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Trunki Suitcase Review: Ideal for Toddler Travel?


Traveling with little ones can be a real adventure, and simply getting through the airport can turn into a game of patience. But during our last family trip, we discovered the Trunki Ride-On Kids Suitcase—a lifesaver for keeping kiddos entertained on the go.

Our experience with the Trunki was impressive. Read on our Trunki Suitcase review to see if you will love it too!

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

The Trunki isn’t just a practical travel item; it’s a plaything too.

Waiting in long lines became less of a chore with kids happily riding along. The colorful design is an instant hit, and the suitcase seems durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of airport dashes.

It fits nicely in overhead compartments, doubling as a carry-on, which meant less luggage for us to handle.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt for something to make traveling with children less daunting and more enjoyable, the Trunki Suitcase is a solid bet.

With its dual purpose of storage and entertainment, it’s an ingenious solution for family trips.

Ready to make your travel a breeze? Take a look at the Trunki Suitcase on Amazon and see how it could change the game for your next adventure.

Overview of Trunki Ride-On Kids Suitcase

On a recent trip, we had the chance to use the Trunki, and it definitely turned some heads at the airport.

With its bright pink color and cute design, the Trixie Trunki was an instant hit with the little ones. It’s not just about looks though; this suitcase doubles as a toy, allowing kids to ride on it or pull it along.

The 18-liter internal pocket is a clever addition, offering a spot for kids to store their favorite items.

During the long waits, our kids were able to sit on the Trunki, which served as a fun distraction. The lightweight design was a bonus, making it easy for us to carry it when our toddlers needed a break.

However, our journey wasn’t without its hiccups.

The strap clasp on one of our Trunkis gave out on first use, and we noticed it can get a bit chaotic when kids use it to ride through busy terminals. But considering the storage it provides and its ability to double as a seat for tired tots, it’s a nifty piece of luggage that’s been a functional travel toy.

The multi-functional strap adds to its versatility, but keep in mind, if your child is riding along, you might need a few extra minutes to get through the airport.

Boredom Busting Ride-On Feature

We recently had the chance to watch little travelers in action with their Trunki Ride-On Suitcases at the airport.

The sight of a toddler zooming past the check-in lines on their Trixie Pink Trunki was not only adorable but a clever solution to the usual drag of airport waits.

Kids seemed genuinely entertained, riding their suitcases with glee, which is a win for any parent looking to avoid the all-too-common travel meltdowns.

What struck us as impressive is how the suitcase transforms an otherwise tedious wait into a fun adventure for the kids.

Parents were equally relieved, no longer having to juggle the boredom of their children with the stress of travel, as they could easily tow their toddlers along with a multi-functional strap when the little legs got tired.

While we cherished the joyful giggles of kids at the airport, we also noticed that these ride-ons are not just for travel.

At home, they double as a toy, encouraging imaginative play and doubling as storage for toys and games.

It’s clear that the Trunki was designed with both fun and functionality in mind, showcasing that it can take the rigors of travel while keeping kids engaged.

Stress-Free Versatility for Parents

Traveling with kids can sometimes turn into a juggling act, but with this suitcase, we’ve noticed a significant ease in our journey.

What stands out is the suitcase’s versatility—whether we’re towing tired toddlers through seemingly endless airport corridors or slinging it over our shoulder during those last-minute dashes to the gate, it just works.

It’s a relief not having to carry our little ones when they’re too exhausted to walk.

On our latest trip, the reality hit home.

While our kids took turns sitting on the suitcase, we were able to zip through the crowd much easier than we had anticipated.

Sure, there were moments where playfulness overtook progress, but it was nothing compared to the meltdown-free experience it provided.

Although it’s not the roomiest case out there, what it fits is perfect for our kids’ things—keeping their treasures secure and giving us parents one less thing to worry about.

We have had a few hiccups with the strap clasp, and we recognize that maneuvering can take some getting used to, as we’ve had our moments of stops and restarts while navigating busy terminals.

Regardless, we’ve appreciated its durable design and the sense of independence it gives to our kids during our travels.

Happy Travels with Trixie Trunki

Our family outings have been revolutionized by Trixie Trunki, our little pink adventure buddy.

This suitcase isn’t just a hit with our kids for its bright color and playful design—it’s practical, too.

As parents, we’ve seen our tot happily sit and ride on it while waiting for flights, making those long airport corridors a bit more fun.

We’ve also been thankful for the strap, which can be a lifesaver when the little ones are too tired to walk or ride.

It’s a simple fix to tow them along, and it switches to an over-the-shoulder carry mode seamlessly when we’re in a rush.

On one trip, it became clear just how much this compact suitcase can handle.

While our tots stuffed it with toys and snacks, we were able to pack enough clothes for a weekend getaway, all within the 18-liter capacity.

It’s not all sunshine, though.

We’ve experienced moments of frustration, particularly with the strap clasp—which, on one occasion, broke as we were trying to attach it.

