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Best Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Old: Top Picks

Montessori toys are specifically designed to promote independent play and encourage children to learn at their own pace. These toys help to develop essential skills such as fine motor abilities, cognitive growth, and problem-solving. For 1-year-olds, Montessori toys can be a valuable addition to their early learning experience, as they are at a critical stage in their development where they begin to explore, discover, and understand the world around them.

In the world of Montessori toys, parents and caregivers can find a diverse range of options that cater to the various developmental needs of their 1-year-olds. As these young children are starting to develop motor skills, engage in imaginative play, and learn to solve basic problems, toys that foster these abilities become crucial. Montessori toys for 1-year-olds encourage exploration, experimentation, and creativity, without overstimulating or frustrating the child.

When choosing the best Montessori toys for a 1-year-old, it is important to pay close attention to factors such as the material, size, and safety features. It is advisable to opt for toys made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of a child’s play. The size of the toy should be appropriate for a 1-year-old’s hands, ensuring that they can grip and manipulate the toy without any difficulties. The durability and quality of the toy will also play a crucial role in their overall experience, as you want to make sure that the toy will last through this important developmental stage.

After taking all these considerations into account, we have dedicated ourselves to researching and testing multiple Montessori toys to curate a list of the best options for 1-year-olds, keeping in mind the importance of safe and educational play.

Best Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Olds

We’ve carefully curated a list of the top Montessori toys for 1-year-old children, designed to encourage natural learning and development. Browse our selection below to find the perfect educational toy for your little one.

Belleur Montessori Toy for 1-3 Years Old

Belleur Montessori Toy

We believe the Belleur Montessori Toy is a great choice for toddlers to develop essential skills while having hours of fun.


  • Safe and high-quality materials
  • Promotes learning and engagement
  • Perfect gift for toddlers


  • Cars may occasionally flip mid-track
  • A bit pricey for some budgets
  • Only comes with five cars

We recently tried out the Belleur Montessori Toy for 1-3 years old, and we were impressed by its safe and high-quality design. The wooden race track is made from BPA-free materials and has a sturdy construction that can withstand hours of playtime. The size of the cars is large enough not to risk suffocation, making it a safe option for one-year-olds.

One of our favorite aspects of this toy is the educational opportunities it provides. With its bright and vibrant car ramp, the toy encourages toddlers to develop their hand-eye coordination, attention span, and color recognition. The addition of five cars is sufficient for cooperative play with parents or friends, thereby cultivating communication skills and cooperative spirit. Collecting the cars in the top parking lot also enhances their storage awareness.

While we genuinely enjoyed the Belleur Montessori Toy, we did notice that the cars occasionally flip mid-track, which may frustrate younger toddlers. However, once they learn to flip the cars back, they can continue playing smoothly. The price of the toy may be slightly high for some, so it’s important to weigh these factors when considering a purchase. Finally, it only comes with five cars – if more cars were included, it would have been even more engaging.

Overall, we believe the Belleur Montessori Toy is an excellent gift for young children, and it checks all the right boxes for a productive playtime experience. Its safe materials, engaging features, and educational aspects make it a valuable addition to any toddler’s toy collection.

Esjay Toddler Busy Board Montessori Toys

Esjay Toddler Busy Board Montessori Toys

Esjay Toddler Busy Board Montessori Toys strikes a balance between fun and educational activities for young kids.


  • Multiple engaging activities
  • Enhances fine motor skills and cognitive development
  • Soft, portable design perfect for travel


  • Might be too advanced for some 1-year-olds
  • Incomplete Velcro numbers and letters set
  • Requires assembly before use

As parents, we constantly search for a toy that can both entertain and foster our child’s development. The Esjay Montessori Busy Board does just that by incorporating various activities that challenge and stimulate a child’s understanding while maintaining a fun environment. From buckle and zipper fastening, shape matching to threading numbers, this toy teaches toddlers essential life skills from an early age.

