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The 9 Best Baby Projectors and Baby Light Projectors in 2023

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Are you having problems deciding on which baby projector to get for a newborn baby?

I have recently had the same problem when looking for a baby light projector for my friends newborn baby. There are so many different options to choose from and it can be very hard knowing which one will be the best. I have spent hours looking over hundreds of different options, therefore I thought I would save you some time.

A good example of the best baby projector would be the GRDE Ocean Projector Lamp.

Don’t forget that a projector is not a substitute for a good baby night ligh to and you might need them both to helpo your bay relax and fall asleep.


Comparison Table





Our choice

moredig projector

Moredig Night Light Projector

Premium Pick

star projector

Smart Star Projector Night Light

Best Value

lumie projector

Lumie Bedbug Bedside Light

Moreding Night Light

Best baby light projector in UK

Moredig Night Light Projector

The Moredig night light projector can be controlled remotely, and the device can rotate.

This device features twelve built-in songs and eight modes for coloured lights. This device will be perfect in any child’s room, and it is suitable for all ages.

This night light device is corded and operates off the power supply. The remote control of this device means that distance is no longer an option as you can operate the device from the comfort of your bed.

Remotely you can turn the device on or off, adjust the songs, timer, rotation, and colourful lights. The auto switch-off feature on this device can be set to a time that is suitable for your little one between five minutes and five hundred minutes.

The whole function will turn off after the desired length of time. The projector on this device will display a lovely ceiling display of a starry sky or an animal world.



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Smart Star Light Night

Premium Pick

Smart Star Projector Night Light

The Smart Star Projector night light is a smart device that uses built in Alexa and Bluetooth speaker.

This device is USB powered and uses LED lights. This baby projector can be operated remotely through the app which can be downloaded on a smartphone or any android device.

From the app, its possible to choose the colours that you like, and these will help to create different environments for the child. The device can also be worked using voice controls through the Alexa setting. This night projector features four different levels of brightness, music mode, lightning mode, speed, and volume.

There is a timer on the device to help save power and it automatically turns off after one hour or two hours. The strength of the connection will depend on the USB connection. This device can also be connected to your phone using Bluetooth.

This device has four different coloured lights which can provide ten different combinations. The lights and stars on the projector can provide twenty-one different modes. This device comes complete with a USB cable, a remote controller, and a user manual.



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Bedbag Light Night

Best Value

Lumie Bedbug Bedside Light

The Lumie bedbug is a lovely little light and projector device.

The light on this device is fully adjustable and can be altered to make the perfect relaxing environment for your child to sleep.

The low-level blue-white light on this device avoids making the atmosphere too stimulating when it comes to bedtime. At the brightest the light is a white tone and contains no alarming blue.

The light on this device will gradually fade and this helps to naturally promote sleep. This bedbug shaped device is the ideal companion to bedtime. The LED lights mimics sunset colours which will naturally help to relax.

The gradually fading light gently takes the room into darkness without being stressful. This device provides enough light to read bedtime stories without being overstimulating.

The device can be set to turn off at the end of the sunset or remain one of the two light levels that are perfect for nighttime.



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Best Baby night light projector with music

URAQT Star Light Projector with Music

  • Captivating projection effects with adjustable brightness and color options.
  • Remote control functionality.
  • Built-in sleep aid music enhances relaxation and promotes better sleep.
  • 360° rotation for an immersive projection experience

The URAQT Star Light Projector with Music is a delightful addition to any toddler’s room. With its mesmerizing projection effects, adjustable brightness, built-in sleep aid music, and remote control functionality, it offers a captivating and soothing experience for little ones. Whether used as a decorative projection lamp or a gentle night light, this projector is sure to create a dreamy atmosphere for bedtime.

– 6 Projection Modes: Choose from six different themes, including lover confession, ocean world, birthday, Christmas, constellation, and space, to create a captivating visual display.
– Remote Control Timing Off: Set the night light to automatically turn off after 15 or 30 minutes, eliminating the need to get up in the middle of the night. Alternatively, keep it illuminated all night by connecting it to a power source.
– Adjustable Brightness and Color Modes: Enjoy three colors (white, blue, and yellow) and four lighting modes with adjustable brightness settings to create a personalized and calming ambiance.
– 360° Dynamic Projection: The projector can rotate 360°, ensuring a dynamic and immersive projection experience without any dead angles.
– Built-in Sleep Aid Music: Eight kinds of sleep aid music provide a soothing background sound that helps promote a peaceful and restful sleep.
– Versatile Use: The projector can be used as a decorative lamp for birthdays, parties, and bedrooms when the lid is open, or as a quiet night light when the lid is closed, creating an ideal sleeping environment for your child.



