9 Fun Facts About Indoor Climbing Frames

Toys have always been an integral part of a child’s growth and development. What children play with influences the way they think, problem-solve, and interact with other children. The indoor climbing frame is making strides within children’s toys


What’s an indoor climbing frame? 

An indoor climbing frame, or pikler triangle, is a Montessori-inspired climbing frame that was designed by Dr Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian paediatrician.

The indoor climbing frame was designed to keep children engaged with their imagination, which is essential for their development and acts as a source of physical and mental activity for children under the age of 8.

In their simplest forms, indoor climbing frames are pyramid shaped with rungs that allow for climbing and exploration, some indoor climbing frames even offer more equipment for extended and differentiated play.

Benefits of an indoor climbing frame

An indoor climbing frame has tonnes of benefits to help aid your child’s mental and physical development. Below we look at some of the advantages of using an indoor climbing frame and how it can help to aid development in your child.

Improves gross motor development

By the time your child reaches their second birthday, they are usually standing, walking, and running everywhere by themselves.

Motor development is a huge part of your child’s development and is highly influenced by the amount of physical activity they take part in.

By encouraging this through playing on an indoor climbing frame you can help to develop these skills and engage all the muscles in your child’s body too.

Strengthens muscles 

Physical activity is incredibly important for your child’s growth and development, including strengthening their muscles. By allowing your child to explore and play with an indoor climbing frame it promotes fun ways of exercise and helps them develop the muscles in their body. 

With an indoor climbing frame, you don’t have to worry about your toddler trying to scale dangerous structures for their age. This lets them start at their own pace.

Develops creative thinking

Instead of bucketing toys into genders, the indoor climbing frame aims to provide an experience that advances your child’s views with no gender-based restrictions.

With the indoor climbing frame, your little one can imagine themselves climbing a mountain, sailing a pirate ship, or going on an adventure, and this creative thinking is necessary for their development into their school years.

Promotes independence

The indoor climbing frame was developed to improve your child’s skills, but it promotes so much more than just your child’s physical and mental fitness. It also helps to promote independence, which is a fantastic quality for any child to have as they grow up.

Improves social skills

As we’ve already mentioned, indoor climbing frames aren’t just for climbing. Some are designed to promote our children’s imaginations. They allow our children to run wild with their imaginations and set the perfect scene for made-up scenarios like pirate ships or explorers, which allow a more interactive playing experience for children.

Raises spatial awareness

An indoor climbing frame helps to raise your child’s spatial awareness. Your child can start using the frame from a fairly young age, crawling under it and using it as a den, but eventually, they learn to pick themselves up on the frame by holding on to the structure. This is due to their spatial awareness of it and learning to use it to help them develop.

Available in a variety of sizes

One of the great things about indoor climbing frames is that they’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your child’s age. As it’s suitable for children as young as 6 months old, you will find there is more variety out there than with many other toys.

Each frame is designed to get the most out of your child, no matter what their age and you can get add on items to make it more complex for your little one. 


If you’re looking for a toy that will stand the test of time, then an indoor climbing frame is one for you. As we mentioned above, indoor climbing frames have add-on elements to ensure your child stays engaged and stimulated throughout their learning and development.

An indoor climbing frame is also healthy for the environment – as they are mostly made from wood it means they don’t produce any toxic waste like many plastic, battery-powered toys do.

Easy to store

The great thing about indoor climbing frames is that they’re easy to store and come in a variety of options to allow even the smallest properties to have one.

Some are available in fold-up versions, allowing you to store away neatly after use whereas others are compact enough to tuck away snugly like a piece of furniture.

Indoor climbing frames are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in to your home, and whilst taking them to the park is fantastic to allow them to get outdoors, the great British weather means it’s not always possible.

Are indoor climbing frames worth the investment?

Most parents we’ve spoken to absolutely love their indoor climbing frames due to the years of fun your child gets out of it. The fact that accessories can be added to it makes it even more worthwhile and they have also been known to retain their value.

 Things to consider to buy a indoor climbing frame: if it’s out of your budget, though, then your child will still learn all the amazing things that this frame teaches them so don’t worry about investing in one too much.

Your children will learn other ways to climb, using the sofa, or coffee table for support. Place some cushions on the floor and it acts as an obstacle course for them!

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