What sets this Montessori toy apart is its soft and portable design. Made with non-toxic fabrics and no hard edges, it’s safe for young kids to play with. The busy board also comes with a handle, making it convenient for travel or to fit inside a diaper bag or school backpack. It’s an excellent activity for quiet time, be it on a plane or in the car.

However, we found that it may be slightly advanced for some 1-year-olds, but it’s a versatile toy that can be used for years as the child grows. Additionally, the Velcro numbers and letters are incomplete so that you might be limited to some games. Lastly, it needs assembly, so it’s better to set it up before a trip or any excursion.

Overall, the Esjay Toddler Busy Board Montessori Toys is an engaging and adaptable toy that grows with your child. It may have some drawbacks, but its educational and travel-friendly features make it worth considering for a 1 to 4-year-old’s gift or travel activities.

Royebow Toddler Montessori Dinosaur Toy

Royebow Toddler Montessori Dinosaur Toy

We highly recommend the Royebow Toddler Montessori Dinosaur Toy for developing fine motor skills and providing endless entertainment.


  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Enhances color recognition and sorting
  • Easy storage for on-the-go play


  • Some obstructed holes for spikes
  • Smaller than expected
  • Possibility of losing pegs

We recently got our hands on the Royebow Toddler Montessori Dinosaur Toy and were impressed with its ability to engage our little ones while helping develop essential skills. The Ankylosaurus-shaped body comes with 12 colorful pieces that kids can insert into it, promoting fine motor skills and color recognition.

As we played with this toy, we noticed the excellent materials used in its construction. The entire product is made from high-quality, sturdy plastic that is BPA-free and adheres to the highest toy standards. Additionally, we found it to be an ideal gift for toddlers aged 6 months and up because of its educational aspects and fun features.

A few minor issues we encountered were the obstructed holes for some of the spikes and the toy’s smaller-than-expected size. However, these did not take away from the overall enjoyment of the toy. Another small downside is the possibility of losing pegs since they are small, so be aware and keep track of them.

In summary, the Royebow Toddler Montessori Dinosaur Toy is a fantastic choice for parents looking to purchase a fun and educational toy for their child. Its engaging design and developmental benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

HELLOWOOD Wooden Activity Cube

HELLOWOOD Wooden Activity Cube

This HELLOWOOD Wooden Activity Cube is a fantastic choice for parents seeking a compact and educational toy for their 1-year-old child.


  • 8-in-1 activity features
  • Made of safe, durable materials
  • Promotes cognitive and motor skills development


  • Smaller than expected
  • A bit pricey
  • Storage requires adult assistance

We recently had the opportunity to try the HELLOWOOD Wooden Activity Cube, and we were quite impressed with the variety of engaging activities it offers. With 8 different activities combined into one toy, this Montessori-inspired cube keeps toddlers entertained and promotes the development of essential skills such as counting, color recognition, and fine motor control.

One thing we immediately noticed is that the activity cube is made of solid, natural wood and coated with non-toxic paint. The craftsmanship on this toy ensures it is not only safe for your child to play with but also durable enough to withstand long-term use.

Although the cube is smaller than we initially anticipated, we found that this contributes to its portability, making it an ideal toy for traveling or on-the-go play. We did find, however, that storing the cube’s various components requires adult assistance to ensure everything fits neatly together.

Despite its slightly higher price point, we believe the HELLOWOOD Wooden Activity Cube is well worth the investment – the quality of the materials, variety of activities, and educational benefits make this toy a valuable addition to any 1-year-old’s playtime.

Overall, we highly recommend the HELLOWOOD Wooden Activity Cube for parents seeking a compact, engaging, and educational toy for their 1-year-old child.

TOOKYLAND Montessori Toys for 1 Year Old

TOOKYLAND Montessori Toys

The TOOKYLAND Montessori Toy Set is an excellent choice for parents seeking engaging and educational toys for their 1-year-old.


