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Best Baby Monitors 2023: Smart, Video and Audio Models

Are you struggling to find the best baby monitor for a newborn baby?

I have had this problem recently and I was wanting a monitor that was nice and was able to give peace of mind knowing that my baby was sleeping safely.

A brilliant example of a good baby monitor is the BT Smart Video 5 inch baby monitor.

I remember spending hours looking for a good baby monitor and checking through the hundreds of different options that are available. It is important to get baby monitor that you feel that you can rely on, but I thought I would save you hours of research.

In my experience…

It can be a difficult job selecting a baby monitor as you want to ensure you get a good one. Regardless of the device that you opt for you will want to ensure that you can relax and have peace of mind whilst the baby is sleeping.

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Our choice

Best baby monitors

BT Smart Video 5 inch Baby Monitor

Premium Pick

owlet baby camera

Owlet Baby Monitor Duo with Smart Sock

Best baby monitors

Our Choice

BT Smart Video 5 inch Baby Monitor

BT Smart video baby monitor with 5 inch screen offers a large colour screen that provides night vision and can remotely controlled using an Android or ios device.

This monitor can connect to the wifi using a wireless connection.

The device features noise lights which are very useful for the little snuffles that you can’t quite hear, which lets you know about any little noises. This monitor offers a range of additional features including temperature indication, five lullabies and a talkback system which allows two-way communication.

This baby monitor allows peace of mind as you can watch and listen for any movement whilst your baby is sleeping allowing you to be on hand if the baby becomes unsettled. The images are HD and the video works on real time which can both be streamed straight to your device.

The devise is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The camera offers remote panning with a 135 degree pan to the right and left. It features zoom and digital tilt. This device comes complete with mains adaptor and rechargeable batteries.



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owlet baby camera

Premium Pick

Owlet Baby Monitor Duo with Smart Sock

The Owlet Duo Smart baby monitor comes complete with HD video, heart rate and oxygen monitor.

This award-winning monitor device is able to monitor oxygen and heart rate of the baby whilst enabling you to both see and hear what the baby is doing.

When the baby needs attention the device will alert the adult using sounds and lights which come through the base unit, and it can be monitored remotely using an app. The 130 degree wide angle of the camera makes it possible to keep an eye on the baby and the surrounding area.

This device also offers night vision.

There is a built in temperature sensor which is a good way to keep an eye on the room temperature for the baby to ensure that they can have a peaceful sleep. The heartbeat of the baby can be tracked on the device using the little sock that comes with the device.

This baby monitor uses pulse-oximetry technology which has proven to be accurate and safe. The battery in this device has a life of sixteen hours and it can be charged for eight hours within twenty minutes and will be fully charged within an hour.



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Nanit Plus Baby Camera

Nanit Plus Smart Wall Mounted Baby Monitor

The Nanit smart baby monitor is designed to provide clear imagery of the baby when they are sleeping.

The camera is able to provide a clear HD birds eye view of the baby even during the night.

This baby monitoring device features a floor stand however it can also be used on the wall which means that it provides excellent flexibility. This monitoring device features two way communication which makes it easy to soothe the baby without going into their bedroom as it can be accessed remotely using the app.

The encrypted system on this baby monitor means that your information is secure. This smart baby monitor is able to work with Amazon Alexa and enables livestream with Echo show and its possible to look back and see how the baby slept the night before.

Sleep is one of the important things for a baby and this monitor will allow the parents to keep a close eye on the baby. All the features on this baby monitor mean that you can relax knowing that the baby is having a good sleep.



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Best baby monitors

BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The BT Digital audio baby monitor 400 is a compact device that features digital HD sound.

This device can work on a long range up to fifty meters indoors and three hundred meters outdoors, which makes it easy to be connected to the baby when in a different part of the house. This device comes complete with a two year warranty.

This baby monitor requires 2 AA batteries which are not included with the product. This baby monitor is designed to provide peace of mind whilst the baby is settled and sleeping. The camera on this device provides clear images and HD sounds which means viewing easy to see what is happening.

This baby monitor device also features LED lights when you just want to be alerted to any movement that the baby is making instead of being notified of every sound.



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Best baby monitors

Aycorn Baby Monitor with Night Vision

The Aycorn baby monitor features night vision and a five inch HD display unit.

The two way communication on this unit makes it easy to communicate with the baby without even being in the same room.

