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Chicco Relax & Play Baby Swing Review

Chicco Relax & Play Baby Swing Review
The Chicco Relax & Play Baby Swing is a mid-priced option that brings together essential features with the quality Chicco is known for. It offers 5 swing speeds, a 5-point harness for enhanced safety, and 12 musical melodies, ensuring both safety and entertainment for your baby. The swing is battery-powered for mobility and includes a toy bar with soft toys, a padded seat, and two-position backrest, all designed for comfort and engagement. While it doesn’t particularly stand out among competitors, its reliable functionality, ease of cleaning with machine-washable components, and the brand reputation make it a solid choice for parents.

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Chicco Relax & Play Baby Swing Review

Why you should buy this product?


When it comes to baby swings you just know that Chicco are putting out a good quality product that has all the extras included for a reasonable price.

The Chicco Relax & Play Swing comes with a toy bar with two soft toys and a padded seat which, along with the pillow, can be removed when baby grows.

It has 5 swinging speeds so great for those little daredevils and also two positions for the backrest. You can easily fold this up and pack it away, so it doesn’t take up too much room when not in use.

For some people, the best feature will be that it includes the four AA batteries required to power it so you can get to swinging straight away out of the box.

It measures 90 x 73 x 108cm, making roughly the same height as the door handles from the floor in your home.

It’s made from 10% Steel, 60% polyester and 30% plastic.

A great feature about this swing is that it has a 5 point harness over a 3 point one, making it much safer to use over other brands.

Whats in the Box

Included in the box is the bouncer itself, the toy bar, the fabric seat, cushion, and pillow as well as the most important part, the four AA batteries. You also get a user manual, but the swing is already mainly assembled and very straightforward to use.

You can view the instruction manual here.

Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning the Chicco Relax & Play Baby Swing is a simple enough process. You can remove the insert and the pillow, as well as the fabric seat and they, are all machine washable.

The plastic parts just wipe clean and can be kept clean but using baby wipes or a cleaning solution.

How long can you expect to use it?

On the Chicco website, they advise to stop using this product once your baby can sit up unaided or when they weigh more than 9kg.

The strict instruction comes as no surprise after we tested the swinging function of this baby swing. Even on the highest setting this swing was a little underwhelming and I can imagine using it was a heavier baby would make this even worse.

Now, not that you want to have your baby doing loop-the-loops on their swing but you’d expect to highest setting be a little stronger. Nonetheless, its suitable for getting baby to sleep and there were no complaints from my daughter.

How did it make your life easier

The Chicco Relax & Play baby swing was one of the best tools in allowing me to actually get things done and have a cup of tea. Once you find yourself just sitting with a baby in your arms you are already stuck, so having somewhere to lay them down that is entertaining for them and safe is perfect.

This swing didn’t require mains connection so I could move her inside it room to room as I got things done and make myself some lunch.

What sets it apart from other brands

Sadly, although we love the Chicco Relax and Paly baby swing, and the brand Chicco as a whole, there isn’t a huge amount that sets this apart from other brands.

It’s mid-priced, so you can find cheaper options with the same features such as the Ingenuity Swing ‘n’ Go as well as much more expensive products, such as the Munchkin Lightweight baby swing.

Why we love it

The reason we think that the Chicco relax & play baby swing is one of the best baby swings is that for a mid-priced swing it offers everything that you need and doesn’t break the bank.

It’s battery-powered so easy to move and packs away easily for storing whilst not in use.

The music it plays isn’t annoying and it’s, what I would describe, as soft on the ears so you don’t want to pull your hair out after hearing it for 20 minutes.

Potential drawbacks

Despite the easy assembly, folding it down to store was a bit of a mission it was quite stiff, and I had to push it to get it to close fully. Although once it was closed it was really easy to carry and great for moving around and traveling.

I can only assume that over time this would get easier but we left ours out rather than packing it away.

Also, the motor that produces the swing motion isn’t the quietest one we have experienced, and the way that it is designed leaves it quite close to your baby’s ears when they are using it.

Other Products by chicco

Chicco offer a huge range of high-quality baby product and are actually one of my favourite brands.

You name it, Chicco probably offer it. They have a swing and a bouncer, so you can stick with the same brand whilst you baby grows, a very impressive range of high chairs including the Chicco Polly Magic Relax to make the swing and a huge range of toys.

They also offer so much more, and you can check out their Amazon store by clicking here.

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