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classic steiff bear

Classic Steiff Bear

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The Classic Steiff Bear is modeled on the original Steiff bear created in the 1920s. The teddy is made out of the highest quality, beige coloured mohair which is yarn made from goat fur.

The bear adorns the yellow ‘Steiff Tag’ which all official Steiff bears have on the left ear. Its recommended age is for children of 12 years plus but it is suitable for younger children, although you are likely to want to keep with piece safe with it being a collectors item.


The Classic Steiff bear has beige coloured fur with glass eyes which really shine when you look into them. The paws are made of different coloured materials to really help them stand out.

The arms and legs are mechanical and can be independently moved to style the bear as you wish. The nose and mouth are expertly stitched to provide long-lasting facial features.

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