The HD camera on this device provides clear images which can assist you with having peace of mind and it features a wide vision which means that it can pan and zoom. The display on this monitor is wireless which means that there is no need for a lot of cables. This baby monitor features five lullabies which are great for helping the little one to settle and have a good sleep.

The built in thermometer and alarm are very good as it enables you to keep the room at a suitable temperature and the alarm will alert you if the temperature gets too hot or too cold. The camera is USB powered and the battery has a life of four hours.



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Best baby monitors

YI Smart Security Camera, 1080P Wi-Fi Home Indoor Camera

The YI smart security camera features a 1080P Wi-Fi camera with AI human detection and night vision.

This device can store footage on a micro-SD or on cloud storage. This security camera is compatible to work with Alexa.

This camera offers full HD footage, and it has non-invasive night vision. Notifications from the camera can be sent to a smartphone or android device meaning that it can be monitored regardless of where you are.

The notification will include six seconds of sound for every notification that is sent. It is possible to set the device to send notification whenever a movement is detected. This device features a two-way communication system which makes it possible to talk and listen.

This security camera features a SenseLab chip which use artificial intelligence to pick up movement footage. The camera sends timely activity to your chosen device and the footage can be viewed on the YI home app.



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Best baby monitors

Kodak Cherish C520 Wifi Video Monitor

The Kodak Cherish C520 is a compact device which can be used by smart phone and android devices.

This baby monitor has been designed with peace of mind as the aim of the camera will enable you to keep an eye on the little one.

The split screen feature on this device means that it is possible to be in two places at the same time as you can have the monitor in two different areas. This monitor device feature nine lullabies which can be very useful when it comes to comforting the little one and assisting them to settle for a sleep.

The two way communication features means that you can comfort the baby regardless of where you are at the time with the ability to talk or sing to the baby. The Kodak smart home app can be used to monitor your little one remotely therefore there is no need to miss a development moment.



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Best baby monitors

Motorola MBP8 Audio Monitor

The Motorola MP8 audio baby monitor device features a wall plug.

The plug and go feature on this device mean that you can simply plug the monitor and baby unit into any electric socket with no wires required.

There are two forms of notifications that are provided by this device which are the audio that is coming from the speaker and the LED sound level indicator that is located on the top of the mother unit. This baby monitor has an indoor range of fifty meters and there is an alert feature to let you know when you are out of range.

The microphone is highly sensitive, and the night light works on ECO mode. This device which works on 1.8 GHz DECT technology will provide you with reassurance whilst the little one is sleeping.

The mother unit of this device is portable and can be moved from room to room so that its easy to keep an eye on the baby.



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Best baby monitors

VTech VM901-1W Wifi baby Monitor 720p Display

The VTech VM901-1W Wi-Fi baby monitor features a five inch 720P display with true colour day vision.

The parent unit of the device can provide clear images with true colours. The night vision on the camera provides seven times more pixels which means that the footage is still clear. The advanced monitor system is designed to use direct Wi-Fi to show the camera images.

The camera of this device can be used remotely using an Android or ios device. The camera on this monitor can be worked remotely and it offers pan tilting and zooming. The features on this baby monitor makes it possible for adults to relax with peace of mind knowing that the little one is alright. The lens of the camera offers a wide angle and uses a 1080P visual sensor.

Two-way communication on this monitor is a useful feature as you can talk to the baby from any room in the house. This device features a range of lullabies and soothing sounds which will help to relax the baby and encourage them to sleep.



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Best baby monitors

Moonybaby Trust 50-2 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and Night Vision

The Moonybaby Trust 50-2 baby monitor comes complete with two cameras and night vision.

The images can be viewed on the 5 inch screen and using a wireless connection, which ensures privacy and security.

The monitor on this device can be linked to four different cameras which makes it easy to use. The two-way talking feature on this camera means that you can comfort the baby without even having to go into the same room.

The battery offers a life of eight hours in power saving mode and six hours when continuously used in video mode. It is possible to zoom in closer on the screen.

This device offers automatic night vision, and it also monitors the temperature in the babies room which means that you can relax knowing that the baby is sleeping in a comfortable environment.

This baby monitor features five built in lullabies which are a great way to soothe and relax the baby.



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Best baby monitors

Tenboo Baby Monitor with Camera

The Tenboo baby monitor with camera video is a wireless device with a LCD digital screen.

