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Ella’s Kitchen: The Cook Book

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Ella’s Kitchen is the UK’s fastest growing company in the baby food industry and was born in 2006 to Paul Lindley who was the prior deputy managing director for the previous nine years at nickelodeon. Ella’s Kitchen was set up and named after Paul’s Daughter.

The company was launched in Scandinavia and the US in 2009 and is now sold in over sixteen country’s world-wide. Ella’s Kitchen also has a 30% market share in the UK making it the largest company in baby food sector. The company currently offers 216 products.

The Cook Book will show you a range of recipes that can be put together for your little one and include full meals, as well as fun and tasty snacks.

The recipes are great for fussy eaters and are split into categories such as yummy lunches and speedy snacks, delicious dinners, perfect puds’, scrummy treats, and hooray for the weekend.

These categories mean that there are something in the book for every baby, toddler or 3-going-on-13.

Ella’s Kitchen in general targets four-month olds to three years plus so there’s food in there for children of all ages, whether your little angel is a fussy eater or just struggles with trying new foods you can bet that there is a recipes that will allow you to sneak new and interesting food into their diet.

The recipes are laid out in a very easy to read manor with the a fun colourful ‘what you need’ box on the left and the recipe on the right hand side the book also offers little tips and tricks that are tailored to the recipe, such as how to fold samosa’s or tips on how to dig out squash seeds.

The book’s size is 20cm wide by 26.4cm tall making it just slightly smaller than an A4 piece of paper which is a brilliant size for children as its big enough for them to hold and turn the pages whilst also having enough space on the page for colourful pictures, illustrations, tips and tricks and the recipes themselves.

There are several baby cookbooks available on the market at the moment which offer a range of different types of recipes. You can get books which are tailored more towards snacks, lunches or dinners and other books that are uniquely inclusive of recipes that use organic foods.

This book includes over 100 delicious recipes which help to inspire your little one to learn to love cooking, the recipes include snacks and light meals as well as meals that can be fun for the whole family.

The book is also split into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to make it easy for you and your little chef to follow.

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