Remote Control Light Night

LKV Kids Night Light Projector

This Kids Night Light Projector is a battery-powered device two in one device.

This night light projector can be recharged using a USB cable. This baby light projector can fully rotate, and the device can be controlled remotely.

The remote control that comes with this device can be used to turn the device on and off, and the lighting and timer modes can also be changed. This device features eight lighting modes using the five upgraded LED bulbs which are red, green, blue, white, and yellow.

This projector emits eight different lighting modes which will shine on the wall or ceiling. The baby night light on this device can be used at one of three different levels, therefore you can get the ideal amount of light in the babies bedroom to enable them to settle and sleep.

This device features six different projector films that can be used, and these are happy birthday, star and moon, constellation, sea world, the solar system, and the planets.



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Dinosaurs Light Night

JBonest Star Baby Night Light

The JBonest star baby night light features six different projection modes and it is easy to switch between the different modes. It is possible to combine multiple scenes to create a film.

The brightness of the light projector can be adjusted to create the perfect environment for the little one to settle and sleep. The brightness can be changed from 100% light to 50% or 25% depending on how bright the room needs to be.

This device can be charged using a USB charging cable and once fully charged it will last for about five hours.

One advantage of this wireless device is that it can be easily moved around as required without the worry about long wires.

The rotating base of this night light means that colourful stars can be projected onto the ceiling, and it can rotate to make it relaxing to watch.

There are six different projector films that are available, and these include dinosaur, universe, carousel, animal, birthday and Santa Claus.



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Panda Light Night

Tommee Tippee Pip the Panda

The Tommee Tippee Pip the Panda is part of the Grofriends range, and it is a night light with sounds.

This device is rechargeable using a USB cable which is provided, therefore there is no need to have a constant supply of batteries.

This device uses Intelligent CrySensor Technology to respond when the baby becomes unsettled and then it will play soothing lullabies and nature sounds for twenty minutes. The Intelligent CrySensor technology will work for three hours before switching off when its not activated.

This device features six natural soothing sounds which include rainfall, heartbeat, white noise and three lullabies. The light that is heart-shaped can be dimmed to make a pleasant environment for the baby to get to sleep.

The night light feature will switch off after thirty minutes to save energy. The sound can be adjusted on this device, and it can be switched off which means that the device is used as a night light only.



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daphomeu baby projector

Daphomeu Star Night Light

The Star Night Light Projector for newborn babies and children

This night light projector can be controlled remotely, and the battery can be recharged using the USB cable which will fully charge the battery within five hours.

This device features eight film themes, which includes sea world, planet, constellation, happy birthday, animal world, cupid love, Halloween, and Merry Christmas. This projector will bring a variety of romantic effects and it is easy to switch between the different themes. This device features seven different colour modes.

The baby night light uses four upgraded LED bulbs which are green, red, blue, and white. The upgraded lights allow this device to project brighter and wider.

This device can offer seven different colour modes which are blue, green, white, red, white, and blue, green, and red and multicoloured.

The level of light can be adjusted to four different levels which are 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%, which means that you can create the ideal environment for the child to relax and sleep.

The star night light can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees and has four options for music.



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Sheep Light Night

Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Sheep

The Ewan the Dream sheep night light project is produced by Sweet Dreamers.

The Ewan the Dream sheep night light project is produced by Sweet Dreamers. This device feature real heartbeat and womb sounds, which provides soothing sounds to assist the baby to relax and go to sleep.

The sound machine on this device play both pink and white noise and include three sounds including melody music, vacuum cleaner, and rainfall.

This night light projector glows a soft pink colour and plays the sounds that would be heard in the womb, which makes it ideal for newborns.

This device features a twenty-minute timer before it switches off which means that you don’t need to get out bed to switch it off.

This plush night light projector is very portable which means it is perfect for soothing the kids whilst travelling and the hoop and looptail make it easy to attach to car seats and prams.

This device works using three AAA batteries.



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Elephant Light Night

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Eddie the Elephant

The Slumber Buddies Eddie the Elephant is a grey elephant-shaped soft toy and night light projector that is produced by Summer Infant.

This device features four coloured LED display options which are blue, green, red and all colours.

