How to Store Baby Bottles – 7 Awesome Storage Ideas!

Whether you’re pumping or formula feeding, with bottle feeding comes a tonne of baby bottles and accessories that can quickly take over your household. Unlike cute baby clothes, nappies and baby toys, bottles can’t easily be tucked away neatly in your home.

They take up a lot of space and it can sometimes be tricky to find the best location to store them. Fortunately, there are some fantastic and creative baby bottle storage ideas out there to help you calm the baby bottle storm that is taking president in your house!

Where do I begin with organising my baby’s bottles?

Before you begin to declutter and organise your baby’s bottles in a creative way, you should look to pull out all the bottles and feeding accessories you have and throw away any that look cracked or damaged.

This will help you free up space and ensure you’re not holding on to any old bottles that can potentially cause your baby harm through injury or bacteria.

Once you’ve sorted out all your bottles and feeding accessories it’s time to organise!

Its also handy to bare in mind that you will likely be sterilising your bottles before storing them so having a suitable method is key to keeping them clean.

Group together similar items

If you want to organise all your feeding supplies effectively, we recommend grouping all similar items together.

You may want to consider storing bottles separately to their accessories (storing teats away from the main bottle) or you might prefer to store bottles as one together.

Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure it makes sense for you and the space you’re working with.

Consider how you want to store your bottles

Once you’ve organised your feeding items and you’ve grouped them together, you can start deciding how you’d like to store them. Will you opt for bottles in a cupboard? Or will you look to repurpose old household items?

From shower caddies to rolling carts, parents of the internet have been finding some extremely savvy and creative ways to store the sheer volume of feeding accessories that come with having a newborn baby.

Let’s have a look below!

how to store baby bottles

A shower caddy

That’s right! One hardworking mum from Texas came up with this amazing idea to help save space in her kitchen.

Brooke McDaniel turned the humble shower caddy into an amazing space-saving bottle rack.

Using Command hanging strips to attach it to the inside of her cupboard and a cheap shower caddy like this one from Amazon, she was able to create a bottle rack that doubled up with dummy storage!

how to store baby bottles

Kitchen Trolley

Many parents we know have used a kitchen trolley to help store all their baby bottles and feeding essentials.

This versatile cart can be picked up from Ikea for £29 or a similar style kitchen trolly from Amazon for around the same price makes for the perfect storage unit to store all your bottles in.

It’s compact enough that it won’t take up too much space in your kitchen or baby’s nursery and has wheels so you can move it from room to room.

It comes in a variety of colours too, so you can be sure there is something to suit your interior style.

how to store baby bottles

Plastic drawers

Plastic drawers offer a cost-effective solution to organising. From baby toys to bottles, you can’t go wrong with a set of plastic drawers when you want to add organisation to your life.

Your baby won’t be using bottles forever, so if you want to save the pennies this is a brilliant idea.

Many plastic drawer units come with wheels, so you can move from room to room when you need to, alternatively opt for a counter-top plastic drawer solution that can tuck neatly away on your kitchen worktop or chest of drawers in baby’s nursery.

how to store baby bottles

Over the door shoe organiser

Similar to the shower caddy idea, an over the door shoe organiser offers a creative space-saving solution for organising all those baby bottles.

Depending on the size of the bottles, you can store multiple per segment and use other segments for things like Colic medicine, muslin cloths, teats, and dummies.

The great thing about this idea is that it doesn’t take up any counter or cupboard space making it a perfect solution for those who live in apartments or are limited on space.

how to store baby bottles

Drawer Insert

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare drawer in your kitchen, you can use drawer organisers as a great way to organise your baby’s bottles and feeding accessories.

There are many available online and on the high street for you to use, and if you have deep drawers, you can stack boxes on top of one another too!

Amazon have a 16 pack available, which is perfect for multiple drawers.

how to store baby bottles

Bottle Steriliser

While this might not fall under storage solutions, sterilisers are a great way to store your baby’s bottles.

Simply leave them in the steriliser after cleaning and keep them in until you’re ready to feed your baby again.

Many containers can hold multiple bottles, so it can be an easy way to keep bottles out of cupboards and drawers, all while keeping them sterile!

A great starter kit is the Tommee Tippee complete feeding set.

Drying rack

A drying rack or mug tree can be a great way to store and dry your bottles and keep them organised. It offers a great space-saving solution because of its upright design and can hold many bottles, depending on the design!

Final thoughts

Storage is the one thing you know you’ll always need with a baby, so choose something practical that will allow you multiple uses.

There are plenty of great, innovative ways to store your baby’s bottles and feeding accessories including repurposing many household items like the humble shower caddy or shoe rack.

Whichever way you choose to store your baby’s bottles, always remember to clean, and sterilise them thoroughly – you don’t want your baby getting sick from bacteria that may be harbouring in their bottles!

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