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Evenflo Revolve360 Extend Review

Evenflo Revolve360 Extend Rotating Car Seat Review
The Evenflo Revolve360 Extend stands out for its 360-degree rotation feature, simplifying the process of securing and removing your child. It’s adaptable, growing with your child from rear-facing to forward-facing, and finally to a booster seat for kids up to 120 pounds. The seat’s easy-to-clean, zip-off cover is a significant advantage for handling messes. Importantly, it meets rigorous safety standards, providing reassurance beyond its convenience.

As parents, we’re always on the lookout for car seats that combine safety, comfort, and convenience. The Evenflo Revolve360 Extend fits the bill, making the daily task of getting little ones in and out of the car much simpler. What caught our attention with the Revolve Extend is its ability to rotate 360 degrees with one hand – a feature that comes in handy when juggling a busy schedule and an active toddler.

After giving it a try, we appreciated how it’s designed to stay in your car as your child grows, transitioning from rear-facing to forward-facing, and then to a booster seat for kids up to 120 pounds. The car seat’s zip-off cover is a breeze to clean – a relief for when inevitable messes happen. It’s reassuring to know that this seat isn’t just about ease of use; it has been rigorously tested for safety, ensuring it exceeds federal standards.

Bottom Line

The Evenflo Revolve360 Extend is a smart investment for long-term use with its adaptable design and focus on safety and comfort.

Considering how it streamlines the daily routine with its innovative swivel feature and washable covers, we’re confident in recommending this car seat to fellow parents.

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Evenflo Revolve360 Extend All-In-One Rotational Car Seat Overview

Handling a car seat can be a hassle, but our experience with the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend suggests otherwise. Known for its convenience, this car seat allows extended rear-facing use—up to 50 lbs, aligning with the latest safety guidelines.

What we appreciate most is the 360-degree rotation feature. It’s a back-saver when securing our little one in place, requiring minimal effort, and it avoids the awkward angles often associated with car seat installation. The adaptability over 10 years is impressive; it transitions from rear-facing to forward-facing and then to a booster seat as your child grows.

The installation is a breeze; the Sure360 Safety Installation System ensures the seat is secure, whether you use Latch or the seat belt. Washing hassles are eased with the Quick Clean Cover, which is painless to remove and wash—something we find vital for messy adventures.

Comfort isn’t sacrificed either. The seat reclines smoothly for on-the-go adjustments, which means no waking a sleeping baby for seat angle tweaks. It’s clear that Evenflo has put thought into the design, focusing on safety without neglecting ease of use and comfort. However, while it’s a fantastic seat, the cost can be a bit steep, especially if ever found lower post-purchase—something that irked one of the reviewers. Overall, our testing concludes that this car seat brings together safety, longevity, and convenience, serving as a solid choice for those looking to make a long-term investment in their child’s traveling safety.

Key Product Features

Extended Rear-Facing Capability

Our experience with this car seat’s extended rear-facing capability was quite notable. It’s heartening to see that it allows children to ride rear-facing up to 50 pounds, aligning with expert safety recommendations. This feature offers peace of mind, knowing that our little ones can stay in the safest possible position for a prolonged period.

Innovative 360° Rotation

The innovative Función de rotación de 360° of this car seat is a standout, transforming how we interact with the seat daily. It’s exceptionally convenient to swivel the seat towards the door, secure our child, and then rotate them back into the driving position. This design minimizes the strain of placing a child in the car, especially in tight parking spaces.

10-Year Growth Adaptability

We were impressed by the 10-year growth adaptability of this car seat. It adapts seamlessly through three modes: rear-facing, forward-facing, and a high-back booster, catering to a child’s needs from 4 to 120 pounds. Over time, we’ve observed how it adjusts to our growing child, essentially maturing with them through their car seat years.

One-Time Secure Installation

Installing car seats can sometimes be a hassle, but with this car seat’s one-time secure installation feature, it was a breeze. We installed it just once, and it remained sturdy and unmoved, thanks to its reliable installation system. The confidence that comes from knowing the seat is properly and securely fixed is invaluable.

Convenient Quick Clean Cover

Finally, the convenience of the Quick Clean Cover has been appreciated by all of us. It’s uncomplicated to remove and wash, a true timesaver. This aspect is crucial for maintaining a clean, hygienic space for our child, without the seat being out of commission for long.