  • Great variety of Montessori toys in one set
  • Comes with an instruction manual for parents
  • Safe and durable materials used


  • Expensive compared to individual toys
  • Fabric in “tissue box” is rough and stiff
  • Some users report quality inconsistencies

Having recently tried the TOOKYLAND Montessori Toys for our 1-year-old, we can confidently say that it provided numerous opportunities for learning and playtime fun. The set includes six different toys designed to support sensory development at various stages. With shape puzzles, stacking cups, a pound bench, a 3-in-1 educational box, a picture book, and a wooden stacker, the TOOKYLAND set keeps our little one engaged and interested.

The accompanying parent’s guide is a useful tool that introduces each toy’s functions and provides guidance on how to play with them, allowing us to help our child explore their environment effectively. We also appreciated the attention to safety in the design of these toys. Made from natural wood and coated with smooth, non-toxic water paint, it ensured our child’s safety while playing.

However, we did notice some drawbacks to the TOOKYLAND Montessori Toy Set. The cost is a bit higher than purchasing individual toys, and the fabric used for the “tissue box” toy was disappointingly rough and stiff. In addition, some users reported inconsistencies in the quality of the toys they received.

In conclusion, the TOOKYLAND Montessori Toy Set offers a diverse range of educational activities for 1-year-olds, but the higher price and some quality issues might be of concern to some parents. However, its engaging nature and versatility can make it a valuable addition to your child’s playtime routine.

Tooysea Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys

Tooysea Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys

A delightful multipurpose Montessori toy worth considering for 1 to 3-year-olds due to its engaging activities and safety features.


  • 10-in-1 activity options
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • High-quality and non-toxic materials


  • Smaller size than expected
  • Some parts might be small for younger babies
  • Better suited for 2-year-olds and above

The Tooysea Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toy Set offers an impressive 10-in-1 activity range, providing endless fun for little ones. As we played with this toy, it became apparent just how engaging the various games were, from the xylophone and spinning gears to sorting shapes, carrot harvesting, and more. There’s really no shortage of options to keep young minds entertained.

Designed with adorable animal shapes, colorful blocks, and fun elements such as a magnetic fishing game and catch the worms game, this wooden activity cube has quickly become a go-to for entertaining our children. Moreover, we appreciate how this toy promotes key developmental skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving. We were also impressed with the safety assurance provided by the non-toxic wood and paint, as well as the rounded edges that prevent splintering.

Despite being smaller in size than we initially anticipated, the compact design does allow for easy storage and transport. While some parts might be too small for the youngest users, the toy can still offer age-appropriate entertainment under adult supervision. We discovered that two-year-olds and older children tend to benefit the most from this set, making it an ideal gift for toddlers at that age.

Overall, we genuinely believe that the Tooysea Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys offer great value for money and substantial learning potential for little ones. It’s a thoughtful and appealing offering that we highly recommend as a gift for 1 to 3-year-olds.

Aigybobo Farm Animals Toy Set

Aigybobo Farm Animals

The Aigybobo Farm Animals Toy Set is a fantastic choice for toddlers who love to learn and play with cute animals.


  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Montessori learning approach


  • May not engage older kids
  • Animals might get lost easily
  • Could take up a bit of storage space

We recently used the Aigybobo Farm Animals Toy Set with our little ones, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The set contains 20 pieces, including 10 farm animals and 10 barns, each designed with beautiful colors and adorable details. Our kids fell in love with these cute critters, making it a perfect toy for engaging their imaginations and learning through play.

Additionally, the functionality of these toys impressed us as they help to develop our kids’ fine motor skills. Each animal can be played with as a finger puppet, and the barns are easy to open and close. We found it to be a great way to teach our kids concepts like “put in,” “take out,” “open,” and “close.” Plus, it’s an incredible speech therapy tool.

Another fantastic aspect of the Aigybobo Farm Animals Toy Set is its Montessori learning approach. The barn lids have numbers printed on them, and the animal bodies feature dots corresponding to those numbers. This allows for fun number learning and color-matching games that teach counting, color recognition, and classification skills.

