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Choosing a baby name is a significant decision for parents and parents-to-be. It’s a label that a child will carry for life, and often, names can have profound personal, cultural, or familial significance. Among the myriad options available, names beginning with the letter ‘D’ present a wide range of choices. Whether drawn to the traditional, modern, or utterly unique, there’s a ‘D’ name to suit every preference.

Colorful letters "D" floating around a baby's nursery, surrounded by toys and books, creating a playful and whimsical atmosphere

As we explore the variety of baby names starting with ‘D’, we find a spectrum that ranges from classic to contemporary. ‘D’ names like Daniel have been cherished through generations and continue to be popular today. Meanwhile, modern choices are emerging, providing new options for those seeking a more current moniker for their child. From the strong and straightforward to the lyrical and distinct, ‘D’ names offer a rich selection.

When considering names with the letter ‘D’, we enjoy the diversity they provide. There are names to reflect heritage, names that might honor loved ones, and names that simply resonate with us for their sound or meaning. We understand that a name is more than a tag—it’s a first gift to our child and a word that will define much of their identity. Hence, our choice is made with care and thought, appreciating the wide array of ‘D’ names at our disposal.

Comprehensive List of Baby Names Starting with ‘D’

A colorful array of alphabet blocks spelling out "D" names, surrounded by playful toys and books

We’ve assembled a curated selection of baby names starting with the letter ‘D’, complete with origins and meanings. From the timeless classics to unique monikers, families seeking the perfect ‘D’ name will find diverse options to explore.

10 Most Popular Baby Boys’ Names with ‘D’, Origin and Meaning

  1. Daniel: of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my judge’.
  2. David: also of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘beloved’.
  3. Dominic: from Latin roots meaning ‘belonging to the Lord’.
  4. Declan: an Irish name meaning ‘man of prayer’ or ‘full of goodness’.
  5. Damian: of Greek origin meaning ‘to tame, subdue’.
  6. Diego: of Spanish origin, a form of James meaning ‘supplanter’.
  7. Dylan: a Welsh name meaning ‘son of the sea’.
  8. Dashiell: of French origin, possibly derived from ‘de Chiel’, with an unknown meaning.
  9. Dean: of English origin meaning ‘valley’.
  10. Dane: with English roots, meaning ‘from Denmark’.

10 Rare and Unique Baby Boy Names with ‘D’, Origin and Meaning

  1. Darian: of Persian origin meaning ‘possessor of goodness’.
  2. Desi: rooted in Latin, short for ‘Desiderius’, meaning ‘desired, longing’.
  3. Dorian: of Greek heritage, from the tribe ‘the Dorians’; also refers to ‘child of the sea’.
  4. Dante: Italian in origin, short for ‘Durante’ meaning ‘enduring’.
  5. Duncan: a classic Scottish name meaning ‘dark warrior’.
  6. Dimitri: of Greek origin, derived from Demeter, goddess of harvest.
  7. Denzel: an English name from a place name in Cornwall.
  8. Darian: with Persian origins, it means ‘wealthy’.
  9. Dario: of Spanish, Italian, and Persian origin, means ‘to possess well’.
  10. Drake: an English name meaning ‘dragon’ or ‘male duck’.

10 Black Baby Boy Names with ‘D’, Origin and Meaning

  1. Deandre: American variant of Andre, meaning ‘manly’.
  2. Deshawn: of American origin, a blend of the prefix De- and name Shawn.
  3. Demetrius: of Greek origin meaning ‘follower of Demeter’.
  4. Darius: Persian in origin, meaning ‘he who holds firm the good’.
  5. Dwayne: with Gaelic origin derived from ‘Dubhan’, meaning ‘little dark one’.
  6. Dontrell: a modern American name, with no specific meaning.
  7. Davonte: also American, it’s a modern invented name.
  8. Denzel: an English name from a place name in Cornwall.
  9. Davion: of American origin, a combination of David and suffix -ion.
  10. Darnell: English in origin, meaning ‘hidden nook’.

