Baby Swing vs Baby Jumper vs Baby Bouncer

What’s the difference and what’s better?

Does your baby cry and you have trouble soothing them? Are you looking for something to provide more in-depth entertainment and stimulation for your baby? Or maybe you are struggling to get things done as you find your always holding your baby?

If any of these questions ring true with you then a baby swing, jumper or bouncer could be a life changing product for you.

The world of baby products can be a daunting one, and when it comes to swings, bouncers and jumpers it’s no different. There are loads of products that offer swings and also describe them as bouncers so it can be difficult to really know what the differences are and what one is right for you.


Baby Swing

A baby swing is the best option for you to get if you are buying from birth, they are normally suitable for babies up until they are around 6-9 months depending on their size.

They are made to mimic the swinging that the baby would have experienced in the womb most commonly back and forth but sometimes side to side.

You can also get baby swings for older and larger babies, but it would be wiser to get a bouncer for the best value for money.

The majority of baby swing manufacturers and paediatricians advise parents to stop using their swings once the baby is able to sit up on their own as it increases the risk of them being able to fall out.

Things to be aware of when buying a baby swing

How it is powered: In order to actually swing, the unit will need to be powered, it can be powered in two different ways, either battery powered or main powered.

If you are planning to use it in a room without power, or even outside on a nice sunny day then a main powered one isn’t going to be your best option.

Luckily, the majority of baby swings are battery powered so you can use them anywhere you want, just be sure to carry spare batteries if you are traveling with the swing.

Safety Harness: the majority of baby swings will, as a minimum, have a three-point harness but the more modern swings have a 5-point harness.

For the highest safety levels, you should pick one with the a 5 point harness. The Ingenuity ConvertME is a great example of a swing that has a 5-point harness and it also made out list of the best baby swings.


Baby Bouncer

Bouncers are still better for children who are unable to sit up unassisted but usually are suitable for babies for a longer time, the most common being up to 2 years.

To put it in its most basic form, a baby bouncer is just a seat on a frame that when motion is applied will bounce. The more basic designs will need to be rocked by an adult and don’t usually have any automatic features.

The more advanced bouncers, such as the MumaRoo by 4Moms doesn’t require any manual pushing and runs off of the mains power supply which does unfortunately mean that you need to be close to a plug socket.

Other baby bouncers such as the Nuna Leaf Grow convert into a baby chair as your baby turns into a toddler and can ever be used until they are teens (if they still fit!)

Things to look out for when buying a baby bouncer

Power: Does the bouncer need power and how is that power supplied? This is a good thing to check before you buy, some don’t require batteries or a power supply but

Longevity: Check how long you baby can use the chair for, does it convert into a toddler chair like the Nuna Grow or does it need packing away after 9 months.

Portability: Is the chair easy to move and once its moved does it need to be plugged in or can it be used without power or batteries.



Baby Jumpers or Jumperoos

themselves and can provide hours of fun. You can get these either in a Jumperoo which is kind of like a baby walker in that it’s a standalone unit or you can get them that attach to the door frame and baby can jump all day long.

Jumperoos are normally fitted with extra toys which can be handy to keep your baby entertained which can be handy if you don’t have a door frame that’s suitable for a baby jumper or close to an area where you are doing something.

You also need think about at what age a baby can use a Jumper. Baby Jumpers can usually be used until the baby is around 2 years old if they enjoy it whereas jumperoos are only suitable for shorter babies before they lose the jumping function due to being too tall.

Things to look for when buying a Baby Jumper

Jumperoos with sound and lights need batteries: if you go for a jumperoo then you need to be aware that you will need batteries to power the toys attached if they light up or make sounds.

Suitable door frames: Door frame Jumpers normally clip to the door frame edging above the door so make sure yours is properly secured to the wall and not rotting. Most manufacturers give a recommendation to the walls thickness as well so be sure to check that out.



So, which is better?

This question cannot be answered by simply giving a one word answer is dependent on your living situation, space available, size of your baby, and budget.

If you wanted our opinion, we would go for a swing for the first 9 months and then go for a bouncer that converts into a toddler chair, like the Nuna Leaf Grow. But this set up might be out of some people’s budgets.

If ypu have a larger budget but want something that youll get your money’s worth from then the BabyBjorn Bliss is perfect from birth until two years of age and easy to maintain!

There are of course budget options of all types of bouncer, jumper and swing and here is some great quality, cheap examples.

Budget Bouncer

Bright Starts Vibrating Baby Bouncer

bright starts copy

Budget Swing

Graco Baby Delight Swing

Baby Swing vs Baby Jumper vs Baby Bouncer

Budget Jumper

Munchkin Bounce and Play

Door Jumper

Budget Jumperoo

Red Kite Baby Jump Around

Red Kite Jumper
Kate the toddler review

The author: Jose Martinez

Hi there! My name is Jose, and I’m a proud dad to a beautiful 4 year old. As a parent, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of parenting and child-rearing. There are so many choices to make, from the foods we feed our little ones to the toys we buy them to the clothes they wear. But one thing that’s always been important to me is finding the best products available for my child.

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