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joe wick: wean in 15

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Joe Wicks lean in 15 was a best-selling book of 2015, selling over 900,000 copies. This promoted Joe, after the birth of his daughter, to recreate this play on words book and tailor it to weaning babies.

He wrote the book with the help of nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed who specialises in infant nutrition. The book throws in lots of helpful tips and trick to help your baby with eating new foods as well as introducing them to new and different flavours it also includes stories from Joe about his journey with his daughter, Indie.

The book includes over one hundred quick and easy to put together recipes with up-to-date advise, not of this outdated, old and regurgitated information.


The front cover of this book depictures Joe Wicks himself with his daughter Indie both smiling in front of a range of food the front cover also has a badge stating the advice is up to date and one hundred quick recipes. The book includes lots of pictures of Indie and even a few of Joe as a baby himself and a few of Rosie, Joe’s wife. The book is just over sixteen centimetres wide and twenty one centimetres tall making it the perfect size for carrying around if you need to move your cooking to another location.


One of the best bits regarding this book as opposed to other children’s weaning books as that Joe Wicks includes easy to find and commonly used ingredients. Some children’s cookbooks can use very obscure and difficult to find ingredients which can make the recipes unrealistic for new families. The book is also laid out in a very easy to follow way with lots of fun and lovely-to-look-at photos scattered throughout the book.


We would say that the largest downside to this cookbook, which is also voiced by a large amount of reviews, is that the recipes in this book can take thirty to sixty minutes, unlike that name of the book suggests, fifteen minutes. A lot of people also commented that they found the tone of voice of the writing to be quite ‘judgey’ and with new mothers, the last thing they want to feel if judged.

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