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Exploring the myriad of baby monitors on the market, we recently spent some time with the Vigilabebés inteligente Nanit Pro. This sleek device comes with a Flex Stand that easily adapts to different environments, allowing us to check in on the little one whether at home or during travel. The compact design and 1080p HD video impressed us, offering crisp, clear views of the baby’s room through the mobile app.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor main image

Our experience with the Nanit was undeniably positive, highlighting both its potential and a few hiccups. The ability to set an Alert Zone to notify us when our child ventured into places they shouldn’t was quite innovative. Night or day, the video quality remained top-notch, and the Flex Stand’s 130° view left no corner unchecked. During our use, the app also offered us insights into the baby’s sleep patterns, which were straightforward and actionable.

However, our experience wasn’t without its challenges. We encountered occasional connectivity issues that interrupted the live feed, and the stand, while flexible, sometimes felt less stable than we would’ve liked. Despite these points, the sound and motion alerts were reliably prompt, and the two-way audio allowed us to soothe our baby with ease.

Bottom Line

Based on our hands-on evaluation, the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is a strong contender in the world of baby monitoring. With its comprehensive features and mobile-friendliness, it’s an excellent tool for keeping a vigilant eye on your baby.

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Meet the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Flex Stand

We’ve recently had the pleasure of using the NanitPro with the Flex Stand, and it’s safe to say that it offers some impressive features for monitoring little ones. Its 1080p HD video and app connectivity ensure you can keep an eye on your baby from wherever you are. The Alert Zone feature is particularly clever, alerting parents if their baby wanders into a space they shouldn’t.

Transitioning from room to room is hassle-free with the Flex Stand, offering a comprehensive 130° view. This flexibility means not a single giggle or wiggle has to be missed, whether your baby is in the crib or having tummy time in the playroom.

What stands out is the attention to smart details: real-time alerts for sound and motion, along with the ability to speak directly to your child through 2-way audio. The monitor even tracks room conditions like temperature and humidity. A unique addition is the Breathing Band, which pairs with the camera to monitor the baby’s breathing with no need for direct contact.

Despite its versatility, the monitor isn’t without minor drawbacks. The Split Screen feature is revolutionary for households with more than one child, but setting it up could be more intuitive. On the security front, the monitor excels with 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring that the family’s privacy remains intact.

In our time with the Nanit Pro, we’ve found it to be a capable monitor that blends mobility, security, and smart technology, making it a worthwhile consideration for parents who value peace of mind and a connected nursery experience.

High-Definition Video Monitoring

We’ve recently had the chance to use the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, and the high-definition video quality really stands out. It’s apparent that being able to see your baby clearly, whether during the day or at night with the night vision, provides a sense of security. The 1080p HD feed streams fluidly to the app, offering crisp and detailed visuals of your child’s sleep and play areas.

While we appreciate the sharp video quality, we did notice a slight delay in the feed, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker. The ability to get sound and motion alerts in real-time added to our peace of mind, as we could hear and talk to the baby with the two-way audio feature.

However, the standout feature for us is the Alert Zone on the Flex Stand, which notifies you if your little one moves into an area they shouldn’t. It’s smart touches like this that make monitoring more intuitive.

In our experience, the biggest drawback has been occasional connectivity issues. These are frustrating, particularly if you’re relying on the camera for overnight monitoring. Moreover, setting up the monitor isn’t as straightforward if you’re moving it frequently or traveling, which can be a hassle for busy families.

In summary, when it works, the Nanit Pro is a fantastic tool for keeping a watchful eye, but it could be more reliable in maintaining a connection, and some may find setup tricky on the go.

Smart Monitoring On the Go

In this day and age, keeping an eye on your little one has become more accessible with devices like the Nanit Pro. We’ve found that the true convenience lies in its portability and the ability to check in on your baby using just an app, regardless of where you are. The Flex Stand, a key component, offers flexibility for parents to monitor their baby whether at grandma’s house or in a hotel room. We appreciated the 130° view it provides, making it easy to see more than just the crib.

