9 Best Storage Ideas and Products for a Baby Nursery in 2023

A babies nursery can take an hour to tidy, but a minute to destroy and most of the time it looks like complete chaos has ensued. The best storage boxes for babies nurseries will be able to keep your little angel’s bedroom tidy and help you clear up quickly.

From toy boxes to funky storage ideas you’ll find some brilliant options on our list today which can help you keep your baby’s bedroom tidy and cleaner. There is some really fun and funky way you can get in touch with your creative side and create more space in your baby’s nursery.


Our Choice for the best storage ideas for a baby’s nursery


Shelving With a Clothing Hooks

Something like this Yaheetech Hallway Coat Shelf is perfect for your baby’s nursery it gives you shelf space on top as well as the two cubby hole shelves in the centre and four dual hooks which can be used to hang towels, coats and anything else you might want.

It is white in colour, making it easy to paint if white doesn’t match your babies nursery if needed. This sort of shelf in your nursery will save you space but not needing to hang coats in a wardrobe or towels in a cupboard.


Over the door hanging storage

Getting some over the door hanging storage is a great way to create some extra space without losing cupboard space. The Aoieird Over Door Hanging Storage is a great example of one that’s perfect for storing baby changing equipment.

It includes 5 box-shaped storage pockets which are the perfect size for nappies, cream, blankets and toys. Plus whatever else you might want to store in there. It’s helpful to place your changing table close to the door for the easiest of access.


Toy Box or Toy Bag

If you have space, a toy storage box is a great way to save room and keep the bedroom tidy. If you don’t have room for a toy storage box then a toy storage bag is an alternative way to save on room.

A wooden toy box such as the BlueSkyHome Entry Way Bench is great for a kids bedroom as it includes safety hinges that stop the lid from falling on little fingers. If a toy box isn’t suitable for your nursery then these super cute foldable storage bins are great for saving room and can even be stacked on top of each other and are a great alternative to a toy box for toy storage. They are also soft so there less risk of injury.

If these boxes aren’t for you then a toy storage bag might be a better option. Most of these toy storage bags double up as a play mat so you can keep the toys contained which makes for an easy pack away at the end of the playing day. These bag/mats are great toy storage ideas for lego as lego has tiny little pieces and can be easily scooped up.


Floating Chest of Drawers

Traditional chest of drawers leaves little to no additional space for anything that doesn’t fit inside the internal dimensions. By using a floating set of drawers it gives you the ability to store items larger than the internals of the drawers underneath.

Ikea offers a great option if this is something that you think could be great for your babies nursery. The Ikea EKET is available in white or dark grey and can easily be painted if neither matches your colour scheme. Ikea also offers a great range of furniture for other nursery items, usually in a matching design.


Cot or Cot Bed with Under Storage

When you are choosing your cot or cot bed try to pick one that is suitable for your space but also includes storage underneath. This can be a huge game-changer when it comes to keeping your baby’s bedroom tidy and creating storage space from nothing.

The space underneath a baby’s cot or cot bed is usually the same footprint as the whole cot itself so leaves room for loads of items or clothes that you might want to store under there. It also tucked away out of sight so it can be your messy drawer if wanted.


Hanging Towel Hooks

Other great storage ideas include hanging towel hooks. These are best utilised when bought as an over the door version such as the YUMORE Over the Door Hook. This great little, easy to use device hooks over the door, still allowing you. shut it as normal but has 6 hooks on the back for hanging towels or coats or whatever you fancy.

You can get this specific product in Silver or Black, and with it being metal, can be easily painted to suit your nursery colour scheme.


Get a changing table with Storage

Anything with built-in storage makes for a nursery essential. Children’s furniture doesn’t come very well designed most of the time and finding the perfect units for your nursery can be difficult. Amazon is a great place to find well-designed storage ideas at reasonable prices, like the Obaby Stamford Sleigh Changing Table.

Having a changing table with storage can save you a lot of space and can even double up as toy storage ideas if you are struggling with available cupboards. But really you’d want to keep your nappies, creams, change of clothes and baby wipes to make your life easier whilst you change your little one. if you have the room, you could also keep your changing bag in there whilst you aren’t using it.


DIY Custom Pegboard

Pegboards are a great way to store things in a child’s nursery but usually need some DIY editing first. They are primarily used for storing tools in a garage or shed so are set up in that way.

To edit them for a nursery you can paint the whole thing to match and you can easily buy pegboard attachments such as these ones buy Frimoony and include hanging hooks, storage bins and rails for all kind of storage.

A pegboard can also be used as toy storage. Toy storage ideas come few and far between with toys and most people just opt for a toy box in the living room or kid toys in the bedroom baskets.


Floating Bookshelf

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use a floating bookshelf just for books and they can be a brilliant way to free up wall space and add some vibrancy to a nursery.

Because these shelves are wall-mounted and can purchase small, medium or large, you’ll be able to find the perfect one to match your colour scheme. With them being so popular, they are usually available in lots of different colours too.

Of course, they are the perfect location for a book but arent limited to just books. With the simple design being just a flat surface they are a great place to put photo frames, stuffed animals that are more for collection over play and any other display items you might have, even babies first tooth or lock of hair.

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