Overall, our hands-on experience with these key features has demonstrated a balance between innovation, convenience, and safety, making this car seat a noteworthy contender in the market. While nothing is perfect, the drawbacks are minimal when weighed against the thoughtful design and user-centric functionalities this car seat offers.

Safety and Installation

When we first looked into the Evenflo Revolve Extend, we noted its Sure360™ Safety Installation System, which includes the LockStrong™ and Tether360™ features for a one-time, secure installation. We found the seat’s base could be installed just once for both rear and forward-facing positions, a convenience that can’t be understated.

With a child’s safety paramount, we appreciated that this model meets or exceeds all federal safety standards, being tested for side impacts, rollover scenarios, and more. The bead-level indicator also proved useful for ensuring the seat was level quickly, without any guesswork involved.

Regarding installation, getting our little ones in and out of the seat was hassle-free, thanks to the 360° rotation, which is especially handy when your hands are full. The installation process itself was straightforward—Evenflo provides live video support with certified car seat safety technicians, which bolsters confidence that the seat is installed correctly.

The one aspect we feel could be improved is the weight of the seat. Its sturdiness is great for safety but might make it a bit cumbersome if you ever need to move it between vehicles. However, the easy-to-remove Quick Clean Cover was true to its name, making cleanup after messes a simple task.

Evenflo Revolve360 Extend

Comodidad y Diseño

Having recently had the opportunity to use the Revolve Extend, we’ve observed that the comfort it provides to children is top-notch. The seat features a cleverly designed Quick Clean Cover that is not only easy to remove but also a breeze to wash, which is invaluable for those unavoidable spills and crumbs.

Moreover, the thoughtful incorporation of an ergonomic leg rest caters to the comfort of growing children’s legs. This is especially appreciated during longer car rides, where comfort is key to a peaceful journey.

Adjusting the seat for maximum comfort without disturbing a sleeping baby is made possible by the on-the-go recline feature, which is a considerate detail for both parent and child. And when it comes to getting your child in and out of the car, the 360° rotation truly shines, simplifying what can often be a cumbersome process.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some may find the seat’s weight of 29.6 pounds to be on the heavier side, which might be a concern for families who frequently switch the seat between vehicles.

In our experience, this car seat strikes an impressive balance between thoughtful design and comfort, making it a solid choice for parents looking for a long-term solution through different stages of their child’s growth.


After recently trying out the Evenflo Revolve360’s Extend model with the Quick Clean cover, we found numerous advantages that make it stand out as a reliable choice for parents.


The Evenflo Revolve360 Extend offers extended rear-facing usage, holding up to the safety recommendations which allow children to stay rear-facing up to 50 pounds. The 360-degree rotation feature eases the process of getting children in and out of the car, which can be done one-handed—a noteworthy aspect for busy parents.

We appreciate its adaptability across different growth stages of a child; it functions as a rear-facing, forward-facing, and even as a booster seat which caters to children from 4 to 120 pounds. This seat boasts a combination of the Sure360 Safety Installation System, LockStrong, and Tether360, ensuring a secure fit once installed.

Parents will find the Quick Clean cover a big plus. It’s simplifying our lives by being removable and washable, which means keeping the car seat fresh is no longer a chore. The car seat also includes an on-the-go recline adjustment, which adds to the child’s comfort without the need for reinstalling the seat.

During our use, the installation process was straightforward, and, magnificently, the car seat felt secure from the first attempt. We’ve observed that the Revolve360 Extend seems to provide a comfortable experience for the child, even during long car rides.



While we’ve had a mostly positive experience with this Evenflo car seat, there are a few drawbacks worth noting:

  • Pricing: We noticed that the price can fluctuate quite a bit. Some may find it frustrating to see significant price drops shortly after purchase, as was the case for one buyer who observed a $200 decrease.
  • Learning Curve: For new users, the rotational feature, while innovative, can take some getting used to. It’s not immediately intuitive for everyone, which means there could be a brief adjustment period.
  • Peso y tamaño: The car seat is on the bulkier side, which might not be ideal for smaller vehicles or for parents who need to move it frequently between cars.
  • Locked Rotation: A few of us wished for a smoother rotation mechanism. At times, it may require an extra check to ensure it’s securely locked into place after turning.