Unfortunately, while the camera and app combo is a winner for its real-time sound and motion alerts, some of us experienced frustrating connectivity issues. Despite boasting a great camera system, these occasional disconnects can be quite inconvenient and undermine the sense of security.

On a positive note, the ability to monitor your baby’s breathing without the need for physical sensors is a game-changer for anxiety-prone parents. The Breathing Band, coupled with the camera, tracks even subtle movements.

Honestly, though, the technical complexities can be a pain. We noticed that setting up the camera at a new location comes with a needless hassle, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

All said, the Nanit Pro offers a sophisticated system that does reassure us of our baby’s safety through visual and audio features, although the experience may sometimes be marred by connectivity and configuration issues.

Innovative Breathing Motion Tracking

Recently, we got our hands on the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, and our experience has truly highlighted some of the tech’s impressive capabilities. Particularly worth mentioning is the Breathing Motion Tracking that the Nanit Pro offers, a feature that stands out for its sensor-free design.

Using a custom pattern on the accompanying Breathing Wear, the Pro Camera detects your baby’s breathing motions. It is quite ingenious how it works without any physical contact with your baby, which provides some peace of mind knowing there are no wearable sensors involved. During our tests, we found this function to be accurate, even when the baby was in different sleep positions, and felt reassured by the real-time insights it offered.

It’s not just about the sensor-free convenience, though. The system sends timely alerts in case of irregularities, which is invaluable for overnight monitoring. However, accuracy can occasionally vary depending on the positioning of the camera and the baby’s movement. This is expected with most motion-tracking technologies and should be considered when setting up the monitor.

Overall, this feature is a stride forward in smart baby monitoring, delivering both safety and ease of use, which we appreciate when it comes to caring for little ones.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

In our experience with the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, the sense of security it provides cannot be overstated. The device employs 256-bit AES encryption, which is a high standard for data protection, ensuring that the live feed of our little ones and their precious moments remain private and secure. The ability to safely add multiple users gives us the flexibility to control who can view the baby’s live feed, which is especially helpful for extended family who might want to check in.

The Alert Zone feature is quite innovative. It allows us to establish boundaries within the camera’s view, and get notifications if our baby enters an area we’ve marked as off-limits. This function reassures us that we’ll be alerted if there’s ever a concern about our child’s movements or if they’re exploring areas they shouldn’t be.

It’s not just about the technical aspects, though. The fact that there are no wearable sensors needed for the breathing motion tracking is a huge plus. We’re able to monitor our baby’s breathing without attaching any device to them, making it a non-intrusive experience for our baby and less stressful for us as parents.

However, some might find the camera setup and network configuration challenging, particularly if you travel often and need to reconnect the device to different networks. It may take time to get used to the system, but once it’s up and running, the peace of mind it affords is invaluable. Despite occasional reports of camera disconnects, our overall impression is that the Nanit Pro offers reliability and reassurance when it’s functioning properly.

Pros y contras

When we got our hands on the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, we were immediately impressed by the high-quality video feed. The 1080p HD camera not only provided a clear view but the Flex Stand made it versatile for different room setups.



Overall, while the Nanit Pro smart monitor brought some genuinely useful features to the table, like its high-quality video and advanced monitoring technology, it’s not without its hiccups, mainly concerning connectivity and initial setup hiccups.

Real Parent Reviews

As reviewers, we’ve spent ample time with the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor to provide you with a well-rounded perspective of its real-world use. Parents often commend the monitor’s picture and sound quality, highlighting how the two-way audio feature is particularly useful for soothing or speaking to their baby from a different room.

However, some have noted a slight delay in the video feed and occasional connectivity issues, which are concerning when monitoring newborns. Parents praise its comprehensive sleep stats feature, saying it’s quite helpful for tracking their baby’s sleep patterns.

