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Chicco GoFit Booster Review

Chicco GoFit booster review
When it comes to keeping older kids safe and comfortable in the car, it’s essential to have a dependable booster seat. We recently tested the Chicco GoFit Backless Booster, specifically the vibrant Coral model, and it became clear why this seat is a favorite among parents. Boasting a contoured ErgoBoost seat and plush double foam padding, it doesn’t skimp on comfort. Convenience is a major plus with the Chicco GoFit. Moving it from car to car is hassle-free thanks to its built-in handle, and the smooth underside is kind to vehicle seats. The intuitive belt guides and a shoulder belt clip ensure that the seat belt fits your child just right. Additionally, the two CupFolders that come with the seat are not only space-saving but also dishwasher-friendly—a boon for any busy parent. And for those inevitable spills and crumbs, the seat pad and armrest covers are easily removed and machine-washable.

Bottom Line

The Chicco GoFit Booster doesn’t disappoint, from its easy cleaning features to its snug and secure fit. It’s a solid choice for parents who want a no-fuss, reliable booster seat for their growing child. Considering its design and utility, the GoFit is a product we can confidently recommend.

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Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat Overview

When we first got our hands on the Chicco GoFit, the immediate standout feature was its portability. The contoured ErgoBoost seat and the generous double foam padding that it boasts promise comfort that doesn’t fall short. Easily transferable between vehicles thanks to the built-in carry handle, it’s a convenient option for families on the move.

In practice, the seat didn’t disappoint. The integrated lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip make belt positioning straightforward, something not seen in every booster we’ve used. If you’re juggling multiple kids and carpool duties, this ease of use is a real plus.

Cleaning is often a hassle with child car seats, but not so here—the armrest covers and seat pad are removable and machine-washable. A feature that caught our eye was the two CupFolders; they’re not just a place to stash drinks but also save space by folding away and are dishwasher-safe—a detail we appreciate.

However, it’s not perfect. Despite its sturdiness, the absence of a LATCH system means it won’t be secured to the car when not in use, which could be a concern for some. But overall, from the high rating it enjoys to its thoughtful design, it’s clear to us why this seat is a preferred choice for those in the market for a backless booster.

Ergonomic Design

In our experience, the Chicco GoFit Booster does a great job of blending comfort with practicality. The ErgoBoost seat is well-contoured, catering to the support needs of a growing child while the double foam padding ensures a cushy ride, even on longer journeys. Handling the seat’s movement between cars is a breeze, thanks to the built-in carry handle. We found that kids feel more grown-up with the integrated lap belt guides, which, along with the shoulder belt clip, aid in proper belt positioning without compromising on safety.

The attention to cleanliness is also appreciated—the removable seat pad and armrest covers are not only machine washable but also easy to detach and reattach. The twin CupFolders are not just space-savers but are dishwasher safe as well, addressing spills and messes head-on.

While the seat is light enough to be portable, we did not notice any sacrifice in sturdiness. However, some might prefer a booster with LATCH connectors for added stability, which this model lacks. The simplicity and ease of use without adult intervention make this booster a solid choice, but those seeking a booster with advanced security features like Isofix may have to look elsewhere.

Caracteristicas de seguridad

We’ve taken some time with this backless booster and appreciate how chicco has prioritized safety alongside comfort. The GoFit Booster’s design with an ErgoBoost contoured seat and double foam padding not only ensures comfort for the little ones but also offers sturdy support during rides. The integrated lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip are critical for proper belt positioning, which is essential for effective safety restraint in case of an accident.

A key concern of any parent is the cleanliness of their child’s Asiento de coche. The fact that the GoFit’s seat pad and armrest covers are both removable and machine-washable addresses this concern directly, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring that safety is not compromised by an unkempt seat.

What we also find practical are the two cupholders that neatly fold away when not in use, keeping the overall size of the booster down and minimizing the risk of injury from protruding objects in the event of sharp turns or sudden stops.

Finally, the built-in carry handle is a welcome addition, signaling that this booster is designed to move with you, ensuring that your child’s travel safety needs are consistent across various vehicles. While the GoFit does not come with an array of complex safety technology, it offers solid, basic protection that seems reliable for everyday use.