10 Christian Baby Boy Names with ‘D’, Origin and Meaning

  1. Daniel: of Hebrew origin, a prophet’s name meaning ‘God is my judge’.
  2. David: another Hebrew name, belonging to the biblical king meaning ‘beloved’.
  3. Dominic: with Latin roots, meaning ‘of the Lord’.
  4. Deacon: an English name meaning ‘servant, messenger’.
  5. Damian: Greek in origin, meaning ‘tame, subdue’.
  6. Dion: short for ‘Dionysius’, the Greek god of wine, associated with celebration.
  7. Darius: meaning ‘he who holds firm to good’, used in the Bible.
  8. Diego: derived from Jacob, which has biblical ties to the name James.
  9. Dorian: of Greek origin, associated with the sea, drawing connections to the biblical narrative of Paul’s travels.
  10. Drew: shortened from Andrew, meaning ‘strong and manly’.

10 Hindu Baby Boy Names with ‘D’, Origin and Meaning

  1. Devraj: of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘king of gods’.
  2. Darshan: a Sanskrit name meaning ‘vision, perception’.
  3. Deepak: meaning ‘lamp, light’.
  4. Dinesh: ‘lord of the day’, the sun.
  5. Dilip: a historic name meaning ‘protector of Delhi’.
  6. Daman: meaning ‘controller’.
  7. Darpan: meaning ‘mirror’.
  8. Dhruv: a firm star, pole star.
  9. Dhaval: meaning ‘fair complexioned’.
  10. Dinesh: ‘sun’, an epithet for the sun god.

10 Baby Boy Names with ‘D’ from Around the World, Origin and Meaning

  1. Daan: Dutch in origin, a variant of Daniel.
  2. Donovan: an Irish name meaning ‘dark warrior’.
  3. Dmitri: Russian form of Greek Demetrius, meaning ‘devoted to Demeter’.
  4. Daiki: with Japanese origin meaning ‘great glory’.
  5. Dario: related to Persian Darius, meaning ‘possessor of good’.
  6. Davide: the Italian form of David, meaning ‘beloved’.
  7. Denzil: an English name derived from a place in Cornwall.
  8. Dragan: rooted in Slavic elements meaning ‘precious’.
  9. Duarte: a Portuguese version of Edward, meaning ‘prosperous guardian’.
  10. Dieudonné: French for ‘God-given’.

10 Unisex and Gender-Neutral Names with ‘D’, Origin and Meaning

  1. Dana: of English origin, meaning ‘from Denmark’.
  2. Dylan: Welsh, ‘son of the sea’, it’s used for both boys and girls.
  3. Dallas: of Scottish origin meaning ‘from the dales, the valley meadows’.
  4. Dakota: Native American in origin, meaning ‘friend, ally’.
  5. Devon: English, derived from a county name.
  6. Darcy: of Irish origin meaning ‘dark’.
  7. Darby: from Irish ‘Diarmuid’, meaning ‘free from envy’ or ‘the deer’.
  8. Drew: short for Andrew or derived from the Welsh ‘drwg’ meaning ‘bad’.
  9. Dominique: French in origin, meaning ‘of the Lord’.
  10. Dale: English, ‘valley’.

Key Outtakes

A collection of baby names starting with the letter D, arranged in a decorative and visually appealing manner

When we examine the landscape of baby names beginning with the letter “D,” we observe a rich tapestry of options that range from traditional to contemporary. First, it’s essential to acknowledge that “D” names carry a classical charm. For boys, Daniel remains a perpetual favorite with its biblical provenance. Girls’ names like Delilah are also steeped in history yet continue to feel modern and fresh.

We see a trend where some parents are drawn to names with natural elements, such as Daisy Dove, a choice popularized by celebrities like Katy Perry. Meanwhile, names like Deacon reflect a preference for unique, yet meaningful designations with deep cultural or religious roots.

Here’s a quick breakdown of popular “D” names gleaned from our research:

It’s clear that for our babies, a name starting with “D” can offer a blend of grandeur and individuality. Whether we’re looking for something time-honored o trend-setting, this alphabet provides a versatile starting point. We’ve compiled these insights into an easy-to-absorb format, aiming to help parents in their meaningful quest for the perfect baby name.