The baby unit of the device features a calming night light making it possible to keep an eye on the little one without disturbing their sleep.

The monitor of this device works using 2.4 GHz and this provides a private connection meaning that your information is safe. This device is not affected by a limited wi-fi and it will switch into sleep mode to help save the battery power when all is quite then automatically switch back on when needed.

This device features eight lullabies which are a great way to help the little one to relax and fall asleep. On the parent unit of this device, it shows the time, data, signal strength, temperature, and level of battery charge.

This device features a long range signal and it comes complete with a two year warranty. The clear video and audio that is streamed on this device makes it easy for you to hear and see what the baby is doing.



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The Best baby Monitor buying guide and FAQ

So, what is the best baby monitor to buy?

The best baby monitor is the BT smart video 5-inch baby monitor as it is able to provide everything that you will want from a baby monitor. This device features a five-inch colour screen and HD sound.

This baby monitor is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with a two-way talkback system.  The device can be controlled remotely using an Android or ios device and can connect wireless to the Wi-Fi, therefore there is no need for a lot of cables.

The camera can pan 135 degrees to both the right and the left which gives a good view of the baby’s room.  There are several additional features on this monitor, and these include a temperature indicator, five lullabies and a two-way communication system.

If you wanted to go for a much more advance ‘breathing monitor’ then the nanit or owlet are two very popular and high-quality choices. 

What is the best quality baby monitor?

There are a lot of different baby monitors that are available, which is why I have taken the time to review some of them. The best monitor for you will depend on what you feel that you need.

These are one of the most important things that you need for a baby which will enable you to relax when the little one is sleeping.  It is best to opt for a baby monitor system that is flexible and having the ability to be controlled remotely will mean that you can control the device without having to go into the bedroom and risk wakening the little one.

A device that can work from the mains and also from batteries can be very useful in the case of a power cut.

Do you really need a baby monitor?

For safety reasons a baby should sleep in the parents’ room for the first six month, however you may want to get a baby monitor for when the little one moves to their own room.

These monitors are designed to enable you to keep a close eye on the little one whilst they are sleeping. These devices mean that parents can relax when the little one is sleeping. These monitors can also be useful when the little one is sleeping during the day whilst the parents are busy in other rooms in the house.

There are several different products to choose from and these range from a basic monitor to a model that offers lullabies, night light, temperature, heartbeat and oxygen checking.

How to choose the best baby monitor

Different types of baby monitor


Audio baby monitors are designed to allow you to listen to the baby whilst they are sleeping.

The basic audio monitors will be cheaper than the more complicated devices.

When deciding which audio monitor to opt for its important to consider the type of audio as some will use analog whereas others will use digital.

There are benefits and disadvantage for each of the options.  The analog devices do not encrypt the transmission therefore anyone could listen to the audio.

The digital devices are safer as they offer more privacy however the devices tend to be a bit more expensive.

It is a good idea to look at the range, additional features, and battery life of the individual devices.

You might think its a good idea to have a white noise machine in the room with your baby, just make sure this isn’t to close to the monitor as it will pick up on the microphone.


Although it is not essential to have a video on a baby monitor it can be a good way to see the little one whilst they are sleeping.

The video on the monitors is able to work during the night as it uses infra-red and the imagery can be viewed on the mini screen that is attached to the parent unit.

Some baby monitors work using Wi-Fi and they can be controlled remotely whilst it is ideal if you are away from home or in the office.  The remote access can be done using an Android or ios device.


Baby monitors that are worked from the Wi-Fi are some of the safest devices that you can opt for, as the Wi-Fi signal can be protected.

Protecting the Wi-Fi on the baby monitor is an easy thing to do and it is certainly worth doing as it means that only people who are supposed to see and hear the images can. Wi-Fi monitors are a wireless device that connects to a camera on the parent unit and there is no need for a lot of wires.

The video stream on these devices can be viewed from anywhere as long as there is a strong connection within the monitor range. The strength of the baby monitor is affected by the ability to stream the images.


The difference between a baby monitor and a smart baby monitor is that a smart monitor has a wide range of additional features. If you want more than a basic baby monitor, then a smart monitor will be the type that you want to opt for.

The additional features will vary from one device to another but may include night vision camera, sensors and alerts for room temperature, motion, oxygen, and sound. A smart device with Wi-Fi will also mean that you can catch footage on the parent unit anywhere around the house.

