Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Ball Pit

Kids love a ball pit as they are super entertaining and provide hours of fun, but sometimes it can be challenging to get to the big ones as they’re either a drive away or are super busy. As an alternative, you could buy your child a ball pit for home.

Many first-time parents choose a ball pit based on how it looks or the price, regardless of functionality. Others fail to understand only kids at a certain age can go in a ball pit. Read on to find out the most common mistakes to avoid when buying a ball it – so you can avoid making the same blunders.


Buying one that’s too big or too small

When it comes to age restrictions, the main thing to be concerned about is if your child is too young for a ball pit. Many ball pits are suitable for children as young as ten months, but it’s always worth checking before committing.

Its also worth noting that you need the balls to fill the pit and finding out now man needed before you purchase can save you loads of time and money!


Buying one in the wrong materials

Before you invest in a ball pit for your child, you’ll want to check out the materials it’s made from. Is it durable? Will it be easy to clean? Is it long-lasting? These are all great questions.

Most kids ball it’s on the market are made from polyester, a solid and durable material resistant to stains. It’s easy to clean, needing just a damp cloth to do the job and being UV resistant, you can still bring it outside without the risk of fading from the sun.

Another great option is a foam ball pit and they can be a little cheaper and sometimes come with a storage bag too.


Not seeing the ball pit before you purchase

Sure, I get it. The thought of going into a shop with your child and being greeted by an overly smiley sales rep saying, “Can I help you?” fills you with dread and makes you want to shop online forever.

However, mistake number one in this list (buying a ball pit that’s too big or too small) can be avoided if you try before you buy. You’ll know the ball pit is the right size for your child. You’ll know if you like how it looks and feels.

The Fix: Because you can often get amazing deals online or you may not have a decent toy store nearby to visit, here are some tips for testing out a ball pit for your child before you buy:

  1. Ask one of the sales assistants if they’re popular. Likelihood s they’re dying to tell you all the great features and benefits!
  2. Youtube and blogs are your friends. Found an amazing deal for a highly recommended toy for your child? Head over to Youtube or a parenting blog – you’re almost guaranteed some parent or blogger has a live demo of them demonstrating the best ball pits.


Buying an expensive ball pit

I’ll cut to the chase – don’t unnecessarily buy something expensive. A costly ball pit will be wasted on your child as they will grow out of it in a few months.

The Fix: Get a decent, recommended ball pit whilst your children are young and don’t pay big bucks. That is not to say we totally disagree with the mindset of buying expensive things for your child – if you see it as more of an investment, then do it. But for a short term thing, keep your cash for something nice!


Not cleaning or maintaining it

Clean ball pits are happy ball pits.

You can save yourself money and prolong the life of your child’s ball pit by cleaning it regularly. Wipe away any splashes or stains with a wet cloth, and it will last for many years.

You’ll find many sorrowful stories from mums that have cleaned theirs intermittently but all that does is damages the lifecycle of your kid’s toy.

We have a great guide on how to clean your ball pit if you need some tips and trick on how to best clean it.


What age is a ball pit suitable for?

The guidance states that children under the age of 10 months old shouldn’t use ball pits, especially public ones as they are deeper and used by many children. Home ball pits, on the other hand, are more flexible.Mistakes to avoid when buying a ball pit

They are smaller, use fewer balls, and you can clean them each time after use. Kids as young as 6-8 months old can use a home ball pit with your supervision.


Are ball pit balls safe?

Small home ball pits can be safe for kids to play with supervision. The guidance recommends that babies are at least six months old to use a shallow ball pit at home. Supervision is key to ensuring your child is safe in any ball pit, even in the comfort of your own home.


Are ball pits still a thing?

Yes! A ball pit can be a well-loved addition to your child’s playroom or garden, and they are perfectly safe for your child to play in!

As long as they are supervised correctly, your kids can have hours of quality playtime in the ball pit and throwing the soft plastic balls around.

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The author: Jose Martinez

Hi there! My name is Jose, and I’m a proud dad to a beautiful 4 year old. As a parent, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of parenting and child-rearing. There are so many choices to make, from the foods we feed our little ones to the toys we buy them to the clothes they wear. But one thing that’s always been important to me is finding the best products available for my child.

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