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Traveling with toddlers presents unique challenges, and keeping them entertained on a plane requires careful planning. Toys that engage their senses and captivate their attention can make the difference between a peaceful flight and a stressful one. For toddlers, the best toys are often those that encourage quiet play, stimulate their brains, and involve minimal pieces that could get lost under the seats.

When selecting toys for plane travel, it is crucial to choose items that are silent or have a low noise level, easy to pack, and non-disruptive to other passengers. Size and portability are also key considerations since carry-on space is limited. Lightweight, compact toys that can easily fit into a small backpack or the seat pocket are ideal.

Paying attention to the age-appropriateness and safety of the toys is critical. Toddlers put toys in their mouths, so non-toxic, BPA-free materials should be a priority. We also need to consider the durability of the toys to endure the rough handling by little hands. Magnetic drawing boards, soft books, and simple puzzles are good examples of toys that meet these criteria.

By understanding these essentials, we’ve been able to curate a selection that meets our high standards for both entertaining our little ones and ensuring a smoother journey. We’ve meticulously explored a variety of toys on the market to help parents make well-informed choices for stress-free air travel with toddlers.

Top Picks for Toddler Travel Toys

Travelling with little ones can be a whirlwind of activity, but fret not, we’ve got you covered! Our roundup below focuses on the best toddler toys that are sure to keep your tiny companions entertained for hours on a plane. Each toy has been chosen for its ability to engage in a fun yet quiet manner, ensuring a more relaxed and enjoyable flight for everyone.

Guolely Busy Board

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We think the Guolely Busy Board is a wise choice for keeping toddlers entertained on a plane with its range of educational activities.



The Guolely Busy Board ended up being a lifesaver during our last trip. The assortment of tasks like zippers, buttons, and puzzles kept our little one’s hands and mind engaged. It’s always great to have an educational toy that also doubles as a distraction when we’re confined to our seats during long flights.

The felted wool material felt soft to the touch which is reassuring; there’s nothing about it that could harm a toddler. Plus, being able to fold it up and toss it in the backpack made it so convenient to bring along. It’s no surprise they call it a travel toy—it really is!

However, we noticed some parts could be removed and easily dropped. Scrambling to pick up pieces from the airplane floor isn’t ideal. Also, while the construction seems sturdy, some parents might find the fabric less premium than expected. And, it captured our toddler’s attention, but we’ve heard it might not be a hit with every child. Overall, we found the Guolely Busy Board to be a clever investment for travel, blending fun and learning on the go.

STREET WALK Kids’ LCD Writing Tablet


We think this LCD Writing Tablet from STREET WALK is a big winner for keeping little ones occupied on flights with its easy-to-use features and safe design.



Flying with toddlers could be a breeze thanks to the STREET WALK LCD Writing Tablet. Its bright, colorful screen caught our little one’s attention; they were doodling for hours, which felt like a blessing on a long plane ride. The battery compartment is secured with a screw, so there’s no worry about tiny parts being a choking hazard.

Despite being super light, this doodle board didn’t crack under the not-so-gentle play of our enthusiastic toddler. And when they moved on to the next adventure, it was simple to stash away in our carry-on. It’s pretty hardy—being dropped a few times without a single glitch.

However, there’s always a but. We noticed that pressing too hard or even resting a hand on the screen could sometimes erase the artwork, leading to a mini-meltdown mid-air. And while the lock feature is handy, you have to remember to slide it on to save those precious scribbles. Our tip: Make it a habit to lock the screen right after your child completes their mini-masterpiece.

KIDSTHRILL Airplane Trio


We think this set is a hit for little aviators, captivating them with lights and sounds for hours of imaginative play.



Traveling with toddlers can be challenging, but we’ve found the KIDSTHRILL Airplane Trio to be a wonderful travel companion. Its bright colors and flashing lights immediately catch a child’s attention. As we push the airplane across the tray table, the realistic take-off sounds add to the excitement, making our little one feel like they’re piloting their own flight.

During a recent flight, we were grateful for the sturdy design. Even after a few drops and the inevitable roughhousing that comes with toddler play, the toys stood firm, showing no signs of damage. This is a testament to the high-quality, durable plastic they’re made from – something we always look for in toddler toys.

One thing to note, though, is the airplane’s noise level. While the sounds are an instant hit with kids, they might not be as popular with fellow passengers or even us after a while. If you’re looking for a quiet toy, this may not be the right choice. Despite this, the joy it brings to our child makes it worth the occasional inconvenience.

In conclusion, our journey with the KIDSTHRILL Airplane Trio has been mostly smooth flying. It captivates our child’s imagination, making long plane rides feel shorter and much more enjoyable for them.

KLT Lacing Toy Set


We think this KLT Lacing Toy Set is a must-have for keeping little ones engaged and learning while flying.



On our latest plane trip, we handed the KLT Lacing Toy Set to our toddler, and it didn’t disappoint. The wooden apple and watermelon are beautifully designed and just the right size for little hands. Our little one was absorbed in threading the caterpillar through the holes, which made the flight much more peaceful for us all.

Under our watchful eyes, our toddler’s dexterity improved bit by bit with this Montessori-inspired toy. The sense of achievement they felt after mastering the weaving pattern was evident on their delighted face. Plus, the toy’s design made it easy for us to engage in playful learning, creating shapes and discussing fruit names.

Cleaning up was simple too, since everything fit snugly into the accompanying bag. We’ve learned that not all toys are created equal when it comes to flights, but the KLT Lacing Toy Set is a winner in our book, making it a staple in our carry-on luggage. It’s one of those toys where its practicality shines as much as its educational value.

Qizfun Busy Board


We think this busy board is a must-have for any parent looking to keep their toddler engaged and learning, especially while traveling.



