye-catching design that will surely grab your little one’s interest.

Not only is it a great baby walker, but it also comes with two fun activities for your baby. A basket in which your kid can throw small balls and a shape matching game. These two activities will improve your little one’s logic, motor skills, and coordination.

Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker comes with fun tunes and light effects that will start playing every time your baby uses it to walk or matches the right shape.

The baby walker also comes with a locking mechanism that doesn’t allow it to be used without your supervision.

Suitable for kids between 9 and 24 months.

If you are looking for a baby walker and don’t like the Chicco one, then check out our guide for the best baby walkers for other options.


Made of plastic, the product weighs 2.4 kgs. Product dimensions are 38 x 40.5 x 40.5 cm, or 14.9 x 15.9 x 15.9 inches.

Vibrant and multicoloured to attract your baby’s attention. The minimum weight recommendation to use is 14 pounds and the maximum weight recommendation is 30 pounds.

It comes in two colours, white and multi, multi being mainly pink. On the front of the baby walker, you will find the two activities and a rose and a butterfly that can glide upwards or downwards and a small wheel that can be rotated.

On the sides of the baby walker are two pads that make a sound or play music when the baby is grabbing them. To ensure safety all four wheels are textured to provide better grip on the surface your kid will walk on, but it is recommended to be used on a carpet.

reasons we love

A baby walker is a fun way for your baby to start walking. Especially if songs start playing and lights start flashing whenever he does so.

It can grab a baby’s attention for a long time, and it stimulates the cognitive process of your child because of the inbuilt activities.

Your baby will get to experience a form of independence. It develops basic logic skills, and it challenges your baby to coordinate eyesight with hand movement.

Reasons we dont like

It is not recommended to be used without adult supervision. It does not provide safety from falling like other types of baby walkers.

On a non-adherent surface, the baby walker can be pushed too far forward causing the baby to fall.

About Chicco

Chicco is an Italian brand founded in 1958. In 2006 the founder’s children would open new branches in India, Russia, Mexico, and Poland. Today, the brand is present in over 120 countries with more than 150 shops in Italy and 160 throughout the world. Chicco has a range of products from baby toys to toddler toys to maternity items, hygiene and protection, clothes, first baby foods, and more. The company focuses on products dedicated mostly to children aged 0 to 3 years and all their psycho-physical, emotional, and social needs.

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