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Fisher-Price Game Controller

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Out of all the toys on the market, the last thing you want to encourage your little one to be doing it playing with video games. But with all the new technology coming out, video games are going to be commonplace for your baby so they will want to be playing along with mum, dad, or older siblings. This is a great toy to let them think they are playing along as well as it is educational. The controller teaches baby first numbers, one, two, three, and four, first colours, ABC’s and musical fun for your little one, it also allows fun noises and responsive reactions to your baby’s interaction with it. This toy is great for children with autism as it lights up and sings tunes for the child to enjoy. 


  • Educational – The product has two modes, learning and gaming. When in learning mode the toy has fun shout outs, such as A B C or  1 2 3 and also sings and shouts colours. This helps your baby’s motor skills.
  • Batteries – The controller uses three triple A batteries. These are included in the toy when you first buy it, and can be easily replaced if they run out. A small screw in the back of the toy will open up the battery casing for them to be easily replaced. 
  • Songs and Sounds – As your baby plays with the toggles and buttons, they will hear all kinds of exciting sounds and songs and phrases. 

Reasons we don't like

There is a reason why this product might not be for you.

  • Can be heavy for smaller babies.
  • Parts can be dangerous for younger babies
  • Needs Batteries

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