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As parents, we all want to ensure that our little ones are safe and sound, whether it’s during naptime or through the night. We recently had the chance to try out the eufy Security SpaceView Pro, a video baby monitor designed to deliver peace of mind with its sharp image quality and large screen.

The unit prompted an appreciation for the little details that make parenting slightly easier, like the ability to see clearly with a 720p resolution. The monitor’s 5-inch display offers an expansive view of our baby’s surroundings, and the long-lasting battery ensures you can keep an eye on your child without frequent recharging. Importantly, clear night vision is a standout, reassuring us with visibility during those midnight wake-ups.

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The SpaceView Pro’s ability to pan and tilt across the room was also a highlight, allowing us to monitor every corner without disturbing our baby. However, we did notice that while the screen brightness and clarity were satisfactory, some parents might expect a higher resolution given the advancements in screen technology.

Bottom Line

The eufy Security SpaceView Pro is a video baby monitor that balances essential features with ease of use.

While it may not be the perfect fit for everyone due to the 720p limitation and lack of a wide-angle lens, its reliable performance and user-friendly interface still earn it a solid place in the nursery.

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Overview of the Eufy Security SpaceView Pro Video Baby Monitor

Having recently used the Eufy Security SpaceView Pro, it’s clear that this device offers clear visual monitoring for parents who want to keep an eye on their children. Its 5-inch screen provides a substantial view into the nursery, and its 720p video resolution is sharp enough for us to notice even the smallest of details. The camera’s ability to pan and tilt is impressive, covering every corner of the room, which is crucial when you’re trying to monitor an active baby.

One standout feature is the long battery life. We were able to use the monitor for up to 30 hours on default settings before needing a recharge, which is a relief for any parent not wanting to frequently worry about battery levels. And for those middle-of-the-night check-ins, the night vision capability proved to be clear and effective, ensuring we could see our baby without any issues.

However, if you’re someone who prefers their devices to have a constant display, you might be disappointed that the screen is designed to turn off to save power. And while our experience with customer service was positive, some users have indicated dissatisfaction with the product, so experiences might vary.

We did notice the absence of a wide-angle lens, which could limit the view for some users. But overall, the SpaceView Pro serves its purpose well for everyday baby monitoring, with a reliable and user-friendly interface that doesn’t require a connection to an app.

High-Resolution Monitoring

In our quest for a reliable baby monitor, crisp, clear video quality is non-negotiable. While we’re often drawn to the concept of high-resolution monitoring, it’s pivotal to address that not all monitors are created equal. After spending some time with the SpaceView Pro, the 720p resolution offers a satisfactory visual experience. Night vision capabilities are certainly a standout feature, ensuring peace of mind when the lights are off and subtle movements need to be detected.

However, it’s worth mentioning, the clarity isn’t unparalleled. If you’re transitioning from a monitor known for its superior image quality, like the top-tier infant optics, you might notice the difference. Although the resolution doesn’t break new grounds, it does the job expected from a mid-range baby monitor. The automatic screen shutoff feature aims to save battery life, but it may be a slight inconvenience for those who prefer a constantly active display. On the brighter side, feedback highlights that the SpaceView Pro has been performing well in the practical setting, living up to a decent rank within this category.

Extended Battery Life

When you’re trusting a device to keep an eye on your little one, battery life becomes crucial. Our time with the SpaceView Pro proved that it can keep going even during those long nights. This monitor doesn’t require constant recharging, which gives you one less thing to worry about. However, we did notice that the screen doesn’t stay on perpetually by default, as it will shut off to conserve battery. This feature can be a double-edged sword; while it extends the time between charges, it may interrupt your constant view of the baby.

From a day-to-day usage standpoint, the longevity of the battery adds a layer of reliability to the SpaceView Pro. It’s nice not having to hunt for an outlet every few hours. Still, it’s essential to be aware of the settings you’re using since they impact battery life. For instance, higher video brightness or higher volume on the lullaby player might drain the battery faster.

All in all, the SpaceView Pro holds up well in the battery department, keeping it simple for us parents who just want a monitor that works without fussing over it too often.

Whole-Room Coverage and Night Vision

Having recently had hands-on experience with the SpaceView Pro, we were quite impressed with its ability to provide comprehensive room coverage. The monitor allowed us to pan and tilt the camera seamlessly, ensuring no corner was out of sight. While we didn’t have the wide-angle lens, the standard lens still offered a sufficient view of the nursery.

As for its night vision capability, it was sharp and clear. Nighttime checkups became less of a chore when we could glance at the monitor and see everything crisply—even in a pitch-black room. This feature proved to be indispensable for those late hours when you want to make sure everything’s okay without disturbing the baby’s sleep.

