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Graco Enhance Baby Car Seat 2023 Review

Graco Enhance Baby car seat
Combining safety, longevity, and comfort, the Graco Enhance car seat is ideal for parents looking for a car seat that can be used until your child transitions to a booster seat. Its top-notch safety features, including the steel-reinforced frame and Side Impact Protection system, place a strong emphasis on the child’s safety on any ride.


In a growing family where the need for long-lasting baby gear is essential, a versatile car seat is more than just a necessity—it’s an investment. Enter the Graco Enhance car seat, a model that caters to your child from birth to approximately 7 years of age. This car seat, offering both rear and forward-facing options, is designed to grow with your child while providing safety and comfort. But is it the right fit for your family’s needs and your vehicle? Let’s explore its features in this in-depth review of the Graco Enhance Baby Car Seat to find out!


The Graco Enhance is a versatile car seat designed for long-term use from birth up to approximately 7 years of age (0-25kg). It offers the option of both rear and forward-facing travel, with the  rear-facing position usable until your child reaches about 4 years. Equipped with a no-rethread harness, this seat ensures easy adjustments as your child grows, while the steel-reinforced frame and Side Impact Protection provide additional safety. Despite its larger size may not suit smaller cars, and its well-known difficult installation, its overall design offers a comfortable and safe journey for your child. The seat features multiple recline positions, soft and padded materials for comfort, and washable upholstery for easy cleaning, making it a worthy convertible baby car seat to consider.

Graco Enhance Baby car seat

Installation and Ease of Use

The lack of ISOFIX feature means the Graco Enhance car seat’s installation will involve fastening the seat using the car’s seat belts, which can take a bit of time for first-time users. Even many users have said about the difficulty in correctly buckling up the seat. However, the included instructions provide a step-by-step guide to set it up for both rearward and forward-facing travel that is easy to follow, although it may take some learning curves to get used to it. 

The removable insert for smaller children is also easy to put in and remove, providing an adaptable seating option as your child grows.

What we also like is the no-rethread harness that can be easily adjusted in conjunction with the headrest, avoiding the need to disassemble or rethread the harness as your child grows. Furthermore, the seat’s belts also feature a double locking system for added stability, further ensuring your child’s safety. You can also remove the cover for easy cleaning

Safety Features

The Graco Enhance car seat places a strong emphasis on safety. The first significant feature is its steel-reinforced frame. This provides an extra layer of protection, helping to secure your child in the event of a collision, while also adding durability to keep it in optimal condition for years. 

Another key safety feature is the seat’s Side Impact Protection system. This system is designed to shield your child, specifically protecting their head in case of side-impact collisions. 

Lastly, the Graco Enhance car seat is designed to allow rear-facing travel from birth to approximately four years old, which is considered to be five times safer than forward-forward facing position for infants, especially in a frontal collision. There’s a 5-point harness for a forward-facing position.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Apart from the safety, comfort is what separates this Graco Enhance car seat from the rest. You’ll notice its premium looks from the first glance, with its plush, soft-to-touch upholstery material that’s comfortable and skin-friendly for little ones. The seat belt is also padded to protect potential abrasion or accidental knock on your baby’s body. All of these combined make it an excellent choice for families who are frequently going on long car trips. 

The seat comes with a special reduction insert for smaller children, and can be removed when your child grows. The adjustable headrest also easily suits your child’s growing years – or if it’s reused for the younger sibling. And with a total of four recline positions— one rearward and three forward— there’s plenty of options to suit your child’s preferences, including for when he or she wants to nap comfortably. 

Pros and Cons


  • Extended usability: With a weight limit of 25kg, this car seat is suitable from birth up to approximately 7 years, offering good value for money.
  • Rearward facing for longer: The seat allows for rearward-facing travel from birth until approximately 4 years (or 18kg), which is a safer position, especially for younger children.
  • No-rethread harness: The no-rethread harness allows easy adjustment of both the harness and headrest as your child grows, ensuring proper security at all times.
  • Multiple recline positions: With 4 recline positions (1 rearward, 3 forward), the car seat offers various comfort settings for your child.
  • Enhanced safety features: Side Impact Protection, a steel-reinforced frame, and a secure double locking system provide robust protection.
  • Comfort: The padded seat belts and soft materials are very comfortable to seat on.
  • Suitability for infants: Includes a special reduction insert for smaller children, which can be removed as the child grows.


  • Not ideal for small cars: Given bulky its size, this car seat may not fit comfortably in smaller vehicles, limiting your ability to recline the front seats.
  • Lack of ISOFIX: This may be a disadvantage for those preferring ISOFIX installation, which is known to be more secure and a lot easier to install
  • Installation learning curve: Some users reported difficulties in initial setup and figuring out the correct buckling system, indicating a potentially steep learning curve.
  • Weight: The seat weighs 8.95kg, which may make it difficult to move frequently between vehicles or use as part of a travel system.
  • Absence of rotation feature: The car seat lacks a rotation function, which some parents find convenient for getting their child in and out of the car.
  • No sun hood: The seat does not include a sun hood, which could be a drawback in sunny conditions.

Verdict: Who Is It Suitable For

Combining safety, longevity, and comfort, the Graco Enhance car seat is ideal for parents looking for a car seat that can be used until your child transitions to a booster seat. Its top-notch safety features, including the steel-reinforced frame and Side Impact Protection system, place a strong emphasis on the child’s safety on any ride.

However, it’s worth noting that the Graco Enhance may not be the best fit for everyone. Its bulky size may not work for smaller vehicles, and its installation, which lacks an ISOFIX feature, make it slightly more difficult to install. Nonetheless, if you have a larger car and are okay with the seat belt’s installation, the Graco Enhance could be a perfect choice. It’s also very comfortable to sit on, featuring plush material and multiple recline positions that make any long car journey a pleasant trip for your little one. 

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