The red light is the darker light, the blue light is a medium-light and the green light is the brighter light.

This night light has three different options for auto switch off which are 45 minutes, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes, therefore this can be set to suit the young one.

This night light device also plays three different lullabies, and a calming ceiling moon and stars display.

The volume on this device can be adjusted to low, medium, or high volume and used 3AA batteries.

This soft toy night projector will be played with for many years. This lovely little night light will look fabulous in any nursery or child’s bedroom.



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The Best baby projectors and baby light projectors - buying guide and FAQ


Which baby projector is best?

One of the best baby light projector devices is the Smart Star projector night light as this device uses a built-in Alexa and Bluetooth speaker.

This projector is powered by a USB cable, and it uses LED lights. This baby projector can be operated remotely through an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone and android device.

From the app, it is possible to choose the colour to help create a peaceful environment for the little one to settle and sleep.

This device can also be operated using voice controls through the Alexa software. There are four different levels of brightness of this projector model.

This device features a timer that will automatically switch the device off and save power and it can be set at one hour or two hours.

The projector feature on this device has twenty-one different settings that use four different coloured lights.


Are light projectors good for newborns?

Light projectors can be a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere for the baby to settle and fall asleep however it is best to avoid too many bright lights as this will keep the little one too stimulated. 

It is not recommended to leave bright lights on all night as this can affect the quality of sleep that the baby has, and it can affect the body clock of the little one. 

A small light or dim light is perfectly fine to be used even throughout the night without causing any problems. Most night lights can be left on a dim setting.


How long will you use a baby light projector?

When you opt to use a baby night light it is most likely that this will be part of the nightly routine. The little one will learn to use the light to help comfort them and relax enough to fall asleep.

The age at which the child will no longer require the night light will vary greatly from one child to another. 

When a child is a baby, it is unlikely that they will have any fear, therefore, they could sleep in a dark, however at this stage the light is useful for night-time feeds and prevents over stimulating the baby during the feed with having the room too bright. 

At around twelve months of age, the child may start to develop a fear of the dark, as their starting to feel emotions and it is at this point, they will use the light to comfort them when going to sleep.


Are baby projectors safe?

It is not a good idea to keep a bright light on all night however a dim light is fine to have on all night in the child’s bedroom.

Once the child has fallen asleep it is best to switch the projector feature and just leave a dim night as this will prevent the room from being overstimulating. 

Baby projectors are safe for babies if you follow the guidelines, and these vary depending on the model.   

Also, follow general safety advice that is issued with all electrical appliances and devices. As with everything else keep small parts from the child to avoid any accidents.


Do baby projectors help your baby sleep?

Baby projectors use LED lights which can be useful for triggering the release of melatonin in the child’s body and this encourages them to sleep.

These devices are ideal as a soother to help babies and young children sleep. The white, blue and green lights are best for assisting the baby to fall asleep quickly and get a peaceful sleep. Just be sure to not place it to close to your baby monitor as it can cause interference. 

The lights that are provided by the night lights are emitted on a shorter wavelength than normal light, therefore, offering a less stimulating form of light. 

Some babies will prefer to sleep in a dark room and this is fine and is something that can increase the level of melatonin. 

Although there is some scientific evidence that any form of light can affect sleep for many years now parents have found night lights to be very useful when it comes to bedtime for their children.


How to choose a baby projector and what to consider


There is a wide range of baby projector devices that are available these vary considerably in price from about twenty pounds to one hundred and thirty pounds.

There really is no need to spend a massive amount of money on a device but find one that fits your requirements.

Battery or mains plug:

There are advantages and disadvantages of both options. The mains powered devices will mean there is no need to keep a constant supply of batteries, however when there is a loss of electricity then the battery-operated devices will keep working.

Whether to opt for a battery-operated device or a main powered device will really come down to personal preference.

Can it be wall mounted:

A wall mounted night light can be a good idea however it limits the flexibility in terms of where you use it.

One advantage of a wall mounted device is that it can’t be accidentally knocked over by the child.

Whether or not to opt for one of these devices will really come down to preference and what will work best in your little one’s bedroom.

Do you have somewhere to place it?:

Where you put the night light projector will really depend on the type of device that you opt for as you may opt for one of the cuddly toy types or you may opt for one of the bigger machines types. 

You will want to avoid sitting the device somewhere that will create dark corners of the bedroom as this can lead to fear of that specific dark corner, therefore you will want the room to be lit without being too bright and stimulating.

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