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Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Seat Review

Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Seat Review
Testing the Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat has shown it to be a superb option for growing kids. It combines a sense of independence for the child with top-notch safety. The standout features include a one-hand quick-release LATCH system for easy transition between cars, double foam padding for extra comfort, and dishwasher-safe CupFolders. Safety is enhanced with proper belt positioning, making it an ideal blend of comfort, convenience, and security for your child’s car rides.

Finding a reliable booster seat for your growing child can be quite the task, but our recent experience with the Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat may just simplify your search. Having tested it with kids who are eager for a bit of independence, we found that it strikes a fine balance between giving them that grown-up feeling and ensuring they’re safely buckled up during rides.

The ease of moving the GoFit Plus from car to car is a standout feature, thanks to its quick-release LATCH system—it literally takes one hand and a pull of the handle. Comfort is a priority; the seat’s double foam padding and ErgoBoost design ensure your child is sitting pretty, even on longer journeys. Plus, the convenience of the dishwasher-safe CupFolders and machine-washable covers are bonuses every parent will appreciate.

Yet, it’s not all about convenience—safety remains paramount. The integrated lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip cater to proper belt positioning, crucial for making sure your big kid is well-secured.

Bottom Line

The booster seat market is bustling, but the Chicco GoFit Plus car seat shines. Its blend of stability, comfort, practicality, and ease of cleaning makes it a solid choice for children ready to graduate to the next stage of car seats.

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Unboxing the Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat

Unboxing this booster seat was straightforward. On opening the box, we were greeted with the seat snugly packed without excessive packaging. The Iron/Black color scheme is sleek and should blend well with most car interiors. We found the LATCH attachments neatly tucked alongside the seat, ensuring they were not tangled or damaged during shipment.

The seat’s contoured design and padding felt premium to the touch, promising a comfortable ride for children. The cup holders were folded in but popped out easily, and their dishwasher-safe feature was a notable convenience. The seat pad’s plushness, being machine washable, alleviates concerns about inevitable spills or crumbs.

Our first impression during the unboxing is that Chicco has focused not just on safety but also on ease of use. The quick-release LATCH handle, which is intended for effortless removal with one hand, functioned smoothly in our initial tests—a feature we think parents will appreciate for its convenience.

However, an aspect that might raise an eyebrow is the plastic material, which could make some question durability over time. But given the seat’s solid construction and positive initial feel, we believe it can stand up to the regular wear and tear of family use. We look forward to a detailed review of its performance once we hit the road.

Key Features

After spending some quality time with the Chicco GoFit Plus, we’ve come to appreciate its blend of functionality and thoughtful design that makes it more than just a simple booster seat. While comfort and ease of use are high on the list, safety isn’t overlooked either. Here are the ins and outs of what makes this seat stand out.

Latch for Stability and Quick Release

We found the latch system to be a game-changer, as it firmly anchors the booster to the vehicle, providing a stable base even when the seat is unoccupied. Yet, the true convenience lies in its quick-release mechanism. With a simple pull, the seat detaches effortlessly, which streamlines the process of moving it between cars.

ErgoBoost Contoured Seat for Comfort

Comfort is paramount in long rides, and the GoFit Plus doesn’t disappoint. The ErgoBoost seat, with its double foam padding, supports the child in all the right places. We noticed the differences during a lengthy trip, as it ensured the little passenger remained cozy and fuss-free the entire journey.

Secure Belt-Positioning for Safety

A booster seat’s main job, apart from comfort, is to position the child for the safest use of the seat belt. The integrated lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip ensure that the seat belt fits properly across the child’s body. This feature provided us with peace of mind knowing that safety wasn’t compromised for the sake of convenience.

Easy-to-Clean, Convenience Features

Life gets messy, especially with kids in the car. The GoFit Plus comes to the rescue with easy-to-clean features like dishwasher-safe cup holders and machine-washable seat pads. The armrest covers pop out for quick cleanups, and we found this attention to maintenance details particularly helpful after some on-the-road spill events.

Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Car Seat

Pros of the Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Seat

Having recently had the chance to use the GoFit Plus, we appreciated its ease of installation with the convenient LATCH system, providing extra stability when the kids clambered in and out. The quick-release LATCH removal stood out, enabling us to detach the seat with just one hand — a helpful feature when juggling groceries or other children.

Comfort was also a notable advantage, thanks to the ErgoBoost contoured seat with ample foam padding. This design seemed to offer the right level of support and encouraged proper posture, which is essential during longer journeys. Our experience with the integrated lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip was positive, ensuring a snug and secure fit for the child.

Maintenance was a breeze, which is a relief for any parent. The removable seat pad washed up nicely in the machine, and the fact that the cup holders were dishwasher-safe saved us time during clean-up.

Lastly, the portability factor came as a huge benefit. The built-in carry handle allowed us to effortlessly transfer the booster from one car to another, proving its worth as a travel-friendly seat for our little ones weighing between 40-110 lbs. It’s a dependable choice that merges safety with the convenience we need.

Cons of the Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Seat

While the GoFit Plus Booster Seat offers several benefits, we’ve identified some shortcomings. Despite its stable LATCH system, the seat can still move slightly, particularly if not attached to LATCH anchors, which could be a concern for parents prioritizing stability. Also, while the quick-release LATCH is useful, it may pose a challenge for those who aren’t familiar with the mechanism or have less hand strength.

Additionally, the seat’s width can be problematic when fitting multiple car seats in the back, limiting the space for other passengers. We noticed that although the padding is described as comfortable, some children may find it insufficient for longer rides. The armrest covers, while being a nice touch, do not stay on as securely as one would like, which might be a minor annoyance.