Some of these devices will also feature soothing features such as relaxing lights, sounds and lullabies.

What to look for when buying a baby monitor

Power supply:

Baby monitors will either work off a mains socket or batteries. There are a lot of devices that have a baby unit that plugs into the mains whereas the parent unit will work from batteries.

There are some devices that do not need to be plugged into the mains and they will work from batteries.

Features for your baby:

There are several different features that can be found on baby monitors, and these include night lights, two-way communication systems, pan and tilt camera, lullabies.

The night light and infrared night vision can be very useful as the night light will help to settle the baby and the night vision makes it easy to see the baby on the camera even during the night.

The two-way communication system is a great way to be able to hear the baby but also talk or sing to the baby to help them settle.  The lullabies and soothing sounds can be a useful feature as it can help to soothe and settle the baby.

The temperature display that is on some of the devices is a useful way to ensure that the room is comfortable for the baby to fall asleep.

Crying/Movement alerts:

Baby monitors that feature movement sensors can be very useful as they will detect the slightest wriggles from the little one.

These monitors come with a sensor pad that is simply placed under the mattress and never actually has any contact with the baby but will detect any movements.

These devices will also give you an alert if the little one has not moved for a certain period of time, usually twenty minutes.

Wearable elements/Smart Features:

Wearable smart monitors will provide parents with an insight into how their little one is sleeping. The wearable device for monitors includes wearable bands.

The wearable band is a soft hypoallergenic band that is worn around the little one’s ankle and it features a smart sensor that can detect heart rate, motion, skin temperature and sleep position.

The sensor in this device is shaped to avoid choking and is enclosed within medical grade silicone.  There are three different sizes of bands that are available. The band is charged wirelessly using a smart charger that is placed in the baby’s bedroom.

Digital or analogue:

There are both advantages and disadvantages of analogue and digital baby monitors. An analogue device works using an analogue signal and it uses a series of electronic pulses that are picked up by the parent unit.

Analogue monitors tend to be less expensive as it uses cheaper technology to send and receive the signal.  These monitors are considered safer, but the signal is not as strong compared to digital.

These devices are prone to picking up interference and static noise. The digital monitors work in the same way as the analogue devices as it transmits over radio waves, but they work on a different frequency and the information is encrypted.

A digital signal is not continuous which means that these devices tend to pick up less static and interference. The sound that is transmitted by these devices tends to be better quality and it can travel further before it degrades.

Digital devices tend to be more expensive as they use newer technology and manufacturing techniques.

Does it connect to your phone?:

In most cases it is very easy to connect a smartphone to a baby monitor and all that you will need is a smart device and a Wi-Fi connection.

There are a range of apps that you can download to get the images and audio and the best one will depend on the baby monitor device that you are using.  Most smart monitors will be able to connect with Android and ios devices.

How much will a baby monitor cost?

A standard audio baby monitor will cost from about twenty pounds depending on the brand and quality. If you are looking for a more advanced device, then the prices will range up to about one hundred and fifty pounds.

The price of the baby monitor device will depend on the features that are on the device, therefore if you want a superior model with every feature going then you will end up paying more for it.

The cost will also be affected by the reliability and quality of the device.  The more popular brands tend to be have a higher price bracket but also tend to be the more reliable devices.

Wall mounted or free standing?

It can be difficult to choose between a free standing or a wall mounted baby monitor. The floor standing units tend to be a bit more flexible, and the camera can be placed anywhere around the crib.

The floor standing units are designed to be leaned against the wall or used freestanding. If the device is not being used against a wall the floor stand can be moved to the preferred location therefore there is no need to rearrange the furniture.

The wall mounted baby monitor devices are attached directly onto the wall, and the biggest disadvantage of these is that once they are fixed the camera can’t be moved. The wall mounted devices will work fine if the crib is next to the wall.

Can a Baby Monitor Help your baby sleep through the night?

Baby monitors can help to give you peace of mind that everything is alright with the little one when they are sleeping.

Although these monitors can help with getting a good night’s sleep it can also have disadvantages as you are able to hear every sniffle on the parent monitor which can lead to fuss and stress. Baby monitors can be very useful for example when the little one awakens you can see what is happening without having to rush into the bedroom.

These monitors can be a problem when it comes to trying to establish a sleeping routine but overall, they are very useful devices.

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