Despite its many advantages, we must be mindful of its potential drawbacks. The toy set may not engage older kids, as it is primarily designed for toddlers. Also, the small animal pieces might get lost easily, making it crucial to keep track of them. Lastly, the set could take up a bit of storage space due to the number of barns included.

In conclusion, the Aigybobo Farm Animals Toy Set is an excellent Montessori learning toy for 1-year-olds. Combining fun, imaginative play with skill development, it makes a perfect gift for young children to grow and learn.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best Montessori toys for 1-year-olds, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we will share some helpful tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.


Choose toys made of high-quality, eco-friendly, and non-toxic materials, such as wood, cotton, or silicone. This ensures the safety and durability of the toys, as well as their ability to withstand frequent use.


Though Montessori toys are known for their simplicity, it is still important for them to be visually appealing to the child. Look for toys with vibrant, contrasting colors that will catch their attention and stimulate their developing vision.

Developmentally Appropriate

Montessori toys should be designed for the specific developmental milestones of a 1-year-old. Look for toys that encourage gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory exploration, and cognitive development.

Skill to Develop Toy Examples
Gross Motor Stackers, Climbing structures
Fine Motor Lacing toys, Shape sorters
Sensory Tactile balls, Activity boards
Cognitive Puzzles, Object permanence boxes, Nesting toys

Open-Ended Play

Choose toys that offer open-ended play opportunities, allowing the child to use their imagination and creativity during playtime. These toys should be versatile and adaptable to suit different play scenarios.

Easy to Grasp

Ensure the toys you choose are easy for a 1-year-old to grasp and interact with. The size and design of the toy should allow for little hands to use them effectively, promoting their active engagement with the toy.

By considering these factors, you can confidently select the best Montessori toys for your 1-year-old, fostering their ongoing development and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top Montessori toys for infants aged 0-3 months?

In the first three months, babies are developing their basic senses. We recommend Montessori toys that stimulate visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Mobiles with high contrast colors, soft rattles, and sensory blankets are great options for this age group.

What are age-appropriate Montessori toys for 1 year olds?

For 1 year olds, appropriate Montessori toys focus on sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. Some examples of age-appropriate toys include stacking rings, nesting cups, shape sorters, and simple puzzles. Additionally, toys with different textures and materials, such as cloth books or sensory balls, are excellent choices for this age group.

Are there any differences between Montessori toys for boys and girls?

In the Montessori approach, there is no distinction between toys for boys and girls. The focus remains on providing children with materials that promote natural learning, self-exploration, and development, regardless of their gender.

What are some DIY Montessori toy ideas for a 1 year old?

Creating your own Montessori toys is a great way to save money and tailor activities to your child’s interests. Some ideas for DIY Montessori toys for 1 year olds include fabric or felt shape mats, homemade musical instruments like shakers and tambourines, simple matching games with objects from around the house, and sensory bottles filled with various materials.

How do Montessori toys benefit one-year-old children?

Montessori toys benefit 1-year-olds by encouraging their natural curiosity and desire to explore, helping them develop essential skills such as fine motor, problem-solving, and cognitive abilities. By providing them with open-ended and hands-on materials, we are promoting independence, creativity, and a love for learning.

What toys should be present in a Montessori classroom for 1 year olds?

A Montessori classroom for 1 year olds should have a variety of age-appropriate toys that promote exploration, independence, and self-motivated learning. Examples include building blocks, nesting cups, stacking rings, simple puzzles, sensory materials (like sand or water trays), art supplies, and musical instruments.

What are some Montessori toy recommendations for 1-2 year olds?

Some Montessori toy recommendations for 1-2 year olds include:

  1. Sorting and matching activities, such as color or shape-sorting toys
  2. Manipulative toys, like building blocks and threading beads
  3. Sensory materials and toys, such as textured balls, sand or water trays, and sensory bottles
  4. Simple art supplies, like washable crayons, finger paints, and large paper
  5. Music and rhythm-based toys, like maracas, tambourines or simple drums.

Learn more about the best Montessori toys for 2-year-olds.

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