Facilidad de limpieza

We’ve all been there – trying to clean a child’s car seat can be akin to a mini battle, but not with this booster. The Chicco GoFit Backless Booster boasts a removable seat pad and armrest covers that are machine-washable, simplifying cleanup after inevitable spills and crumbs. For us, it was a relief to easily pop them off and toss them into the laundry, knowing they’d come out looking brand new.

The standout for us has to be the CupFolders. Kids love to have their drinks and snacks within reach, but that usually spells disaster for cleaning. Thankfully, these cup holders are not only space-saving and retractable but also dishwasher safe. After a road trip filled with sticky juice incidents, we appreciated being able to detach the CupFolders and clean them thoroughly in the dishwasher without any hassle.

What we’ve found most convenient is the thought that went into the overall design, allowing for quick wipe-downs and stress-free maintenance, even on the go. The booster’s fabric is durable enough to handle a quick scrub without pilling or losing its comfortable texture. Overall, keeping this booster clean is no sweat – we’re actually impressed with how it stands up to everyday messes.

Chicco GoFit Booster Image

Portability and Convenience

We found that the Chicco GoFit Booster excels in its portability. With its built-in carry handle, we could easily transfer it from one vehicle to another—ideal for busy families on the move. It was a breeze to move without any bulky and awkward lifting. Our experience tells us that you’ll appreciate the lightweight design, especially when juggling other items during travel.

The convenience of maintenance is another plus. The seat pad and armrest covers, being machine-washable, made cleaning up after spills a non-issue for us. Not to mention, the two cup holders are not only space-saving, given their ability to tuck away, but they’re also dishwasher safe, streamlining the tidying process.

One thing we noted was the absence of a backrest, which, while enhancing portability, might not be everyone’s preference for long trips. Yet, for quick jaunts around town or for older children who don’t need the extra support, it’s an excellent lightweight option that doesn’t compromise on comfort.


We found the Chicco GoFit Backless Booster to be a standout when it comes to ease and comfort for bigger kids. The ErgoBoost seat impressively melds contouring and double foam padding, ensuring a comfy ride, even on longer travels. Our experience with the integrated lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip was that they truly assist in correct positioning, which is a relief for safety-conscious parents.

During our testing, the convenience of having space-saving CupFolders was unmistakable, perfect for drinks and snacks. We appreciated the fact that these cup holders are also dishwasher safe – a thoughtful touch for busy families. The practicality extends to the removable seat pad and armrest covers which are machine-washable; it made cleaning up after spills a breeze.

Moving this booster from car to car was hassle-free, thanks to the built-in carry handle. Overall, the Chicco GoFit Booster provided a balance of simplicity, comfort, and ease of maintenance that we think families will value highly.


While we found the Chicco GoFit Booster to be a solid choice, there are a few drawbacks worth noting. One significant issue is the lack of a secure attachment system like ISOFIX, which means it relies solely on the car’s seat belt to stay in place. This can lead to concerns about stability during sharp turns or sudden stops.

Additionally, while the seat is praised for its portability, this may come at the expense of feeling less sturdy than some might like, especially when compared to full-size car seats.

In terms of comfort, there’s a balance to be found. The GoFit offers more padding than many other boosters; however, for longer trips, some children may still find the comfort level lacking compared to more padded, high-back models.

Lastly, while the inclusion of a cup holder is convenient, its design could be improved. It’s collapsible, which is a plus, but it doesn’t always stay open or hold wider bottles as securely as we would like.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

After spending time with the Chicco GoFit booster seat, we’ve seen firsthand why it’s a favorite among parents. The overall rating is an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars from a substantial number of users, indicating widespread satisfaction. The booster is praised for its sturdy construction and comfort. There’s a collective approval for its light weight yet reliable build, making it a breeze to transfer between vehicles. On multiple occasions, cleanliness came up as a highlight—parents appreciate the ease with which they can wipe the seat down.

