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Traveling with toddlers isn’t just about the destination—how you get there matters too. Ensuring a smooth trip involves more than just packing snacks and a favorite toy; it’s a strategic task of making sure you have all the essentials to keep your little one comfortable, entertained, and safe. Toddler travel essentials span a wide range of products, from portable car seats to lightweight strollers, as well as travel-friendly feeding supplies and compact folding cribs. Choosing the right items can make the journey enjoyable for both you and your child.

When considering what to bring along for your toddler, durability and functionality are key. For example, a sturdy, lightweight stroller that can easily navigate through airport security is a must for any traveling family. Comfort should not be overlooked either; features like a padded seat and sun protection are crucial for keeping your toddler happy on the go. Safety is paramount, so items like car seats must meet current regulations and be easy to install in different vehicles.

It’s essential to strike a fine balance between bringing too much and not enough. Overpacking can lead to cumbersome luggage that makes navigating through transport hubs a hassle, while too few necessities can leave you unprepared for the unpredictable nature of traveling with young children. Additionally, each product must adhere to travel regulations, especially when flying.

We’ve spent many hours reviewing and selecting the best toddler travel essentials that cater to the needs of little adventurers and their parents. Our recommendations take into account the variety of travel situations and the demands they place on the traveling tools you choose. Our aim is to provide you with a streamlined list that will gear you up for a hassle-free journey from departure to return.

Toddler Travel Essentials

Traveling with little ones can be quite the adventure, and having the right gear makes all the difference. We’ve scoured for the best toddler travel essentials to help ensure a smoother journey. Whether you’re flying high or road-tripping, these top picks promise to ease the stress of on-the-go parenting, keeping your tiny traveler happy every mile of the way.

Glad Shark Disposable Bibs

If mess-free mealtime with a toddler is a priority on your travel checklist, these bibs are a must-have.



Traveling with toddlers just got a breeze, as these adorable shark-print bibs have saved our clothes more times than we can count. The festive pattern seems to intrigue our little ones, making mealtime a bit less of a hassle. As we unfold a bib, our tots are immediately drawn to the friendly sharks, and keeping the outfit underneath spotless becomes an achievable goal.

Our most cherished feature has to be the crumb catcher. It’s like a safety net, catching those wayward crumbs and dribbles, which is nothing short of a blessing when dining out. Whenever our meals wrap up, we simply peel off the bib, and voilà – no outfit changes necessary.

However, while these bibs certainly lighten our load, we’ve noticed the adhesives could use a bit of reinforcement. More active toddlers sometimes manage to free themselves from its grasp, transforming the bib into a plaything rather than protective gear. That said, on most occasions, they’ve stayed put, letting us enjoy our meals with minimal interruptions.

For on-the-go parents, these Glad Shark Bibs bring a slice of convenience to your hectic travel days. Despite a few minor setbacks with the adhesive, we find their practicality hard to beat. After all, who wouldn’t want to make those mealtime memories a little cleaner?

Honest Co. Mini Must-Haves

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For on-the-go families, this set keeps your little one clean and comfy with ease.



Packing for a trip with toddlers always seems daunting, but having recently tucked the Honest Co. Mini Must-Haves into our bag, life got a little easier. Its compact size has been a space-saver, not having to haul full-sized bottles around. On top of that, the natural lavender scent provided a calming effect that helped us lower the stress levels you know all too well can spike when traveling with kids.

This set has been a game-changer for our family’s travel routine. The chamomile and aloe in the shampoo were gentle on our baby’s skin and hair, and we couldn’t ask for a better time to apply the comforting lotion than after a soothing bath before tucking our little one to bed in an unfamiliar place.

Although small, the organic all-purpose balm showed its might, combating dry patches on our toddler’s skin efficiently. The confidence that came from using products without harsh chemicals made us even more content with our decision. Reflecting on our travels, while it’s great for a weekend getaway, we’d consider packing additional supplies for longer stays. Nonetheless, the Honest Co. Mini Must-Haves have earned their place in our travel repertoire.

Boogie Hand Sanitizer Wipes


We think these wipes are a must-have for parents on the move because they’re gentle on skin but tough on germs.



Traveling with toddlers can often turn even a simple outing into an adventure. Our recent trip was markedly smoother thanks to Boogie Hand Sanitizer Wipes. Not having to search for a restroom every time we needed to clean little hands was incredibly freeing.

In the midst of our travels, through playgrounds and snack times, these wipes were the MVP. They handled chocolate smudges and the inevitable sticky fingers with ease. Being free from alcohol, they didn’t dry out our skin, which is a huge plus for us because we deal with sensitivity issues.

The fact that they’re in a resealable pack made them a godsend on our long car trip last weekend. Each wipe stayed moist until the last one was used, eliminating waste and annoyance. Plus, the pack is slim enough that it slipped easily into my overstuffed purse.

The Boogie Hand Sanitizer Wipes have earned a permanent spot in our travel kit. They’re not just for my toddler; we found them useful for a quick refresh on our own hands without leaving any residue. It’s reassuring to have a product that’s both child-friendly and effective in keeping germs at bay when we’re out exploring the world.

Lefflow Toddler Swim Shoes


If comfort and quick-dry features are top priorities for beach days with your toddler, these Lefflow shoes are a must-have.



Traveling with toddlers means expecting the unexpected, especially when it comes to water fun. The Lefflow Toddler Swim Shoes have been a game-changer for us. The stretchy fabric gives plenty of wiggle room for little toes, which means a fuss-free experience when slipping these on our little one’s feet.

During our beach escapades, these shoes really proved their worth. The rubber soles are durable enough to protect tender feet from sharp shells and rocks. Plus, our toddler could splash around comfortably, and the shoes dried quickly, ready for the next adventure.

