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korbell nappy bin

Korbell nappy bin

Why you should buy this product?


The Korbell nappy bin is available in three different sizes, with the middle size available in four different colours.

We are reviewing the largest of the options available the Korbell Plus.

This bin is only available in pure white, but this is fine as white can fit in any bathroom or baby changing room.

It has a capacity of 26L which means it can hold up to 65 nappies at full capacity! This is the largest we have seen out of any of the nappy bins.

A pack of three bin liners that are suitable for korbell plus is prices around £22, which is much more expensive than other competitors but these bin lines will hold around 580 nappies each so you can expect each liner to last around 10-12 weeks.

The bin also incorporates a safety lock to protect from toddlers wandering hands from emptying it all out and making a mess.

The Best Deal

The best deal that we could find for the Korbell nappy bin plus was the Bin which included 4 bin liners with it which should cover you for up to a whole year!

This deal was found on Amazon at £59.99 (price may be subject to change) You can check out this deal by clicking the button below.

Instructions on how to use

  1. Change babies bum
  2. Fold dirty nappy away
  3. Use the foot pedal to open the lid
  4. Place the nappy in the bin
  5. Place child lock on
  6. Remove foot and allow lid to close.
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korbell nappy bin


How to replace the bin liner on the Korbell Bin:

The Korbell nappy bin uses bin liners rather than cartridges but they work pretty much the same way. You load the bin liner in and pull it down into the middle. Following this tie a knot into the bag and its ready to fill.

Once filled, simply open the front door of the bin, and using the built-in cutter, cut the bin with enough slack to tie the top and remove.

Tie a knot into the hanging part of the liner and its ready to fill once more.


  • Touch free design: This bin is opened via a foot pedal so it allows you the use of an extra hand when opening and closing. This is particularly helpful when trying to juggle a baby as use a bin at the same time.
  • Safety Lock: The bin offers a child safety lock which ensures that no wandering hands can get inside and remove the contents, this makes it a great option if you have toddlers.

  • Available in 3 sizes: Although we have reviewed the Korbell nappy bin plus, this bin is also available in 2 other sizes, a 9L and a 15L so there’s one to suit every space.

  • Huge Storage Capacity: Korbell Plus has really outdone itself with reducing trips to the bin.

    This bin can hold up to 65 dirty nappies at one time giving a huge saving in bin trips.  

    Just be aware that 65 dirty nappies can be heavy!


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