However, one should be aware that the screen might not stay on throughout the night, as it’s designed to shut off to conserve battery life. While this wasn’t a dealbreaker for us, it’s definitely something to consider based on your personal monitoring preferences. Overall, despite a few quirks, the SpaceView Pro holds up well for parents or caregivers who prioritize room coverage and night vision clarity.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to keeping an eye on your little one, we found that the SpaceView Pro offers a range of features that can really bring peace of mind to parents. Our experience with it highlighted both its strengths and where it could be improved.



Despite its drawbacks, the SpaceView Pro is a capable device that meets most parenting needs. Whether it could be the right one for you depends on your specific preferences and how much those cons may affect your daily use.

Customer Reviews

From our experience with the SpaceView Pro, it’s clear this baby monitor has both fans and critics. It boasts a convenient 5″ screen and includes features like two-way audio, night vision, and a lullaby player—none of which require an app to function.

Many users have found the 720p video quality to be sufficient for monitoring their little ones. We appreciate that it’s designed to pan and tilt, offering a comprehensive view without the need for a wide-angle lens. The lack of app reliance is a bonus for those wary of security concerns associated with Wi-Fi monitors.

On the downside, some parents were expecting more from SpaceView Pro and were let down by aspects of its performance. Critiques include the screen’s inability to stay on constantly and the overall disappointment in what was thought to be a top contender in the market. In contrast, we’ve seen customers who compared it favorably to previous monitors they’ve used, citing its stability and quality.

Customer service seems responsive based on accounts of a speedy replacement following reported issues. It goes a long way in balancing out the mixed feelings some have had about the product.

Overall, while it may not be the perfect choice for everyone, the SpaceView Pro is a solid option for parents who value a dedicated monitor that prioritizes security and core functionalities.

Ease of Use

In navigating the SpaceView Pro, we were immediately impressed with its straightforward setup. Right out of the box, this video baby monitor is intuitive—no need for intricate instructions or fumbling through a multi-step process. The 5″ screen offers clear visuals, and with 720p resolution, it’s more than adequate for keeping a watchful eye on the little one.

The monitor’s pan and tilt functionality didn’t disappoint, giving us a full view of the nursery without the need for additional lens purchases. Without an app requirement, it’s a plug-and-play device that prevents any potential tech headaches.

However, we noticed some hiccups. The screen doesn’t stay on constantly, which can be a bit inconvenient, though this feature might be designed to save battery life. Also, if customer service is a consideration for you, it appears that responses from eufy are prompt and helpful.

Overall, while there are some areas that could be improved, the ease of use for the SpaceView Pro is commendable, making it a strong contender for parents who value simplicity and effectiveness.


In our experience, the SpaceView Pro offers a solid balance of functionality and reliability for those in search of a video baby monitor. While it lacks the ability to connect to an app, this could be seen as a plus for users prioritizing privacy and a straightforward user experience. The large 5″ display provides clear 720p video quality, with pan and tilt features allowing for a comprehensive view of the baby’s room, although without the included wide-angle lens.

The night vision capability ensures visibility in low light, and the two-way audio allows for soothing communication with your little one. We’ve found the monitor straightforward to use, with additional features like the lullaby player adding a nice touch to the overall package.

However, for those accustomed to the crystal clear image of more high-end monitors or expecting flawless performance, there might be a hint of disappointment. The auto-off screen feature, aimed at saving battery, could be bothersome for some who prefer a constantly-on display.

We’ve noted the responsiveness of eufy’s customer service, addressing issues promptly, which is certainly commendable and an important consideration for any purchase. But if you’re weighing this option against others, be aware that the SpaceView Pro may not outshine its competitors in every aspect. Despite this, it stands as a competent choice, especially for those seeking a no-fuss, app-free monitoring option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the waters of parenthood comes with numerous challenges, one of which includes finding the right gadgets to ensure our little ones are well-monitored and safe. After spending some quality time bonding with the Eufy SpaceView Pro, we’ve gathered a handful of frequently asked questions that should give you more insight into this piece of baby-monitoring tech.

What are the upgraded features of the Eufy SpaceView Pro compared to the Eufy SpaceView?

From our experience with the SpaceView Pro, it’s evident that Eufy has listened to user feedback. The Pro version stands out from its predecessor with:

How does the Eufy SpaceView Pro Baby Monitor’s range compare to other baby monitors?

In terms of range, the SpaceView Pro holds its own against competitors. It’s been robust throughout various household layouts, granting us:

Can the Eufy SpaceView Pro be used without wires, and if so, what are its battery life capabilities?

Certainly, it’s designed for wireless use. On battery life, we’ve found that:

Are there any known issues with the SpaceView Pro’s firmware updates that parents should be aware of?

In our experience:

How does the video and audio quality of the Eufy SpaceView Pro monitor compare to its predecessor?

The upgrade is notable:

What are the advantages of choosing the Eufy SpaceView Pro over the Eufy Baby Monitor 2?

Selecting the SpaceView Pro offers distinct advantages:

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