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personalised baby bean bag gift set

Personalised Baby Bean Bag Gift Set

Why you should buy this product?

Personalised Baby Bean Bag

Everyone loves a bean bag right? and what’s better than a bean bag? one that comes with loads of extra cool stuff, that’s what!

The personalised baby bean bag gift set is one of the cooooolest gift sets that we have come across at Toddler Review.

Not only is it a great baby keepsake but its also useful for once they get older around the ages of 2-3 years old where they will use this product to sit on and watch tv or chill out.

We absolutely love a bean bag here at Toddler Review, they are fun to sit on, comfortable and great for kids to jump on and play with. This will last you a good number of years as well so all in all a great investment toy.


The Bean Bag itself comes personalised on the top with a polka-dot pattern underneath and the gift set includes a personalised bib, taggie, two little hats, a pair of socks, and a baby bandana.

The bean bag comes with a newborn cover that is great because it actually has a three-point harness to stop little bubba from escaping and then a second one without a harness for when they become a toddler.

The seat part is soft velvet and the base is a strong waterproof, material that can be wiped clean. The product also includes a safety zip feature which means you need a special key to access the insides, this is due to the product being filled with small balls which are a safety hazard.


The best bits about this product are all the parts that are included. They are all super useful and there’s nothing worse than receiving gifts that don’t get used!

The bean bag itself is super soft and lovely to sit on and obviously extra great that the bottom part is waterproof and easy to clean. Another plus is that the bean bag will be suitable for your little one until they are a least 2 years plus.

It’s washable and easy to care for, great for growing children and provides an extra comfy seat for when they are watching a film or reading a book (maybe evening having some iPad time!).

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