And let’s be real, navigating through crowds with a child riding the suitcase can be a challenge. The occasional “stop, drop, and flop” scenario has tested our patience.

Nonetheless, watching our kids take charge of their own packing and transportation has been delightful.

They’re always eager to show off their independence, pulling or riding their Trunki around the airport with pride. And when they’ve needed a break, it’s been robust enough to handle their enthusiastic play.

Carry-On Convenience for Kids

Traveling with little ones can be quite the adventure, and we’ve recently discovered the Trunki Ride-On Kids Suitcase really does ease the journey.

Its standout feature is undeniably the dual-purpose design that allows kids to sit on and ride their luggage through busy airports, which is a game-changer for beating boredom.

When they inevitably tire out, it’s a breeze for us to tow them along, and the suitcases hold up well to the rigors of travel.

Although the Trunki serves as a charmingly cute carry-on, one potential downside is that its storage isn’t quite as vast as some other luggage options, which could be a challenge for over-packers.

However, the 18-liter capacity still neatly fits toys and essentials for our little travelers.

We’ve noticed smiles and envious glances at our vibrant pink Trunki, Trixie, making it clear it’s as much a hit with the kids as it is a relief for us during our travels.

Durable and Kid-Friendly Design

When we got our hands on the Trunki Ride-On Suitcase, the first thing that struck us was its robust construction.

Despite the playful pink hue of Trixie, you can tell that it’s built to withstand the rigorous demands of travel and the enthusiastic play of children.

Our little ones have been wheeling it around, riding on it, and yes, even dropping it a few times. It’s held up beautifully, showing no signs of wear.

The design is unquestionably kid-centric. It sits at just the right height for toddlers to hop on and scoot through the airport or house without any help.

The straps are a life-saver – when the children get tired, it’s a breeze for us to pull them along. We’ve also used the strap to carry it over our shoulders during those inevitable last-minute gate dashes.

While the suitcase has been an adorable travel companion, it’s not without a few compromises.

There’s a bit of a learning curve for younger tots to balance on it while rolling, which requires close supervision. Additionally, the storage capacity, while adequate for a child’s needs, means you’ll likely still be packing another bag for longer trips.

Pros and Cons

On the upside, this cute little bag scores big on the fun factor—kids simply adore riding it through the airport, and it effectively busts boredom.

It’s a creative solution to keep little ones entertained and feels like a travel adventure for them. We were also impressed with how much this sturdy suitcase can handle; it’s not just a toy but a practical carry-on sized luggage piece.

However, the Trunki isn’t without a few drawbacks.

One particular con we noticed is the strap clasp; it can be a bit fragile and might give you a headache if it breaks while wrangling kids and luggage in the middle of a bustling airport.

Additionally, while having the kids ride on the suitcase can be a lifesaver at times, it can also slow things down.

Be prepared for a less than a streamlined experience if your little one is in the mood for frequent stops and playful detours.

Conclusion on our Trunki Suitcase Review

After getting our hands on the Trunki Ride-On Suitcase, we can confidently say it’s a hit for the little ones. Its design is a charm—kids feel independent packing their favorite toys, and the ride-on feature is a blast for them at the airport.

We observed it’s quite a sturdier piece of luggage than one might expect, capable of surviving the rough and tumble of travel.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. We noticed that the adventurous toddler ride can test a parent’s patience with straps that may break or cause delays. The storage space inside is sufficient for a toddler’s needs, but don’t expect to fit everything in there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit for a Trunki suitcase?

From our experience, the Trunki can handle up to 110 pounds with ease. This limit is perfect for children to sit and ride on it without worry. Though sturdy, it’s beneficial to remind the little ones that it’s not a toy to be jumped on.

Can a Trunki fit under an airplane seat?

It’s a snug fit, but yes, we’ve found that a Trunki can slide under most standard airplane seats. This makes it super convenient for keeping those essential items and toys within arm’s reach during flight.

What is the ideal age range for a child to use a Trunki?

A Trunki is generally designed for children aged 3-6 years. The playful design and ride-on functionality appear to be most enjoyed by tots in this age range, providing both a practical luggage solution and a source of entertainment during travel.

How does the Trunki compare to the JetKids suitcase option?

When we checked out both options, we noticed that the Trunki and JetKids suitcases cater to traveling kids but with different features.

The JetKids can convert to a bed/leg rest on the plane, while the Trunki is more about active play and riding through terminals. Your choice might depend on the type of traveler your child is—playful and active, or more laid back and in need of rest.

Is a Trunki suitcase suitable for a 7-year-old child?

While 7 years might be pushing the upper limit of Trunki’s targeted age range, several of us have found that slightly older kids can still use it as long as they’re within the weight limit. It’s more than roomy enough for their travel essentials and comfy to sit on while queuing.

What are the dimensions of a Trunki suitcase?

Based on our measurements, the Trunki suitcase stands at 17.52 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 12.2 inches tall.

This compact size ensures that it fits well in overhead compartments on planes, tucked away neatly until needed.

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