6 Baby Products You Didn’t Know You Needed in 2023

The top 6 baby products you didn’t know you needed!

Becoming a parent for the first time is a life-changing and beautiful experience. While you will likely have all the essential baby products covered – Moses basket, cot bed, bottles, nappies, clothes and dummies – there are a bunch of other great products out there designed to make your parenting journey a lot easier.

There is an endless possibility of baby products you could buy – things like nappy bins, sensory books and baby toys. Some things are practical, some are adorable, and some aren’t worth it. Whether you’re a first-time parent or have children already, this list of 6 baby products you didn’t know you needed is here to make your life easier.


A Baby Swing

Any parent will tell you that purchasing a baby swing when your bundle of joy comes along is a must. However well-intentioned we are to not let the baby get used to being rocked in our arms, the truth is that babies like to be rocked. Rocking, swinging, or any type of rhythmic movement mimics how your baby felt in the womb, which is why it works as a natural sleep aid for your child. 

In addition to keeping your baby soothed, a baby swing leaves you free to do other things such as making yourself a coffee or taking a bathroom break!

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A Bottle Maker

One of the biggest challenges of bottle feeding your baby is the hassle of it all. Making a bottle with the right amount of water and formula, all while getting the mixture to the right temperature, can quickly become stressful, especially at 4am in the morning.

You might be feeding alone or under pressure to feed a hungry baby quickly, which is where a bottle maker comes in. A bottle maker is your new best friend. These handy little gadgets help you get everything right the first time, meaning your hungry baby won’t need to wait for their bottle.

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Automatic Breast Pump

Mothers who plan to breastfeed should consider investing in an automatic breast pump. Not only can it help to increase your milk supply in the early days of your baby’s life, but a breast pump can also be used to collect milk so that your partner or another caregiver can feed your baby when you’re away from home.

Pumping allows you to provide breast milk to your baby if they’re in the hospital, aren’t nursing well, or if you’re going to be separated from your baby on a regular basis (like returning to work), so it makes a great addition to your baby products.

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Electric Nail File

One of the most difficult tasks for any new parent is trimming their baby’s nails. The combination of a wriggly baby, tiny fingernails and toenails, and the fear of accidentally hurting them make the job seem impossible for anyone that’s not superhuman.

Unfortunately, it’s not a job you can ignore. If you don’t cut your baby’s nails, you run the risk of them scratching themselves and potentially seriously causing harm to themselves, so you want to nail this quick. Rather than using baby nail clippers, which can be difficult to hold, consider using an electric nail file for your baby.

An electric nail file is a battery-operated file that works by gently filing down your baby’s nails rather than cutting them. It’s an easy-to-use tool that many parents swear by and is completely safe for your baby allowing, you to trim their nails with ease.

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Portable Baby Rocker

As a new parent, you want your baby to sleep as long as they can in the pram, but as soon as you stop pushing, the baby wakes up. How do you prolong their nap, giving them extra rest and allowing you some time to get things done? With a portable baby rocker, that’s how.

A portable baby rocker attaches to your pram and mimics the movement of you rocking your baby back and forth. They are really handy when you get home from a walk or are out in a café as they rock the pram, allowing you to get on with other activities such as folding the laundry or eating lunch.

Many baby rockers are showerproof, meaning they can be used indoors or outdoors and feature a long battery life. Many parents swear by them!

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A Baby Wipe Warmer

We’re not going to lie to you – an un-warmed baby wipe applied to your child’s bottom won’t cause them any harm, but if you want to make sure nappy changes go as smoothly as possible, a baby wipe warmer could be a good solution.

As their name suggests, baby wipe warmers warm up your baby wipes before use, and, while they’re not a necessity, a warm baby wipe may help your little one stay happy and relaxed during changes making the process easier for you (and them!).

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Final thoughts

A new addition to your family is always an exciting time. From baby clothes to baby travel systems, it can be overwhelming thinking about how much stuff one tiny person needs and costs can soon mount up.

The good news is that things can easily be split into what’s essential and what’s great but nice to have.

What you need for your baby will depend on how you plan to do things. A bottle maker may not be necessary if you’re planning to breastfeed for the first 6 months, and likewise, a breast pump won’t be needed if you’re planning to formula feed. Whichever products you decide to buy are personal to you and your baby.

One thing we often recommend is to set-up an Amazon baby Wishlist. It will help keep you organised and accountable when trying to keep track of all the baby things you want to buy in time for your new arrival.

It can even help to save you money, too, as they offer discount codes and freebies on certain purchases. It’s completely free to sign-up, and, who knows, you may even find some inspiration there!

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The author: Jose Martinez

Hi there! My name is Jose, and I’m a proud dad to a beautiful 4 year old. As a parent, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of parenting and child-rearing. There are so many choices to make, from the foods we feed our little ones to the toys we buy them to the clothes they wear. But one thing that’s always been important to me is finding the best products available for my child.

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