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Baby Einstein Jumper Review 2023

The Baby Einstein Jumper, available in three distinct designs, is celebrated for its ability to entertain and support baby’s physical development. It features adjustable height settings, accommodating growth and ensuring usability for a range of baby sizes. Not only does it offer 12 activities and a 360-degree swiveling seat for comprehensive engagement, but it also provides sounds and classical music, even in three different languages, aimed at potentially enhancing baby’s cognitive development. While assembly and seat removal for washing can be a bit cumbersome, its robust activity offerings and educational features make it a noteworthy option for parents seeking a multifaceted, engaging jumper for their little ones.

Baby Einstein Jumper Review

Why you should buy this product?


A Baby Jumper is a brilliant tool for a baby to help strengthen their legs whilst also giving mum some much-deserved time to get chores done, have a cuppa, and just be hands-free. They usually come with built-in toys, lights, and sounds to help entertain your child and the Baby Einstein is no different.

The actual product is available in three different designs, The Journey of Discovery, Neighbourhood Friends, and Neptune’s Ocean Discovery.

All three options offer adjustable height settings, which we found to be very helpful as our daughter grew and she was walking on her own before we actually got to the highest setting but it’s a nice option to have for taller babies.

It also very easy to change the height positions, the Neptune and Discovery options work on a clip that you can adjust up and down by pulling toward the ground and then moving to your desired position whereas the Neighbourhood options have an additional height position, totalling 5, and works on a twist-button and slide mechanism.

All three options offer sounds and classical music, which has been recorded to potentially increase babies’ brainpower and even speaks in 3 different languages, English, Spanish, and French, which can really help boost babies learning abilities.

You can set the musical parts to either music, musical notes, or set to learn the shapes and colours in three languages so it’s easy to set up for your baby.

I’m not saying it’s down to this jumper but my baby started speaking at around 7 months and by 13 months is able to have a conversation to the point you can understand what she’s saying.

Whatever option you go for you’ll get 12 activities and a seat that can swivel 360 degrees making it easy for your little one to spin around and access all the exciting parts of the jumper.

Its also helpful to note that the baby Einstein brand was owned by The Walt Disney Company from 2001-2013 before being sold to Kids II Inc in 2013.

How to use it

Physically, the baby jumper is around an 80cm cube so you need to make sure you have enough space to use it.

The easiest way to start using the Baby Einstein Jumper is to first put it on the lowest height setting. Place your baby inside and see how they look. Their legs should be able to touch the floor without too much of a bend in the knee. 

A useful tip that we used was to place a soft towel under the Jumper if using on hard floors, this really made our daughter jump a lot more! 

Assembly can be a little time-consuming and difficult but once it’s up, it’s up, and you are good to go. The seat can be removed and machine washed but this is, again a difficult process to remove and reattach. 

Key Features

Easy to Assemble: Although the assembly can be a time-consuming process it’s relatively straight forward and the instructions were easy to follow.

It’s well made: The Baby Einstein feels quality. It’s sturdy and just the build of it makes you feel secure and safe to put your baby inside. 

Great value for money: Although this product is recommended for 6 months plus, you would be able to use from 4 months, this can be used all the way up to they are too big to get inside. But you can still use the toys after that point. 

What Sets it Apart

When you compare it to another similarly priced, popular baby jumper like the Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo, the Baby Einstein shines in a very special way. 

With the product being called Einstien you’d like to think it’s educational at the very least and you wouldn’t be wrong. The thing that makes the Baby Einstein stand out is the shapes and colour learning in three different languages. 

You can put it solely on this learning setting so it will be solely focused on the shapes and colours part of the Jumper and your baby can start learning English, Spanish or French. 

Other Products that might be better

You might find that all the great features are a little too much for you or one that comes with a base on the bottom. Maybe you want to just go straight for a baby walker. 

If you want one with a base on the bottom then the Costway Baby Activity Center is a great option, although not as big and your baby will grow out of it slightly quicker.

If you want something that can last you a long time then the 3-in-1 Infantino spin and stand entertainer is a perfect choice. It starts off as a baby jumper and then converts to a functional table for your child to play with until they are 5 years old.

You can also fold the legs down making it super convenient to store away.

Why we love it

Back in 2013, Baby Einstein actually had to recall a version of the design due to one of the toys that were reported to be injuring children and poorly designed. Any of the products sold between 2010-2013 were available to be replaced due to the recall.

Gladly the problem was fixed and the latest version is a work of art.

We love it for its ability to teach children multiple languages, entertain them for hours and give mum some much-needed time to sit down and have a cup of tea!

We love it so much that it made our list of the Best Baby Jumpers!

Potential drawbacks

There isn’t really much bad to say about this product and we kind of fell in love with it as soon as we used it but it wouldn’t be a complete review without pointing out some of the potential bad bits. 

Firstly, the product is only really suitable for babies, and they cant use it until they are able to hold their heads up, unassisted. This means you could get as little as 6-8 months’ use in it before they aren’t interested anymore. 

Second to that, for something you might only get 6-8 months use out of it can be a little on the pricey side for some people and there are cheaper options available. The Red Kite Jump Around is a great example of a cheaper baby jumper that you could go for.

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