Ease of configuration appears to be a sticking point for some users, with reports that setting up the Nanit can be a bit onerous, especially for those who travel frequently. This inconvenience can be a real pain point since reliable monitoring is imperative.

Interestingly, certain users have reported superb experiences with customer service, while others felt responses were slow in resolving their issues. There’s also been some confusion regarding the included subscription of insights, with some parents disappointed upon learning additional purchases were required.

The Flex Stand is a subject of divide; many like the convenience it offers for placement, while others find it too flimsy. We also encountered feedback on received items that seemed pre-used, which affects the overall satisfaction with such a premium product. In sum, the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor has its share of proponents and critics, making it essential to weigh these experiences before making your choice.

Pensamientos finales

Having spent time with the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, we’ve observed both its strengths and some concerns. The high-quality camera and sound, alongside the monitor’s ability to provide detailed stats on babies’ sleep patterns, are commendable features. Being able to communicate through its 2-way audio system adds a layer of comfort and convenience for us as users.

However, the monitor isn’t without its shortcomings. We’ve noticed occasional problemas de conectividad which can be quite frustrating, as it undermines the reliability of the system when you need it the most. Also, setting up the product, especially for families on the go, has proven to be less than straightforward at times.

For parents looking for peace of mind and sleep tracking, the Nanit does deliver when it’s functioning correctly. The support team has shown responsiveness in some cases, but some of us found dealing with customer service to be slower than ideal. Overall, our experience suggests that the Nanit Pro is a mixed bag – offering advanced monitoring capabilities but also posing potential hassles due to technical glitches and customer service hiccups.

Preguntas frecuentes

When it comes to keeping an eye on our little ones, we’ve encountered a range of queries regarding the Nanit Pro. Let’s address some common curiosities about this high-tech baby monitor and what sets it apart from its predecessor and competitors.

What are the key differences between the Nanit Pro and the original Nanit baby monitor?

Upgrading to the Nanit Pro from the original Nanit model means benefitting from several enhancements. Notably, the Pro version boasts a higher resolution camera of 1080p HD, providing clearer video quality for us to monitor our babies. Additionally, the Pro has improved its user permissions, granting us more control over who can view the live feed, and features advanced sleep tracking capabilities that give us a comprehensive insight into our baby’s sleep patterns.

How does the Nanit Pro monitor infant breathing and is it reliable?

The Nanit Pro employs a unique pattern on the provided Breathing Wear, allowing the camera to detect the rise and fall of our baby’s chest. This sensor-free technology seems to be quite reliable in our experience, without the need for additional gadgets that could potentially cause discomfort to our little one during sleep.

In what ways does the Nanit Flex Stand enhance the usage of the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor?

The Flex Stand offers us versatility and convenience. We can easily transport the camera from room to room or even to other locations, providing a consistent monitoring experience. The stand’s 130° view ensures that we can set it up in various environments, like play areas or at a caregiver’s house, and still keep a watchful eye on our child.

What improvements have been made in the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor’s video and sound quality over previous models?

With the Pro model, we’ve noticed a leap in video and sound clarity compared to older versions. The 1080p video delivers a crisp image, even in night vision mode. The two-way audio feature is also more refined, making interactions with our baby through the monitor smoother and clearer.

How does the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor integrate with mobile devices and what features does the companion app offer?

Integration with mobile devices is seamless for the Nanit Pro. Compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Echo Show devices, it’s convenient for us to check in on our baby from virtually anywhere. The companion app adds value by offering real-time sound and motion alerts, temperature and humidity readings, and the capacity to manage multiple users and permissions.

Are there any recurring costs associated with using the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, such as subscription fees?

The Nanit Pro monitor does tie in with the Nanit Insights service, which is a subscription-based analytics platform that provides in-depth sleep tracking and analysis. Although the monitor comes with a free trial of Nanit Insights, continued access to certain features will require a subscription after the trial period. It’s up to us if these additional insights warrant the recurring costs.

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