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Toy Story Balance Bike – An Honest Review 2023

toy story balance bike
Unlock adventurous rides with the Toy Story Balance Bike – a perfect blend of fun and learning for your little one! Adorned with beloved characters and designed for utmost safety, it’s the ideal first bike that boosts confidence and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for children up to three years. Pair it with a matching helmet and let the delightful journeys begin!
toy story balance bike

Toy Story Balance Bike

Why you should buy this product?


Sadly, it looks like the toy story version of this balance bike is no longer in production but there is a Frozen Balance bike available from the same manufacturer as well as a range of other balance bikes we have reviewed here.

Balance bikes are a great tool in helping your toddler gain the much-needed confidence to learn how to ride a bike.

Who best to help them find that confidence other than buzz lightyear himself!

This Toy Story balance bike is one of the best first balance bikes for a 2-year-old.

The 10-inch wheel size makes for a perfect first bike for your little one.

The Bike frame itself is 62 cm long and adorned with Jessy, Woody, Buzz, and the Alien’s (Little green men) face on and Woodys sheriff badge on the seat.

The bike is also available in 3 other designs including frozen 2!

The bike is styled after Toy Story 4 and is mainly blue with a green styling around the wheels, seat, and handlebars.


A Toy Story balance bike is an awesome item in the fight to get your child to learn to ride a bike and in a cool and fun way too.

Getting your little one to ride a bike can be a tiresome task, especially if they accidentally have a fall. It can really knock their confidence.

Having them actually wanting to get on their bike because they are excited can be a real game-changer in the fight to get them cycling.


A downside to any balance bike is that they don’t have pedals and normally they don’t have breaks so if your child does manage to gain some speed there isn’t any real way to stop the bike without crashing or coming to a standstill which as we know very rarely is the case.

If you are looking for a different balance bike, we have put together a list of some of the best ones on the market and you can see that list here.

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