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Vacos Baby Monitor Review

The Vacos Baby Monitor impresses with its high-end packaging and straightforward setup, automatically pairing and initiating upon plugging in. The device boasts a 720P display that appears 4K in quality on its large screen, which also conveniently displays time, temperature, and battery level. Despite its higher price point compared to similar models, the Vacos Baby Monitor secures a positive review for its modern, user-friendly, and quality features.

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Vacos Baby Monitor Review

Why you should buy this product?


Firstly, the packaging on this Vacos Baby Monitor has seriously impressed us, it’s definitely not the cheapest of baby monitors but we didnt expect such high end packaging and it was a joy to unbox. Included in the box are the two plugs, two cables a 1 meters and a 2 meter, two different ear styles and pink and a yellow, and a wall mount for the camera section.

The Monitor and viewing pad both use USBC which brings it into the modern day with most phones using USBC nowadays aswell. It was super easy to set up, I simply plugged it in and it paired itself and was working straight away. The monitor features a 2X zoom so its easy to see your baby and what they are doing and the picture quality is insane! 720P but on the screen it looks 4K.

Some people had reported on the reviews that the sound quality wasnt great buy from our tests it was actually really good, responsive and it picks up sounds really well too.

You can add up to a 256gb micro SD card to save the footage if you wish and thats an optional purchase that doesnt come included with the vacos baby monitor itself.

The large screen makes it really easy to see your little one and includes the time, temperature, battery level if unplugged and which camera you’re viewing (you can add additional) You can also easily adjust the brightness and volume on the pad, zoom using the middle OK button and adjust the direction of the camera (355 deg pan and 55 deg tilt).

The set up also features two way audio so if need be you can talk to your little one. The quality feels really really good and the section for the little rubber ears comes prefitted with a plastic strip so it looks complete if you dont want the ears on the monitor.

We feel like it could potentailly distract the baby from going to sleep if the ears are installed so we really like this option to not have them on.

How to use it

This section of the review is super easy to answer. There is nothing you need to do to start using the monitor. Simply plug and play.

The monitor pad itself includes lots of settings you can play around with but it comes set up as standard and the buttons on the front move the camera, zoom, adjust volume and brightness and allow the two way audio.

If you want it to display the correct time though you will need to set this yourself.

Key Features

I feel like this product is advanced enough to be usefull for 2 maybe even 3 children. It has all the features youd want and the camera quality is very good. 

The design is timeless and feels very high quality so a long lasting baby monitor in our opinion. 

What Sets it Apart

There are so many available baby monitors on the market and all of them are very similar. We haven’t had your hand on all of them but for the price point of this monitor it performs averagely.

For example, you can get the KAWA baby monitor which is almost identical for less money but if you wanted to go top of the range in the baby monitor world like the Owlet or Nanit youll be looking at more than DOUBLE in price.

What Sets it Apart

As we mentioned, you can get a similar baby monitor for less money in the Kawa brand one and you can also splash out and go full hog on a Nanit or Owlet, we have also put together a list of the best baby monitors in a seperate post but all that aside, we LOVE the Vacos Baby Monitor and its a YES from us. 

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