On a recent flight, we had the chance to try out the Qizfun Busy Board with our two-year-old. Right off the bat, we noticed how immersed they became with the array of activities; the zipper, buttons, and shoelaces provided a fun challenge that developed their fine motor skills. It’s evident how such an interactive toy can promote both problem-solving and basic life skills.

Not only is the board educational, it’s incredibly travel-friendly. Fitting effortlessly into our carry-on, it gave us a welcomed reprieve from the usual stress associated with keeping a toddler still for hours. Its lightweight design means it won’t be a burden when packing for your next trip.

There are a few things to keep an eye on, though. We observed that some small pieces might detach and disappear if not carefully monitored. Plus, the Velcro didn’t always stick as well as we would have liked, leaving us to occasionally pick pieces up from the floor. Despite these minor issues, the board’s overall functionality left us satisfied.

We found that it isn’t just good for trips; this busy board also serves as a go-to toy for quiet time at home or while waiting at the doctor’s office. Its adaptability and the joy it brings to learning moments make it a standout choice for parents and toddlers alike.

Gojmzo Busy Board

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We believe the Gojmzo Busy Board is a top-notch choice to keep toddlers engaged and learning during travel, with a thoughtful blend of fun and education.



As seasoned travelers with a little one in tow, we’ve found the Gojmzo Busy Board to be a lifesaver. Its lightweight design means it can easily be packed into a carry-on, and the variety of sensory activities keeps our toddler’s hands and mind busy for hours.

The tactile elements are not just entertaining, they’re educational. Each zipper, button, and buckle has been a playful lesson in dexterity that our child has enjoyed mastering. It’s also a comfort knowing that these features are thoughtfully attached, minimizing the risk of choking hazards.

However, we did notice that after several trips, some of the stitching began to loosen. It’s a reminder that while this board is sturdy, it’s still imperative to keep an eye on wear and tear to ensure it remains safe for use.

Overall, the Gojmzo Busy Board has been a fantastic addition to our travel routine. Our experience has shown that it can transform a potentially stressful flight into an opportunity for quiet play and learning. Though we do recommend keeping an eye on the components to ensure they stay secure, this is a product we’d bring aboard time and time again.

ALASOU Suction Cup Spinners


If you’re gearing up for a flight with a tot in tow, these are the toys to ensure a smoother journey.



On our last plane trip, we had the ALASOU spinners in our carry-on, ready to entertain. The moment we settled in our seats, we popped one onto the tray table. Watching our little one’s face light up as they gave the spinner a whirl was priceless. The steady suction kept the toy in place, avoiding any frustrating falls.

Mid-flight, we moved the spinners to the window. They became a magical distraction against the clouds. Cleanup was also a breeze: a simple wipe down, and they were good as new.

The larger size did mean sacrificing a bit of precious bag space, but seeing our toddler so content was worth it. We did note that on the hotel window, the suction wasn’t as ironclad as on the plane, but this was a minor hiccup.

Overall, the ALASOU spinners are a great addition to your travel toy arsenal. Their ability to captivate and calm our little one has made them a staple for our trips.

Guía de compra

When we’re looking to buy the best toys for toddlers on planes, there are several key features we need to consider to ensure our little ones are both entertained and comfortable during the flight. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Suitability for Age

Every toy is designed with a specific age group in mind. We need to ensure the toys we choose are appropriate for our toddler’s age and developmental stage.


Our top priority is safety. The toys should be made of non-toxic materials, have no sharp edges, and contain no small parts that could pose a choking hazard.


Since we’ll be traveling, the toys should be easy to pack and lightweight. We don’t want our bags to be weighed down by bulky items.

Aspect Description
Tamaño Small enough to fit in a carry-on
Peso Light enough to carry without strain
Durabilidad Resilient to withstand a bit of rough handling

Engagement Level

We should look for toys that will keep our toddlers engaged for more than just a few minutes at a time. They should be interactive enough to sustain interest.

Considerations Why It’s Important
Interactive Features Keeps toddlers occupied
Vibrant Colors Attracts the toddler’s attention
Various Textures Helps sensory development

Facilidad de limpieza

Toys can get dirty quickly, especially on a plane. We’ll want toys that are wipeable or washable to maintain hygiene.

By keeping these factors in mind, we can choose the best toys for our toddlers that will make our plane journey a smooth and enjoyable experience for both us and our children.

Preguntas frecuentes

Traveling with toddlers requires planning and the right toys can make all the difference. Allow us to help you select the best options for a peaceful journey.

How can I keep my toddler entertained during a plane journey?

To keep your toddler entertained, bring a mix of new and familiar toys to capture their interest. Interactive books and travel-friendly magnetic puzzles work well for sustained play.

What are the top toy suggestions for keeping a 2-year-old busy on a flight?

For a 2-year-old, consider stackable toys, reusable sticker books, and small, quiet electronic toys with headphones to keep them busy on a flight.

Which toys are considered best for a 3-year-old during air travel?

The best travel toys for a 3-year-old are items that promote quiet play, like coloring books with washable markers, simple card games, and action figures or dolls.

Can you recommend appropriate travel toys for a 1-year-old?

Yes, soft cloth books, teething toys, and portable light-up musical toys are appropriate and can provide necessary distraction for a 1-year-old during travel.

What types of sensory toys are ideal for toddlers when flying?

Sensory toys like squishy balls, fidget spinners, and toys with buttons that make sound at a low volume can be ideal for toddlers on a flight.

What essentials should I pack for my 2-year-old’s first airplane trip?

For your 2-year-old’s first trip, pack their favorite snack, a cozy blanket, a pacifier or chew toy, and a variety of small toys—including a soft plush and an interactive toy.