However, be mindful of sizing as they do run a bit large. This wasn’t a dealbreaker for us; we simply appreciated the extra space for growth. But if your child is rough on shoes, watch out for wear and tear around the toe area. And while kids might love bringing the beach home, these shoes tend to hold on to sand, so be prepared for a bit of cleanup.

Kirecoo Toddler Utensils Set


If you’re on the hunt for travel-friendly eating utensils that also encourage self-feeding, this set should be in your cart.



After a weekend getaway with the little one, I can wholeheartedly say the Kirecoo Toddler Utensils Set turned mealtime into a breeze. Their perfectly-sized, curved handles fit right into mini palms, letting my toddler take the lead at the table confidently.

I particularly appreciated the travel case — a game-changer for keeping the utensils sanitary in transit. Whether we were dining out or having a picnic, I could rest easy knowing we had clean cutlery ready for use.

What struck me was how the deep spoon bowl made scooping up food simpler for my child, which meant less mess for me to clean up! Plus, the high-grade stainless steel stood up well to the rigorous dishwashing post-adventure.

Frida Baby Potty Seat


We found this seat to be a lifesaver for potty training on the go, enhancing both comfort and hygiene for our little one.



Out and about with a toddler is always an adventure, especially during those crucial potty training days. The Frida Baby Fold-and-Go Potty Seat took some of the stress away. Fitting most public restrooms, our little one could navigate away from “yucky” toilets with ease.

Durability met convenience as we tucked the folded seat into its travel bag, hiding it in our daypack or even the stroller’s undercarriage. Clean-up was a breeze; a simple wipe did the job, and we were back to exploring.

Sometimes securing the seat onto larger or irregular shaped toilets took an extra moment, but the peace of mind it provided was worth that minor inconvenience. Watching our child grasp the non-slip handles with confidence instead of touching potentially germy surfaces was a relief.

Despite the vast ocean of toddler travel essentials, the Frida Baby Potty Seat became a staple for us—compact, easy to use, and reassuringly hygienic.

Bluey Sticker Playset Adventure


We think this Bluey Sticker Playset is a delightful pick for creative kids on the move who love the Bluey universe.



Traveling with toddlers often calls for a trusty arsenal of diversions. Recently, we reached for the Bluey Sticker Playset during a long car journey. The smiles it induced in our little ones were immediate. With an array of stickers featuring Bluey and her friends, our children were whisked away into a world of their own, aligning stickers to form scenes and narratives.

Ease of portability cannot be overstated when it comes to travel toys. We found this set’s compact nature a major plus, not to mention the simple clean-up — a blessing for us parents. No mess, no fuss, and it packs away in a snap, ready for the next round of play. It’s been a favorite during layovers and long drives.

While the playset has many upsides, we did notice after several uses, some stickers became less sticky. Though this didn’t deter the fun, we had to modify the play a bit, making sure the play scene was flat to keep the stickers in place. Moreover, younger toddlers might require assistance with delicate fingers, but we see it as a chance for collaborative play.

Buying Guide

When we’re planning to travel with our little ones, choosing the right toddler travel essentials is key. Below is a guide to help us pick the best items that ensure our toddler’s comfort and safety on the go.

Key Features to Consider

Portable and Compact: Items should be easy to carry and not take up too much space.

Durability: We want products that withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Ease of Use: Features that can be used easily and quickly are a must.

Safety: Look for products with non-toxic materials and appropriate safety features.

Comfort: Comfort is essential, so soft, breathable materials are a plus.

Product Categories and Considerations

Category Considerations
Car Seats – Easy installation
– Adequate padding
Strollers – Lightweight
– Easy to fold
Carriers – Comfortable straps
– Ergonomic design
Travel Beds – Compact when folded
– Easy setup

Cleaning and Maintenance

We should seek items that are low-maintenance and easy to clean—preferably machine washable or with wipe-clean surfaces.


Ample storage options are handy. Look for extras like pockets and compartments.

Remember, every travel situation is unique, and what works for one trip might not be ideal for another. It’s all about finding the right balance between convenience, comfort, safety, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we travel with toddlers, keeping them entertained and comfortable is crucial, as well as packing essential items for both the journey and the destination.

What are the best toys to keep a toddler entertained during a trip?

We find that magnetic doodle boards, sticker books, and small, quiet toys like soft plushies or interactive apps on a tablet are great for keeping toddlers entertained during a trip. These items can captivate their attention for extended periods.

How can I ensure my toddler sleeps comfortably when traveling?

To ensure our toddler sleeps comfortably when traveling, we bring along a familiar blanket, a portable travel cot, and their favorite bedtime storybook. These help replicate their home sleeping environment, making it easier for them to doze off.

What are must-have items when flying with a toddler?

When flying with a toddler, we always pack extra snacks, a child-friendly pair of headphones, a change of clothes, and small toys or activity books. Including items for comfort like a small pillow or their favorite blanket is also beneficial.

At what age is it most challenging to travel with a toddler, and how can I prepare for it?

Traveling with a toddler can be most challenging between the ages of 1 and 3, as they are developing independence and mobility. We prepare by packing plenty of snacks, activities, and planning for frequent breaks to let them burn off energy.

What are essential items to pack for a day out with a toddler?

For a day out with a toddler, our essential pack includes sunscreen, hats, water bottles, snacks, a first-aid kit, change of clothes, wet wipes, and a comfortable stroller. Having these on hand keeps our day out running smoothly.

How should I adjust my travel plans when vacationing with a 1 to 4-year-old?

When vacationing with a 1 to 4-year-old, we schedule activities around their usual routine, involving naptime and early bedtimes. We choose toddler-friendly attractions and include downtime for rest, maintaining a balance between exploration and rest.