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My Carry Potty Review… here we go!

Compact and lightweight, easy to carry -also for your little one- and leakproof make this an excellent choice for travel potty. Super engaging designs and loads of different styles to suit your toddler’s preference make this our number 1 pick for best travel potty in the UK. Our little Amaia loved it… keep reading our full My Carry Potty review to find out why we did too!

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Pros and Cons at a Glanze


  1. Portability: The My Carry Potty is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around when you’re out and about with your toddler. This makes it ideal for travel, trips to the park, or any situation where a traditional bathroom may not be readily available.
  2. Attractive Design: The ladybug design is fun and appealing to children, making the potty training process more enjoyable for them. The design can also make the potty seem less intimidating to a child, making them more willing to use it.
  3. Easy to Clean: The My Carry Potty is made of plastic and is easy to clean and sanitize. This is a crucial feature for any potty training tool, as cleanliness and hygiene are important factors in the potty training process.
  4. Leak-proof design: My Carry Potty also features a completely sealed design when shut. This prevents any mess or smell from escaping, ensuring a clean and odour-free experience for parents and caregivers.
My Carry Potty at the Park


  1. Emptying the potty can be a bit awkward due to the attached lid. It might require additional effort and care to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness.
  2. The vacuum seal is firm, making it difficult to open at times. This might be inconvenient during urgent situations when you need to set up the potty quickly.

First Impressions

Upon receiving the My Carry Potty, we were immediately drawn to its playful design. The ladybird theme is visually appealing and adds a fun element that children will surely enjoy. The product was well-packaged, delivered the next day from Amazon, and we found the potty sturdy and well-made.

Setting up the My Carry Potty was a breeze. It’s designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, which is a big plus when dealing with the often unpredictable nature of potty training. The potty opens easily when needed and closes securely when not in use, ensuring no leaks or spills.

My Carry Potty open

Design and Features


We found that the My Carry Potty is designed with portability in mind, being small and lightweight. Its compact size makes it easy to take along for potty training on the go. The included carry handle is also a great feature, as it allows even toddlers to easily hold the potty. Moreover, it comes in various cute colours and patterns, making it appealing to children.


One of the key features of My Carry Potty is its sealing mechanism. It completely shuts, which prevents any mess or smell from escaping. This is an essential component for busy parents who need a reliable potty for travel situations. The seal also contributes to the potty’s discreet appearance, as it doesn’t directly reveal that it’s a potty when sealed.

Easy to Clean

We also noted that My Carry Potty receives praise for being easy to clean, which is vital for maintaining hygiene during potty training. The Amazon customer review states that it is convenient for use both on the go and around the house. The simplicity of its design, without excess parts, enables efficient cleaning and makes it a popular choice for many parents.

Comfortable… and Safe!

The My Carry Potty is designed with comfort and safety in mind. The seat is comfortable for little ones, and the sturdy design ensures it stays in place during use. The non-slip feature adds extra safety, providing parents with peace of mind.

This is an affiliate link. If you purchase via the link, we may earn some money.

For Toddlers

We found the My Carry Potty to be super user-friendly for toddlers. Its compact, lightweight design allows it to be easily handled by young children, and the variety of colours and patterns make it more engaging for little ones.

Also, the My Carry Potty handle is designed and sized appropriately for smaller hands, giving toddlers a sense of independence and ownership over the potty training process. 

For Parents

As parents, we were pleased with the ease of use offered by the My Carry Potty. This travel potty’s portable and compact nature ensures a hassle-free experience when on the go. The tight sealing function helps prevent any mess or odours, which is especially crucial during journeys and public outings.

The design is durable, making it a worthwhile investment for families often on the move. While the price may be higher than other potty options, its unique features and practicality make it a valuable tool for toddlers and parents during potty training.

My Carry Potty in Pram
Our potty fitted perfecty in the pram (Yoyo, in case you are wondering…)

Is My Carry Potty Good Value for Money?

Considering the quality, functionality, and durability of the My Carry Potty, we believe it offers excellent value for money. It’s a one-time investment that can significantly simplify the potty training process, making it a worthwhile purchase for any parent embarking on this journey.


In conclusion, our experience with the My Carry Potty has been overwhelmingly positive. Its combination of practical features, fun design, and ease of use make it a highly recommended product. Whether you’re just starting potty training or looking for a portable solution for a child already being trained, the My Carry Potty is a great option.


Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is My Carry Potty?

My Carry Potty has been fantastic for us, helping our little one on her potty training journey, particularly at the beginning. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to carry with a handle, making it convenient for parents and children. 

What are the alternatives to My Carry Potty?

There are several alternative portable potties available in the market. Some popular options include the Potette Plus, OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty, and the BabyBjorn Smart Potty. Each potty has its pros and cons, so we recommend researching and comparing them to find the best fit for your child and your needs.

How do you open and close My Carry Potty?

Opening and closing My Carry Potty is simple. To open, press the two tabs on the sides of the potty and lift the lid. After your child finishes using the potty, close the lid and make sure it seals completely shut. Some users have reported a strong vacuum seal that can make opening the potty a bit tricky. Still, the advantage is that the seal ensures no leaks or smells escaping from the potty.

Is My Carry Potty suitable for air travel?

Yes, My Carry Potty is suitable for air travel as it’s compact, lightweight, and easily stowed in a carry-on bag or another piece of luggage. It seals tight without any leaks or smells, making it an excellent option for aeroplanes, trains, or road trips.

What is the best way to clean My Carry Potty?

Cleaning My Carry Potty is relatively straightforward. After your child uses it, simply open the potty and dispose of the contents in a toilet or bin. Wipe the interior with baby wipes or a damp cloth, and use a mild soap solution if necessary. Rinse with water and ensure the potty is dry before sealing it closed again. Some users have reported awkward emptying due to the attached lid, but it’s manageable with a little practice.

Are there liners for My Carry Potty?

Currently, no specific liners are designed exclusively for the My Carry Potty. However, some parents use regular plastic bags or biodegradable liners available for other portable potties as a workaround. Remember that there may be better fits than these, and might require some adjustment to use effectively.

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