Moreover, while the machine-washable pad is a plus, the necessity to hand rinse and hang to dry the foam insert could be inconvenient for busy families looking for quick and easy maintenance. Lastly, even with the belt-positioning guides, achieving the right fit for the shoulder belt may require some adjustments, which could be tricky for some to do correctly, potentially compromising the safety of the seat.

Parental Insight: Customer Reviews Summary

In our experience, the Chicco GoFit Plus booster seat stands out in its category. Based on what we’ve gathered from numerous customer reviews, the ease of installation is a highlight—parents can quickly attach and detach the seat using the LATCH system. The quick-release feature is particularly appreciated, making it straightforward to move the seat between cars, something friends of ours find invaluable for carpooling.

Many find the seat to be very comfortable for their children, with the added padding being a pleasant touch. The built-in cup holders are a hit with the kids, ensuring drinks are secure and within reach, reducing the likelihood of spills.

Security is another point of praise from several reviews; the booster stays put once fastened, providing a sturdier feeling compared to some other boosters that rely solely on the seat belt to secure them. This anchoring system has given us and others peace of mind.

However, remember that this seat is backless, so while it’s great for older children, it might not be the choice for those looking to transition right from a high-back booster.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that parents feel they’ve made a smart choice with this booster seat based on their satisfaction with both the quality and the functionality.

Usage and Installation

When we first got our hands on the Chicco GoFit Plus, we noticed its convenience right off the bat. Installing the booster to our vehicle’s seat was straightforward, thanks to the LATCH system. You’ll find that attaching the seat securely doesn’t require an advanced degree, as it clicks into place with little effort. What’s impressive is the quick-release LATCH that allows for easy one-handed removal—simply pull the release handle, and it’s off, making it perfect for transferring between cars.

The battle of keeping the car clean with little ones is real, but the GoFit Plus makes it less daunting. The seat pad is machine washable, and trust us, it’s as easy as popping it off and throwing it into the washer. Plus, the cup holders—are you ready for this—they fold away and are dishwasher safe. So no more crusty, hard-to-clean cup holder situations.

Now, onto comfort, because no one wants a grumpy child on a long drive. The set comes with double foam padding, which seemed ample to keep our junior passengers happy and supported during trips. The booster also includes a belt-positioning clip to assist in getting that right fit, which is crucial for both safety and comfort.

In all, the ease of setting up the Chicco GoFit Plus and the thoughtful features it hosts for clean-up and comfort make it a solid choice for parents on the go. It’s not just about meeting the needs of your child—it’s also about making sure the adults have a hassle-free experience.


After spending time with the Chicco GoFit Plus booster seat, we’ve come to appreciate its thoughtful design and features. This booster stands out with its quick-release LATCH system that ensures stability, which is paramount when it comes to our little ones’ safety. The ease of installation is a highlight; it takes just moments to securely attach or remove from the vehicle, making it a dependable choice for busy families or carpooling.

Comfort-wise, it’s a hit among the kids—ours didn’t hesitate to settle in for both short rides and longer journeys. The dual cup holders are a practical addition, preventing spills and keeping drinks or small toys easily accessible. While portability is touted, remember this seat is built with sturdiness in mind, so while it’s easy to move, it doesn’t compromise on a secure fit.

If there’s any downside, it’s that we’re always wishing for color options to match our car interiors closely, but the sleek Iron/Black design is versatile enough for most tastes. Overall, our experience tells us that this Chicco booster seat bridges the gap between safety, convenience, and child comfort quite effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a booster for our little ones, a barrage of questions often swirls in our heads. We’ve been right there, harnessing our own experiences with the GoFit Plus to bring clarity to some of your top concerns.

What are the safety features of the GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat?

Chicco clearly doesn’t cut corners on safety. The GoFit Plus has a robust LATCH system that secures the booster to the vehicle, ensuring it stays in place even when not occupied. Besides providing a stable ride for our kids, it’s also easy to remove with just one hand using the quick-release handle. Proper seat belt positioning is a cinch with integrated lap belt guides and a shoulder belt clip.

How does the GoFit Plus compare to the original GoFit Booster in terms of comfort and design?

After trying out both, we noticed the GoFit Plus has stepped up with its double-foam padding, offering that extra cushion for comfort during longer rides. Design-wise, it boasts a contoured ErgoBoost seat which really seems to support the right places. The carry handle is a thoughtful touch for portability.

At what age or stage is a child ready for the Chicco GoFit Plus Booster Car Seat?

Chicco recommends the GoFit Plus for kids who are at least 4 years old and meet a weight range of 40-110 lbs. The height suggestion is between 38-57 inches. Of course, it’s crucial that the child can sit relatively still in a seated position for the duration of the car ride.

Can the Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat accommodate the growth of my child?

Absolutely, we’ve seen it grow with kids throughout their booster seat journey. The design allows for a generous weight and height range, so the booster adapts well as children hit those growth spurts.

How do Chicco booster seats, including the GoFit Plus, compare to competitors like Maxi-Cosi in terms of quality and reliability?

Both brands have a strong reputation, but we’ve found that Chicco’s GoFit Plus strikes a fine balance between quality and user-friendly features. The armrests are a hit, and the ease of cleaning – with machine-washable fabrics – is a big win. In terms of reliability, this booster’s solid ratings speak volumes.

What factors should be considered when transitioning a child to a backless booster like the GoFit Plus?

When transitioning, we advise considering the child’s age, weight, and height, but also their maturity level. Can they stay seated without a harness? Will they keep the seat belt properly positioned? It’s also wise to assess the compatibility of the booster with your vehicle. We appreciate that the GoFit Plus fits effortlessly in most cars we’ve tried.

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