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Ellas Kitchen: The Big Baking Book

Why you should buy this product?


The Ella’s Kitchen Big Baking Book is a cornerstone in getting your child to learn how to bake. Baking can be a lot more fun than regular cooking as baking covers all the fun and tasty food items such as cakes, cookies and pastries.

All the dishes from the cookbook are highly portable and also offer individual portions and finger foods. These recipes are laid out in an easy to follow layout and include lunches, teatime and dinner as well as a few specialty categories which are party time, fun outdoors and scrummy snacks.


The book includes one hundred and ninety-two pages and over 100 hundred different recipes, the front cover is bright yellow and the whole book has lots of fun and colourful illustrations.

The book itself is 26cm tall and 20cm wide making it a large size, large enough for little ones to read and flick the pages. The big baking book is written in English.


The best bits about this book are that the recipes are super easy to follow and this makes it’s a great option as a baby’s first birthday present or just a gift for a friend to help them get their children into cooking. The recipes are great for weaning babies and but also are just as good for adults with recipes being really versatile. The book is available in hardback and also kindle versions making it really easy to travel with for cooking at other houses.



There are a few downsides to this book and one of those is that due to the recipes being leaned towards children the portion sizes can be slightly smaller and this means that when you are purchasing the ingredients you can end up throwing away lots of waste food.

Again due to these recipes being tailored to a younger crowd, the flavourings used in the recipes can be a little blander leading to unflavoursome food. Another huge downside to this cookbook, which is for baby’s, a lot of the recipes includes natural raw honey.

Raw honey can be very dangerous for babies under the age of twelve months and isn’t recommended to anyone.

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