Some points of contention arose, though. While many parents feel confident with their children using the Chicco GoFit, a few expressed wishes for a latch system to secure the booster for added safety. The seatbelt clip is a hit, providing extra security and ease of use for kids and peace of mind for adults.

Families seem to love the added convenience of the built-in cup holders for drinks and snacks. Moreover, the booster’s portability is a major plus for those who travel or need to switch between cars frequently. The Chicco GoFit has clearly made car rides more enjoyable and comfortable for children, which is a significant win for any parent on the go.


After considerable time using the Chicco GoFit Backless Booster, we’ve found it to be a solid choice for those in need of a reliable and portable booster seat. Its sturdy construction and fine design are not only visually appealing but also offer the comfort and safety we expect for our little ones. It’s lightweight enough to transfer between cars with ease, yet it doesn’t compromise on durability. The convenience of collapsible cup holders is a thoughtful touch, keeping drinks and snacks within easy reach for children.

We did notice the absence of latch system connectors, a detail some parents might consider essential for added security. However, the addition of a shoulder belt clip is a welcome feature that ensures proper seat belt alignment. Cleaning the seat is effortless, which comes in handy for those inevitable messes.

The general consensus in our group is that for a balance of security, comfort, and ease of use, this booster seat is a winner. Parents seeking a fuss-free, comfortable seat for their growing child will find the Coral GoFit Booster hits the mark, even if it may lack certain high-end safety features found in more expensive models.

Preguntas frecuentes

Having had hands-on experience with the Chicco GoFit booster, we’ve gathered some common questions that consumers often ask. We aim to assist you in making an informed decision by sharing insight into the product’s safety features, comfort level, appropriate age for use, installation steps, differences between models, and its safety ratings.

What are the primary safety features of the Chicco GoFit Backless Booster?

The GoFit booster’s safety features are notably reliable. With integrated lap belt guides and a shoulder belt clip, the booster ensures the vehicle seat belts are positioned correctly across your child’s body. Its contoured ErgoBoost seat and double foam padding don’t just add comfort—they provide the necessary support for a secure ride.

How does the Chicco GoFit Booster compare in terms of comfort to other booster seats on the market?

In comparison to other seats we’ve encountered on the market, the GoFit stands out for comfort. The ergonomically designed seat coupled with double foam padding makes for a comfortable journey, even during longer rides. Additionally, the armrest covers are not only soft but also removable and machine washable, which is a plus for maintaining comfort over time.

At what age or stage is a child ready to transition to using the Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Car Seat?

Our experience suggests that typically, children are ready to transition to the GoFit Plus Booster when they fall within the weight range of 40 to 110 pounds and have a standing height between 38 and 57 inches. This usually corresponds to children who are at least four years old and have outgrown their forward-facing car seat.

Can you provide a step-by-step guide for safely installing the Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Car Seat?

Sure, here’s a simple installation guide:

  1. Place the booster on the vehicle seat.
  2. Have your child sit on the booster and position the lap belt using the integrated guides.
  3. Ensure the shoulder belt passes through the shoulder belt clip. Adjust the clip to fit your child’s height.
  4. Check that both belts lay flat and snugly across your child’s lap and chest.
  5. Verify that the vehicle seat belt locks properly.

Following these steps will help ensure the booster is used safely each time.

How do the Chicco GoFit and GoFit Plus models differ in their specifications and which should I choose?

The GoFit and GoFit Plus models share many features, such as the contour design and foam padding. However, the GoFit Plus has an additional layer of convenience with a quick-release LATCH system for added stability. Choosing between them depends on whether you prefer the added security and ease of the LATCH system (GoFit Plus) or the simplicity of a regular booster that’s easier to switch between cars (GoFit).

What are the latest safety ratings for the Chicco GoFit backless booster car seat, and how does it compare to competitors?

The GoFit booster consistently receives high safety ratings, including being rated a “Best Bet” by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), which is an endorsement of its effective lap and shoulder belt positioning. When compared to competitors, we’ve noted that the GoFit matches up well, maintaining its position as a top-tier choice due to its focus on safety and comfort.

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