It’s evident that while the Evenflo Revolve360 car seat has its high points, these cons could influence a buyer’s decision depending on their individual needs and circumstances.

Customer Reviews

After a recent hands-on experience with the Revolve Extend Quick Clean Cover by Evenflo, we’ve gathered insights from various customer feedback to share a more comprehensive overview. A common highlight from the discussions is the ease of installation; many found the built-in latch system to be foolproof, ensuring the equipment remains secure upon first attempt. The 360-degree rotation feature has been particularly praised for its convenience, making the process of getting children in and out of the car seat much simpler.

Some parents have voiced their relief over the safety this car seat provided during accidents, underscoring the peace of mind that comes with its protective design. The adjustability and comfort are also frequently mentioned, with children appearing to enjoy the ride. While the majority sentiment is positive, there was a mention regarding the price, with a customer expressing frustration over a price drop shortly after their purchase.

Overall, the sentiment skews heavily towards satisfaction, with many agreeing they would recommend the Revolve Extend due to its practicality and safety features. It’s a game-changer for many families, and while the price can be a point of contention, the value it provides in terms of ease and protection seems to justify the investment for most.


We found the Evenflo Revolve Extend to be a shining example of innovation in car safety and convenience. Its ease of installation stands out, making it simple to secure the first time around. The 360-degree swivel feature revolutionizes how we put our kids in and get them out, significantly reducing the hassle in everyday use.

While convenience is crucial, safety remains paramount, and this car seat doesn’t disappoint. The peace of mind provided by its safety in the event of an accident, as reported by a user’s real-life experience, can’t be overstated. It’s also comfortable for the child, which is a big plus for longer rides.

On the downside, the disappointment of a sudden price drop after purchase is a valid concern that reminds us of the unpredictability of online shopping.

In weighing the good with the bad, the Evenflo Revolve Extend emerges as a top-notch option for those seeking a reliable and functional car seat. It’s a purchase we feel you’re likely to appreciate for its smart design and the security it offers.

Preguntas frecuentes

When it comes to purchasing a car seat, we understand that safety concerns and installation questions are paramount. Having used the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend ourselves, we’ve gathered and addressed some of the most common inquiries parents like us tend to have.

What safety ratings has the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend achieved?

The Evenflo Revolve360 Extend has met or exceeded all applicable federal safety standards. Specifically, it has been structurally integrity tested at approximately twice the energy levels of the federal crash test standard. Additionally, the seat has undergone rigorous side-impact and rollover testing, as well as temperature testing to ensure reliability under various conditions.

How do I properly install the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend car seat?

We found that installing the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend can be done with relative ease, thanks to the Sure360 Safety Installation System which includes the LockStrong bar and Tether360. These features aid in achieving a secure installation with either the LATCH system or the vehicle’s seat belt. A helpful bead-level indicator is also available for quick leveling. For real-time assistance, Evenflo’s ParentLink customer service provides live video support with certified car seat safety technicians to ensure proper vehicle installation.

Has there been any recall notices for the Evenflo Revolve360?

Based on our latest information, there have been no recall notices for the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend at this time. It is important to register your car seat with Evenflo to stay informed about the most current safety information and potential recalls.

How does the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend perform in crash tests?

The Revolve360 Extend has been tested for safety in various crash scenarios and performs admirably. It is structurally integrity tested at energy levels approximately double those of the federal crash test standard, which provides an added layer of assurance regarding the seat’s ability to protect children during a collision.

What is the maximum height limit for children using the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend?

The seat supports children up to a maximum height of 57 inches. This attribute, combined with the car seat’s adaptability across three modes – rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster – for children from 4 to 120 pounds, offers a long-lasting fit as your child grows.

Between Evenflo and Graco, which brand offers better safety features?

Both Evenflo y Graco are reputable brands with a strong commitment to child safety. In our hands-on experience, the Evenflo Revolve360 Extend’s innovative features like the 360° rotation, LockStrong bar, and Tether360 provide a high level of safety and ease of use. While Graco also offers high-quality safety features, the choice between brands often comes down to specific product offerings and personal preference. It’s advised to review current safety features and ratings of specific models, as they can vary from one seat to another.

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